ang’s heart.

Qi Si, that trash, couldn’t even coax Mu Chen, allowing him to call Ren San back again.
Hopefully, this guy didn’t leak anything that would make Mu Chen suspicious of him.

“You go down first.” Mu Yuanhang said.

The shadow guard nodded and quietly retreated. 


Mu Chen had just returned to the courtyard when he was greeted by a rare guest, Mu Yuanhang.

“Eldest uncle.” Mu Chen called out.
The original owner and Mu Yuanhang had a good relationship and Mu Yuanhang always doted on the original owner.

“Chen’er, you’re back.” Mu Yuanhang said with a smile. 

Mu Chen nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Have you been having a good time lately?” Mu Yuanhang asked.


“Not too bad.” Mu Chen said lightly.

“You are a son of my Mu family, and the Mu family is your strongest backing.
You can do whatever you want.
The Mu family will definitely protect you.
You don’t have to be afraid of anything.” Mu Yuanhang said. 

Mu Chen smiled bashfully and said, “I know.”

A sneer rose in Mu Chen’s heart and he secretly said, “Mu Yuanhang should already know about his avoidance of Chen Moran today and, by saying this, what he truly meant was that he should have fought with Chen Moran.
By retreating instead, he lost face for the Mu family.

“I heard that you called Ren San back, don’t you dislike him?” Mu Yuanhang asked.

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders and said with a big grin, “Although Ren San is a bit unpleasant, he is resistant to beatings, unlike Qi Si.
He shrinks every time he fights, counting on me, a young master, to protect him as a subordinate? What is he!” At the end of the sentence, Mu Chen’s face was tinged with a bit of disgust. 

Qi Si had been hiding to the side, watching the situation, and when he heard Mu Chen’s words, Qi Si’s face suddenly turned blue and white.

The few people around who seemed to be busy but were actually observing the situation with their ears up, could not help but make small calculations in their hearts.

“Qi Si, after all, is young and a little less courageous.” Mu Yuanhang said indifferently.

Mu Chen snorted coldly and said, “If he has little guts, then replace him with someone who has more guts.
Do I, the young master, have to accommodate him as a subordinate?” 

Looking at Mu Chen twisted face, Mu Yuanhang’s smiled and said, “Whatever you want.”


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