Ch28 – Enemies are bound to meet head-on on a narrow road

Chen Moran crossed his arms and looked at Mu Chen, gloating, “Waiting for someone? Who are you waiting for? It’s not your ugly fiancé, is it?”

Mu Chen frowned and said coldly, “Did you meet Shi Tou?” 

“Yes, so what? You still can’t let people see him? Your fiancé is too ugly to look at but his temper is quite big!” Chen Moran shook his head and said with disdain. 

Mu Chen’s face darkened, “Chen Moran, don’t talk nonsense, Shi Tou is very beautiful.”


Chen Moran looked at Mu Chen incredulously, “Mu Chen, you really know how to tell jokes, even that man can be called beautiful.
Are you crazy?”

Zhuang Yu opened his watery eyes wide, looked at Mu Chen, sighed lightly, full of sadness, and said, “Mu Chen, Ye Shi is not suitable for you.”

Mu Chen’s heart churned and he couldn’t wait to yell at Zhuang Yu, but in the end, he ground his teeth and endured, “You guys go in.”


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Zhuang Yu looked at Mu Chen and said, “Mu Chen, don’t worry, there will always be someone suitable for you.”

Mu Chen gnashed his teeth and said, “I know.”

Mu Chen was a little impatient and only gave a perfunctory response to Zhuang Yu and the others when he suddenly spotted a familiar figure in the crowd.


Shaking off Zhuang Yu and the others, Mu Chen quickly stepped forward and grabbed Ye Shi who wanted to leave. 

“Shi Tou, where are you going? The auction is about to start.” Mu Chen grabbed Ye Shi’s hand with a firm grip.

Ye Shi had finally managed to muster up the courage to attend the auction, but when he reached the door of the auction, he found Mu Chen and Zhuang Yu standing together, and immediately wanted to beat a hasty retreat.

“Let go of me!” Ye Shi said, shaking their hands.

Mu Chen held onto Ye Shi’s hand and said, “I won’t let go.
If I do, you’ll run away.” 

“Don’t you have to greet Zhuang Yu?” Ye Shi asked.

Mu Chen said indifferently, “There are so many people around him, I won’t be missed.”

Zhuang Yu looked in the direction Mu Chen had left and frowned.

Chen Moran was shocked by Mu Chen’s actions, “When did Mu Chen’s tastes become like this, it’s unimaginable.” 

Ye Shi wrinkled his brows, “Don’t tug and pull at me, there are so many people looking at us.”

Mu Chen smiled, “Then don’t run away! If you run, I’ll naturally have to catch you.”


Ye Shi listened to Mu Chen’s words and sighed helplessly at his rogue-like behavior.

“Alright, just let go, I won’t run.” Ye Shi said. 

Mu Chen didn’t relent, “I’ll hold on to you, there are so many people now.
If you get lost, it will be a problem.”

Ye Shi blushed, “Who would get lost? You’re the one who’s going to get lost.”

Mu Chen nodded and said, “Yes! Yes! I don’t have a good sense of direction and I get lost easily, so it’s good that you’re pulling me along.”

Ye Shi gave him a quick glance but didn’t let go of Mu Chen’s hand after all. 

Mu Chen pulled Ye Shi and walked towards the entrance of the auction house.

Mu Chen was a bit annoyed to find that Zhuang Yu and the others were still standing at the door and did not enter.

“Why don’t you go in? The auction is about to start.” Mu Chen smiled reluctantly.

Zhuang Yu frowned at Ye Shi.
The look in his eyes was mild, but it still made Ye Shi feel a sense of shame. 

Mu Chen sensed Ye Shi’s unease and his grip tightened.

“Let’s go first.” Mu Chen said, pulling Ye Shi forward.

Ye Shi was being dragged by Mu Chen and his mood was a bit odd.

Chen Moran looked at Mu Chen’s back and said incredulously, “This guy Mu Chen, he can’t be serious, right? When did his taste become like this?” 

Mu Chen dragged Ye Shi to a private room and sat down.

Ye Shi looked at Mu Chen’s hand and wanted to say something, but after opening his lips, he swallowed his words back.

The private rooms at the auction house were divided into three, six, and nine classes, and the one Mu Chen was in was the worst class.
Even so, the condition of the compartment is much better than the ordinary seats below.

Those sitting in the private rooms could see outside, but nobody could see inside. 

Mu Chen was a little surprised to find that Zhuang Yu was actually sitting in the ordinary seats below the auction house.

“A’Yu, I have a private room upstairs.
Why don’t you go to my private room? The environment there is better.”


“A’Yu, why don’t you go to my private room? Mine has a better location.”

“A’Yu, let’s go to my private room.
The view is wider.” 


Mu Chen didn’t know that the reason why Zhuang Yu was sitting in the general seating was that there were too many choices and he didn’t know how to choose.

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