ally like him, you should have brought him home already.
After all, he’s a child and a shuang’er, and it’s not good for him to live outside.” Mu Yuanfeng said with worry.

Mu Chen nodded, a little embarrassed, “I want to, it’s just that he …… may not listen to me.”

Mu Yuanfeng couldn’t restrain himself from laughing at the lost and silly expression of a young boy in love on Mu Chen’s face, “It’s okay, take your time.
Ye Shi has a sharp tongue but a soft heart, if you put some effort into it, he will naturally listen to you.” 

Mu Chen nodded his head.

“Mu Chen is back!” A gentle voice came over.

Mu Yuanfeng looked at the visitor and frowned.

“Good day, uncle.” Mu Chen said respectfully.
Although he knew that Mu Yuanhang didn’t have any good intentions toward him, he still had to do his best to appear respectful. 

Mu Yuanhang looked at Mu Chen and said with a smile, “Chen’er, recently, you’ve been advancing without making a sound! You are now a martial warrior.”

Mu Yuanfeng patted Mu Chen’s shoulder and said, “This little strength of Chen’er can’t compare to your Hong’er! At his age, he is already a two-star martial warrior.”


“Seeing how fast Chen’er is progressing, it won’t take long for him to catch up.” Mu Yuanhang praised.

“Then I’ll borrow big brother’s blessing.” Mu Yuanfeng said. 

Mu Yuanhang looked at Mu Chen, although his face was full of love and affection, his heart was full of turbulent waves.

“Brother, I heard that Chen’er’s fiancé has arrived in Mo City, but I haven’t seen anyone come to the door.” Mu Yuanhang said.

Mu Yuanfeng frowned.
The moment Ye Shi came to the door, he was driven away by a servant.
That servant was from the Mu family and they couldn’t shy away from the matter.

“Perhaps the other side has its own considerations.
The younger generation should take care of their own affairs, there is no need for us to interfere.” Mu Yuanfeng said. 

Mu Yuanhang nodded, “That’s right, Chen’er has grown up.”

After giving a few perfunctory words to Mu Yuanhang, Mu Chen and Mu Yuanfeng left.

Mu Yuanfeng looked at Mu Chen, who was following him, and felt a little happy inside.
Mu Chen used to be very close to Mu Yuanhang, but he was not close to him, his biological father.
He didn’t say anything about it, but he still felt upset in his heart.

Mu Yuanfeng was relieved to see Mu Chen take the initiative to distance himself from Mu Yuanhang.  Although he and Mu Yuanhang are brothers, a man's heart is hidden from his belly, and there are many things happening between brothers in big families. 


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