Ch21 – Fiancé

“Young master, did you meet young master Mu Chen today?” Chen Da couldn’t wait to ask.

Ye Shi knitted his brows, “Uncle Chen, didn’t I tell you? Don’t call me young master, call me Shi Tou.
Have you ever seen a young master working as a waiter? Don’t make people laugh.” 

Chen Da said unhappily, “Don’t digress, have you met young master Mu Chen?”

Ye Shi nodded, “Yes!”



“What did young master Mu Chen say?” Chen Da asked eagerly.

Ye Shi skimmed his lips, “He said he wanted to give me a Sanhua chicken.” 

“Did you accept it?” Chen Da asked.


“No! No merit, no reward. Why should I accept his chicken? Besides, he said he would only buy me one chicken.
Such a cheap chicken, but he only wanted to give me one.
So stingy! A chicken so small, I could eat three of them!” Ye Shi said angrily.

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Chen Da: “……”



“Father, are you looking for me?” Mu Chen asked.

Mu Yuanfeng nodded, “Yes, your fiancé, whom I mentioned before, has already reached Mo City.”

Mu Chen frowned, his mood suddenly a bit complicated.


“He’s here?” A fiancé he has never met before, Mu Chen felt embarrassed just thinking about it. 

Mu Yuanfeng nodded, “That’s right, moreover, he’s been here for quite a few days already.”

“Since he’s arrived, why didn’t he come to the Mu family?” Mu Chen asked puzzled.

Mu Yuanfeng smiled bitterly, “In fact, he had already come but an incompetent servant sent him away.”

“Where is he now?” Mu Chen froze for a moment and asked with a frown.
In any case, the other party came to the door but they let their underlings drive them away, it was their family’s fault. 

Mu Yuanfeng shook his head, “He is now working at Yuehe Restaurant as a butcher, earning one spirit stone a day.”

“Yuehe Restaurant.” Mu Chen was surprised.

Could it be him? Mu Chen shook his head in his heart.
It couldn’t be! It was written in the original text that Mu Chen’s fiancé was an ugly shuang’er, so much so that, the first time Mu Chen saw him, he almost fainted from fear.
That shuang’er was so handsome, it couldn’t be him.

Mu Chen frowned, “Isn’t he a shuang’er? Why did he become a butcher?” The restaurant only paid one spirit stone a day, was the other side already so strapped for spirit stones? 

Mu Chen had already heard that his fiancé was not favored in the family, but to be so unloved that he had to work in a restaurant as a lowly butcher was something Mu Chen had not expected.

As far as Mu Chen knew, in this world, shuang’er don’t like appearing in public.
It’s hard imagining a shuang’er going to a restaurant to kill pigs and sheep.


“I don’t know about that.” Mu Yuanfeng said.

“Whatever the case may be, find some time to get in touch with him.” Mu Yuanfeng continued. 

Mu Chen nodded, “Yes, father.”

“I saw that you have bought a lot of beasts’ blood.
Are you going to refine your body?” Mu Yuanfeng asked.

Mu Chen nodded, “Yes.”

Mu Yuanfeng patted Mu Chen’s shoulder and said comfortingly, “You’ve grown up.” 

When Mu Yuanfeng saw that the body refining technique he had tried so hard to find for his son was disdained by his son, his heart was filled with disappointment.
However, seeing how painful it was for him to practice this body refining technique, he had to turn a blind eye to it.

“Father, I’m already so old, it’s time to grow up.” Mu Chen smiled.

Mu Yuanfeng couldn’t help but pat Mu Chen’s shoulder and praise him repeatedly.

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