Ch19 – Trading Market

Mu Chen wandered through the demon trading market with great interest.

“Newly arrived, authentic, fresh, and fragrant mountain pigs! Look at how strong these pigs are! The meat is guaranteed to be delicious.” 

“Sanhua chickens, a bargain, a bargain, the last ten for a single spirit stone!”

“A high-quality crane-beaked turtle! It nourishes the Yin and tonifies the Yang! Two spirit stones for one! Come and grab it, come and buy it!”



Most of the demon beasts in the market are at the level of a human Martial Apprentice.

Of course, as long as you have the money, it’s not difficult to buy a second-grade demon beast.
These demon beasts usually have a ring on one of their feet, restraining them from attacking.

“I heard that young master Mu Chen is also here.
This young master has changed a lot recently, and his strength has advanced from seven-stars to nine-stars martial apprentice.” said Wang Lun with a smile.


Ye Shi wasn’t impressed, “It's just a nine-stars martial apprentice. If he had put in the effort, a young master of his age would have been a martial warrior already.”

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If he had been as lucky as Mu Chen, he would definitely be more than a two-stars martial warrior, he would have already advanced to five-stars, at least.

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Ye Shi gritted his teeth.
In the Ye family, Ye Shi was in a difficult situation and he had once considered leaving the Ye family to join another one, but no matter how unpopular he was in the Ye family, he still carried the Ye family label.
The other families would not easily accept him, and even if they did, they wouldn’t really trust him. 

Moreover, he is not only a member of the Ye family but also Mu Chen’s fiancé.

Ye Shi lifted his head and looked in the direction of Mu Chen.

As Ye Shi looked toward Mu Chen, Mu Chen seemed to feel something and turned his head back, coincidentally bumping into Ye Shi’s line of sight.

Seeing Ye Shi, Mu Chen could resist giving him a big smile. 

Ye Shi grimaced and shot Mu Chen a glare.

Mu Chen frowned and squinted his eyes in confusion.
As the saying goes, you shall not slap a person in the face when he is smiling at you. Is this principle of the previous world no longer valid here?

“Young master, did you offend that shuang’er?” Ren San asked.

Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, “Is that a shuang’er?” 

Ren San nodded, “Yes! Although he is a bit more handsome, he is indeed a shuang’er.”

Mu Chen pondered a bit, “Is that so? I really can’t tell.”



“What’s Mu Chen doing here? To pick a demon beast for his sweetheart?” Ye Shi said with a sideways glance. 

Wang Lun answered indifferently, “I heard that he came to acquire demon beasts’ blood.”

“Demon beasts’ blood, does he want to make blood tofu?” Ye Shi muttered.

Blood tofu is Ye Shi’s favorite food.
Since childhood, Ye Chi was allowed to eat a limited amount of demon beasts’ meat.
Fortunately, the chef of the Ye family had a good relationship with Ye Shi and he used to make a lot of blood tofu to add to Ye Shi’s meals.

Wang Lun shook his head, “Unlikely, the amount is too much.” 

Ye Shi pursed his lips, “Right.”


“Young master, you want ten catties of pig blood, ten catties of snake blood, ten catties of chicken blood, ten catties of sheep blood and ten catties of tiger blood, a total of two hundred spirit stones.” Ren San said to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen frowned, “Is it that expensive?” 

Ren San nodded, “Tiger blood is more expensive.”

Mu Chen nodded, “I see.” Cultivation burns money! To practice the << A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique>>, one needed to use the blood of demon beasts to forge the body, and tiger blood was a must.


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