Ch25 – Grievances

“You said that young master Chen wants to meet me?” Ye Shi frowned, full of impatience.

“Yes!” The waiter nodded. 

“No, what am I, a monkey? Everyone can come to see and play.” Ye Shi wrinkled his brows and said angrily.

“Shi Tou, Chen Moran is the young master of the Chen family! We can’t even afford to offend their butler.
You should at least go and meet him, don’t let him lose face.” The waiter looked at Ye Shi’s ugly face and said carefully.



Ye Shi pursed his lips.
In the end, he was just a nobody.
He had to give face to everyone he met, but no one had to give him face.

Chen Da looked at Ye Shi and said, “Shi Tou, go out and take a look.
Don’t offend others.” 

Chen Da was also stifled.
It was just that they were new to the city and could not understand the attitude of the Mu family, so it was not good to offend the local snakes in Mo City.


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Ye Shi bit his lip, full of reluctance, and said, “Alright.”

Chen Moran ordered a table of dishes and sat beside Zhuang Yu, an ingratiating smile on his face.

Ye Shi looked at Chen Moran’s flattering face and felt a little more disdain in his heart.


“Are you looking for me?” Ye Shi looked at Chen Moran indifferently.

Chen Moran was stunned for a moment, then looked Ye Shi up and down and asked in an odd tone, “Are you Ye Shi?”

Ye Shi nodded his head, “Yes!”


Chen Moran said with an odd expression, “What is your relationship with Mu Chen?” 

Ye Shi was a little irritated by Chen Moran’s attitude, as if he was interrogating a crime suspect, “There is no relationship.”

Chen Moran said in disbelief, “No way.
I heard that you and Mu Chen have a marriage contract and he has come to see you more than once.”

“This is Mu Chen’s business.
What does it matter to you?” Ye Shi wrinkled his brows and said.

“Of course, it matters.
Mu Chen and I are good brothers, his business is my business.” Chen Moyan said righteously. 

Ye Shi laughed in his heart.
Although he had not been in Mo City for a long time, he knew that Chen Moran and Mu Chen don’t see eye to eye.
Saying that they are good brothers, what a joke!

Chen Moran looked at Ye Shi with a disgusted look on his face, “No wonder Mu Chen has changed so much recently that he doesn’t even leave his house anymore.
Is it because of such an ugly fiancé? If I had a fiancé like this, I would also have a change of heart.”

Hearing Chen Moran’s words, Ye Shi’s face suddenly turned blue and white.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, young master Chen? If not, I’ll go down first.” Ye Shi said with a cold face. 

Chen Moran sneered, “You don’t look good, but your temper is quite big!”

Ye Shi felt the urge to slap Chen Moran in the face, but in the end, he endured it and retreated.
Seeing Ye Shi leave, Chen Moran didn’t try to stop him.


“Mu Chen has such a fiancé, but he’s hiding it so well.” Chen Moran was full of gloating.

“Mu Chen, he …… is quite pitiful.” Zhuang Yu sighed, full of sympathy. 

Ye Shi heard Zhuang Yu’s compassionate sigh.
For some reason, his chest tightened and his eyes started to sting a little.
Ye Shi had a hard time holding back the tears from rolling down his eyes.

Chen Moran laughed, “From what I heard, Ye Shi is working as a butcher.
Mu Chen is really too unkind.
Although ugly, he is still his fiancé.
As a shuang’er, he shouldn’t be left to kill animals all day in a restaurant!”

Zhuang Yu shook his head, “It’s just a fiancé.
It’s hard to say whether he will marry Mu Chen in the end.”

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