ily, “Who do you think I am? Am I so easy to buy? You think you can fool me with just a pork knuckle?”

Mu Chen turned his eyes away and then put up two fingers, saying, “Or else, two pork knuckles.”

Ye Shi’s breathing became heavy, his eyes wavered, and his heart pounded.
Ye Shi licked his lips and gritted his teeth, “Don’t try to tempt me, I won’t be tempted by you, you bastard.” 

Muchen looked at Ye Shi without blinking, weighed his options for a long time, and said, “Add a roast chicken.”

Ye Shi cruelly stepped on Mu Chen’s foot and Mu Chen jumped up, “What are you doing?”

Ye Shi stared at Mu Chen round-eyed.
Under his gaze, Mu Chen finally shut up.

Ye Shi was furious and clutched his shirt.
Mu Chen had gone too far in seducing him, how could he resist the temptation! Ye Shi grunted coldly and turned his head away. 

The auction was proceeding in an orderly manner, and the Royal Wind Talisman was finally auctioned off at a price of 67,000 spirit stones.



After the Royal Wind Talisman was sold, the second item in the auction was much more mundane, an exquisite talisman pen made with the hair of a blood-tailed deer and a precious golden silk wood shaft.
It was auctioned off for 1500 spirit stones.

Next, all kinds of weapons, pills, and talismans were brought up, and the auction carried on one round of climax after another. 

A dagger, about a foot long, was put up on stage.

As soon as the dagger was brought out, Ye Shi’s eyes lit up.

“This dagger, named Longquan, was made by the Master Weapon Refiner, Wuya.
It cuts iron like mud and seals the throat with blood. The starting price is 300 spirit stones.” The auctioneer said simply.

“Five hundred.” As soon as the auctioneer’s voice fell, Mu Chen immediately made a bid for it. 

Zhuang Yu, who was sitting under the stage, frowned, “That seems to be Mu Chen’s voice.”

Chen Moran nodded, “That’s right, it should be him.”

Zhuang Yu narrowed his eyes and said, “Doesn’t he use a sword? Why is he interested in daggers?”

“I don’t know.” Chen Moran shook his head. 

The price was quickly pushed up to eight hundred, and the dagger was finally taken by Mu Chen for twelve hundred spirit stones.

“Mu Chen is quite rich.” Chen Moran said sourly.
Previously, he had asked to borrow some spirit stones, but Mu Chen refused to lend them.
Now he was spending so many spirit stones on a broken dagger.

The auction house’s staff brought the dagger to the private room and exchanged it with Mu Chen.

Ye Shi sat on the side, trying to pretend not to care, but his eyes were still unconsciously fixed on the dagger, full of desire. 

“Here you go.” Mu Chen handed the dagger to Ye Shi.

Ye Shi looked at Mu Chen, “Are you giving it to me? Why?”

“Don’t you like it? I’ll give it to you if you like it!” Mu Chen said naturally.

“What the hell are you up to?” Ye Shi looked at Mu Chen with suspicion. 

Mu Chen laughed, tilted his head sideways, and said teasingly, “Of course, I’m up to no good.”

Ye Shi glared at him, snatched the dagger from his hand, and said, “You gave it to me yourself, I won’t pay you back.”


Mu Chen nodded, “Don’t worry, If I say it’s for you, then it’s yours.”

At his words, Ye Shi put the dagger away contentedly. 

“Next, Ice Lotus Water.
This bottle of Ice Lotus Water is made from the most precious of the ice lotuses, the Thousand Leaf Lotus, after it has withered, and is of great benefit to practitioners of water-based techniques.
The starting price is 2000 spirit stones.” The auctioneer’s voice was clearly heard in the box.

Mu Chen’s face changed.
Ye Shi looked at him and felt a little strange inside.

The fastest channels for news to spread, besides brothels, were restaurants, and Ye Shi, who worked in one, had known for a long time that Zhuang Yu wanted the Ice Lotus Water.
He also knew that a few of the rich young masters around him were trying to help him.

“Three thousand.” As soon as the auctioneer’s voice fell, a clear and beautiful voice sounded. 

It was the young lady of the Shui family, Shui Linglong, who practiced the Ice Heart Technique, and if she obtained the Ice Lotus Water, it would be of great benefit.

“Three thousand five hundred.” Chen Moran’s voice rang out.

“Four thousand.” Shui Linglong frowned and countered immediately.

“Four thousand five hundred.” Chen Moran’s voice rang out again, but it sounded a little weak. 

“Five thousand.” Shui Linglong was determined to win.

“Five thousand one hundred.” Chen Moran gritted his teeth.

The bidding paused for a moment, then resumed, “Five thousand two hundred.” Shui Linglong said.

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed.
Shui Linglong should have reached her limit.
The original text said that the person who fought with Shui Linglong for the Ice Lotus Water was Mu Chen and that Shui Linglong held a grudge against the original owner because of this incident. 

Mu Chen tilted his head.
He was determined not to participate in the competition for the Ice Lotus Water.
I wonder if Zhuang Yu will still be able to get the Ice Lotus Water without his help.


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