Ch27 – Before the Auction

“Have you inquired about it? What does Ye Shi like?” Mu Chen walked in impatiently and asked Ren San.

Ren San hesitated for a moment before saying, “From what I’ve heard, Ye Shi doesn’t seem to like anything in particular, he just likes to eat.” 

“Likes to eat?” Mu Chen frowned.

Ren San nodded, “That’s right.”



Mu Chen held his chin and said thoughtfully, “He’s working in a restaurant now, so he shouldn’t be lacking food.”

Ren San glanced at Mu Chen, “Young master, the meals in the restaurant are served to the customers.
Young master Ye is working in the restaurant, but he may not be able to eat a mouthful of meat a day.” 

Mu Chen’s face changed, he rolled his eyes, and said, “So! I have to think about it.”


Mu Yuanhang walked into the room with a gloomy face.
Mu Hong’s heartstrings tightened seeing his father’s annoyed expression.

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“Father, what’s wrong?” Mu Hong asked.

Mu Yuanhang gnashed his teeth and said reluctantly, “Mu Chen had a change of heart recently.
From now on, we can’t underestimate him anymore.”


In the past, when Mu Yuanfeng and Mu Chen didn’t get along, Mu Chen was very trusting of him.
Now, Mu Chen and Mu Yuanfeng are much closer and they are on guard against him.

Mu Hong’s face was gloomy.
Mu Chen’s recent change made him feel a little uneasy, but what kind of stimulus did Mu Chen, the idiot, receive to become like this all of a sudden?

“Did you investigate what I asked you?” Mu Yuanyang asked Mu Hong.


Mu Hong immediately nodded, “I did.
Mu Chen’s fiancé, Ye Shi, is the first legitimate son of the Ye family, but his status in the Ye family is very low.
After Ye He died, Ye Shi had no one to rely on and was driven out of the family”. 

“I went to see Ye Shi and he is really ugly.
I thought Mu Chen would make a fuss once he saw such an ugly fiancé, but I didn’t expect that he would remain quite calm.
I really admire him a bit.” Mu Hong said, gloating.

Mu Yuanhang looked at Mu Hong and said with some surprise, “Is Ye Shi really that ugly?”

Mu Hong nodded, “Yes.”

“Then it’s a bit strange, looking at Mu Chen, he seems to like this fiancé quite a lot.” Mu Yuanhang said. 


With all eyes on it, the auction at the Clearing Moon Auction House arrived as scheduled.

Mu Chen went to wait at the door of the Auction House early on.
Ye Shi hesitated but was still persuaded by Chen Da to go to the appointment.

Many people were rushing to attend the auction, and Mu Chen noticed that many were not from Mo City. 

Mu Yuanfeng and Mu Yuanhang accompanied an old man to the auction.
When Mu Chen saw the three men approaching, he immediately greeted them respectfully, “Hello grandfather, hello uncle, hello father.”

Mu Ke looked at Mu Chen and smiled in relief, saying, “Not bad, not bad.
I was in seclusion for many days and I didn’t know that Chen’er is now a new man.
You have a bright future ahead of you!”


Mu Yuanfeng laughed and said, “Father, he was lucky to be promoted to a martial warrior.
Don’t praise him so much or you’ll make him float up and he’ll revert to old habits.”

“Good, very good.” Mu Ke said, patting Mu Chen’s shoulder. 

“Grandpa, you’re flattering me.” Mu Chen said with his head bowed.

After sending off Mu Ke and the others, Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief but before he could catch his breath, another group of acquaintances arrived.

Zhuang Yu was flanked by several teenagers as he made his way over.
Chen Moran was standing on the right-hand side, nearest to Zhuang Yu, as if defending his territory.

Mu Chen was a little amused by this scene.
No matter how hard Chen Moran works now, he would still have to step down when the true male lead arrived. 

“Mu Chen, what are you doing standing at the door? Why don’t you go in?” Zhuang Yu blinked his eyes and asked innocently.

Mu Chen smiled and said perfunctorily, “I’m waiting for someone, so you can all go in first.”

Zhuang Yu looked at Mu Chen with a bit of pity and knitted his pretty eyebrows as if he was unsure about saying something.

Mu Chen was creeped out by Zhuang Yu’s sympathetic look. 

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