Chapter 14: Braised Pork

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“You hid the meat from me, and now you want to hit me?”

Chen Guihua glared at her and cursed, hands on her hips, “I’m telling you, Zhang Chunxiang, you won’t die a good death if you keep it all to yourself.
Hmph! All you know is to go to the old lady’s place to cheat them of food, getting all the benefits.
What the h*** is this?”

“You’re the one who’s going to die a terrible death.” Zhang Chunxiang was not someone easily trifled with.
“Give those to me.
These buns belong to my family.
Aren’t you afraid of sores growing in your mouth after you eat them?”

“Bah! You’re the one with sores growing in your mouth.
Where’s the meat? Don’t think that I won’t know if you hide it.”

“You old hag.
What meat? There’s none.
If you want to eat meat, cut it off from your own body.”

Zhang Chunxiang was famous for being stingy.
Seeing the white flour buns being snatched away by Chen Guihua, her heart ached.
She went to grab Chen Guihua’s face.

Su Pingping was also eager to help.

Although Chen Guihua didn’t get the meat, she wouldn’t lose out if she got the white flour buns.
She quickly ran away.

Zhang Chunxiang took a broom and chased her around the village, but she still didn’t manage to get the flour buns back.
She stood in the village and cursed.

It attracted a group of people who had come back from working in the fields, and they watched the commotion.
It was said that the two sisters-in-law of the Su family had not been on good terms for a long time and often quarreled.


Since Su Wen went out with little sister Su in the morning, Su Qing and Su Xiu had been feeling uneasy.

They didn’t have the mood to earn work points or make clothes.
They returned early in the evening and waited.
The more they waited, the more antsy they became.
They were afraid that Big sister would be caught by the patrolling guards, and were also afraid that the sleeve guards and shawls wouldn’t sell.

They waited anxiously by the door and finally, they returned.

“Big sister, Big sister, you guys are finally back.” Su Xiu hurriedly came up to them.
“Big sister, are you guys alright? Did you encounter any patrols?”

“We did, but we ran quickly.” Su Wen smiled.

It was only upon hearing this that Su Xiu heaved a sigh of relief and laughed as well.
She then asked little sister Su out of concern, “Little sister, are you tired? Your feet must be hurting after walking for a whole day, right?”

“I’m not tired!” Little sister Su smiled foolishly.

“Let’s go inside.”

The three sisters quickly entered the courtyard and closed the door behind them.
Then, they sat around the eight-seater table.

They looked at Su Wen excitedly, waiting for her next words.

“Ahem, ahem.” Su Wen felt embarrassed under such passionate gazes.
She coughed and motioned for little sister Su to speak on her behalf.

Therefore, little sister Su stood on the chair because she was too short.
She vividly described the ups and downs of the day’s experience.

Su Qing and Su Xiu had their hands to their chests in nervousness and cheered softly.
They were afraid that they would wake up from their beautiful dreams if they were too loud.

When they heard that two of their shawls had been stolen, the two sisters clenched their fists in anger.

When it came to the part where the patrol came and they even had to abandon their things before managing to escape, the sisters hugged each other and cried, hearts aching for the things they had lost.

Su Wen was speechless.

She realized that little sister Su was actually a natural speaker, and she did a good job in eliciting emotions!

“Here’s the money.
We’ve earned more than 20 yuan in total.
I didn’t have time to count the exact amount.
Also, we spent 2.5 yuan on the meat and bones we bought on the way back.”

She finally had the starting capital.

“So much money?”

“Twenty? More?”

Su Qing wiped her tears and looked at the money in front of her carefully.
She cried, “I’ve never had so much money in my life.”

Su Xiu nodded vigorously.
“Big sister, let’s make more sleeve guards and shawls.
I’ll go and sell them the next time! It would be too dangerous if you were caught and sent to the study class; our family would be broken up.”


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