Ch2 – Returned

“Young master.” Qi Si walked in with a frown and called out.

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and gave Qi Si an unkind look, saying impatiently, “Didn’t I tell you not to bother me?” 

Mu Chen lowered his head.
According to the original book, Mu Chen’s mother had died early and his father, Mu Yuanfeng, was an alchemist who often closed down to refine pills.
Although he loved Mu Chen, Mu Yuanfeng had very little time to take care of him.
Nonetheless, Mu Yuanfeng would always come out to clean up the mess for the original owner whenever he got into trouble.

Qi Si showed an embarrassed expression and carefully said, “Of course I remember what Young Master said, it’s just that Young Master Zhuang Yu is here.”



Mu Chen squinted his eyes and looked at Qi Si, saying, “He’s here? What is he doing here?”

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Although Qi Si was acting respectfully, Mu Chen knew that this man was not as good to him as he seemed, because this man was a spy that Mu Chen’s eldest uncle, Mu Yuanhang, put at Mu Chen’s side. 

According to his memory, Mu Chen was still very obedient when he was a child and his talent for alchemy was also good.
As he grew older, Mu Yuanhuang smuggled all kinds of playthings to Mu Chen.
He was young and malleable and soon became addicted to eating, drinking, and having fun, wasting a lot of time in vain.


Initially, Mu Chen had some fear toward Mu Yuanfeng but Mu Yuanhang was willing to cover up for Mu Chen, so Mu Chen’s life of eating, drinking, and playing was as smooth as “a fish in the water”.

Although Mu Yuanfeng found Mu Chen to be a bit of a fun-loving boy, he continued to behave in the same way after a few times of discipline, so over time, he could only let it go.

Qi Si glanced at Mu Chen and said, “Young master Zhuang Yu is here to return the Clear Water Sword.
He said that he would not accept any reward without merit.”


“Where is he?” Mu Chen asked.

“Already gone.” Qi Si said.

“Where is the sword?” Mu Chen asked.


Mu Chen rolled his eye in his heart.
According to the book, Zhuang Yu is a beautiful man who doesn’t consume the fire and smoke of the world and has a noble character.
Such a beautiful man has no reason to take something from a second-rate man like Mu Chen. 

Mu Chen scoffed thinking of this.
In reality, Zhuang Yu’s own talent is limited.
The only reason why Zhuang Yu is able to make a name for himself is that he has a group of flower protectors who will do anything for him.
Although this guy did not take Mu Chen’s Clear Water Sword, he did take a lot of other people’s things.

Mu Chen felt that Zhuang Yu did not accept Mu Chen’s gift because, firstly, it was pretentious, and secondly, it was not worth it.
Mu Chen had spent five hundred yuan stones to buy the Clear Water Sword, but, in reality, the man was being cheated, and the sword was only worth fifty yuan stones.

Mu Chen felt that if he had directly given five hundred yuan stones, Zhuang Yu might have been more receptive.

Qi Si’s heart trembled as he glanced at Mu Chen and said, “It’s at my place.” 

‘Mu Chen’ has a grumpy personality and he would not ask back what he had given away, so Qi Si took it upon himself to hide the sword, thinking that if Zhuang Yu did not accept it, he would be able to keep it since ‘Mu Chen’ would not ask for it in fear of losing face.

“In your possession? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to steal it?” Mu Chen said with unkind eyes.

Qi Si knelt down at once and said, “Young master, how dare I, I am afraid that you will feel bad when you see the sword.”

Mu Chen snorted lightly and said, “Why should I feel bad? Bring the sword to me.” 

Qi Si nodded and answered, “Yes!”

Mu Chen took a deep breath.
According to the original text, ‘Mu Chen’ would have been furious at Zhuang Yu for returning the sword and would have fought with Zhuang Yu’s flower protector, Chen Moran.
Both would end up badly injured and, as a result, his father would have had a falling out with the Chen family.


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