he spirit energy flooding into his body was so wonderful.  Mu Chen felt every pore of his body open up and he felt like he was floating in the air. 

Several spirit stones were absorbed and turned into dust.

Mu Chen absorbed the energy from over 300 spirit stones to advance to the martial warrior level.
Looking at the consumed spirit stones, Mu Chen frowned.
Cultivation burns money! Just the first barrier from martial apprentice to martial warrior consumed so many spirit stones.
No wonder the cultivation of the children of rich families progressed much faster than the disciples of poor families.

“Is it done?” Mu Yuanfeng pushed open the door, walked in, and asked.

Mu Chen’s heart skipped a beat.
Mu Yuanfeng should have been waiting outside for a long time.
It seemed that he couldn’t rest assured otherwise. 

“Yes, father.” Mu Chen said.

Mu Yuanfeng looked at Mu Chen and said with some relief, “Finally, you’ve entered the martial warrior rank!”

Mu Chen smiled.
It was not difficult for martial apprentices to become martial warriors.
As long as the disciples of families like theirs had sufficient resources and their qualifications were not too bad, they could become martial warriors after a year or two of hard training.
Some youngsters with excellent qualifications can even become martial warriors within ten years of age.

Mu Chen smiled, “Yes!” 

Mu Yuanfeng looked at Mu Chen, “Take some time to meet with Ye Shi, after all, he is your nominal fiancé.
Killing pigs and sheep all day, it’s not good to keep it up.”

Mu Chen nodded, “I understand.”



Mu Chen walked into Yuehe Restaurant just in time to see Ye Shi coming out carrying a few dishes. 

“Little brother.” Mu Chen tugged at Ye Shi and called out with a smile.

Ye Shi frowned and shook off his hand, saying, “What for? What are you doing? Don’t pull and tug.”

Mu Chen laughed awkwardly and let go of his hand, ”Sorry! I wanted to ask you, do you know Ye Shi?”

Ye Shi’s face darkened and he glared at Mu Chen angrily, saying coldly, “No.” 

Mu Chen frowned and said in disbelief, “No? How is it possible, I heard that he is here!”

Ye Shi rolled his eyes and said with irritation, “Heard? What else did you hear?”

Muchen frowned and muttered, “I also heard that he doesn’t look good.” Is he using a pseudonym? Mu Chen thought to himself.

Ye Shi’s face turned even darker and he kicked Mu Chen. 

“What are you doing…… “ kicking me? Looking at Ye Shi’s ugly face, Mu Chen felt a little faint in his heart and he couldn’t utter another word of complaint.

Ye Shi ground his teeth, his eyes red, looking as fierce as a tiger, “Get out!”

Mu Chen: “……”

“Shi Tou, what are you doing? The chef is looking for you.” A’ Mu ran out and said. 

Mu Chen frowned and looked at Ye Shi, “Your name is Shi Tou.
Eh, you are a two-star martial warrior too.” His fiancé, whom he had never met, was also a two-star martial warrior.
Originally, Mu Chen couldn’t see Ye Shi’s rank, but after advancing to martial warrior, he was able to see it.
“Could you be……”

Ye Shi shot Mu Chen a deadly glare, “Get lost!”


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