Ch1 – Super Schoolmaster

“Mu Chen is number one again this time, and by the looks of it, the national scholarship will be taken away by this guy again.” Inside the library, a student, slightly jealous, said.

“I heard that he won the first prize in the National Mathematics Competition a few days ago.” 

“That’s nothing.
In the previous Interdisciplinary Modelling Competition for college students, he won the Global Grand Prize.”

“I’ve heard that he won the Turing Award for his proficiency in computing, a prize with an amazing amount of gold.”



“It is said that he has also applied for three invention patents.”

“How can there be such a genius?” 

“What’s the big deal? He’s just a nerd.
I think, if you give him an egg, he won’t necessarily be able to peel the shell.
He’s only good at exams, but when he enters into society, he won’t know what to do.”


“That’s not true.
I heard that this boy, Mu Chen, can cook, and his craftsmanship is not bad.”

“No, he can cook too? Didn’t he spend all his time studying?”

“No! I heard Mu Chen’s roommate say that this guy likes to read novels and he spends a lot of time reading them.”


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“He spends so much time reading novels and still gets such good grades, it’s unbelievable.”

“How can there be such a genius? This kind of person should be struck by lightning!”

“That’s right, that’s right, this kind of person will affect the harmony of the society if he stays in the world, he should be chopped by a thunderbolt.”



Mu Chen lay on the bed looking at the ceiling silently.
One moment, he was still in the dormitory, reading a novel intently.
The next moment, he was struck here by a lightning bolt.

The extra memories in his head told Mu Chen that he had crossed over.

As the saying goes, when one is sitting at home, misfortune comes from the sky. 

Mu Chen could not understand which god he had offended and how he had been struck here.

“Young master, young master, are you awake?” A little servant came in and asked.

“Qi Si, get out and leave me alone.”

“Young master, there is a three-eyed wolf king fighting in the arena today, do you want to go and see it?” 

“Get out.” Mu Chen bellowed coldly.

Qi Si shot a few glances at Mu Chen and walked out with a grey face.



“I can’t believe that even Qi Si was sent out, the young master usually values him the most.” 

“It looks like the young master is so angry with young master Zhuang Yu that he won’t even go to the fighting arena.”

“Young master, it’s the first time he has been so devoted to someone, but it’s so pitiful he had to be rejected so mercilessly”

“If I may say so, there is no grass at the end of the earth, young master Zhuang Yu seems to be very difficult to get.
The young master, it’s better if he gives up..”

“Isn’t Zhuang Yu just a bit pretty? What’s the big deal?” 


Mu Chen sighed lightly while listening to the conversation between the two subordinates word for word.

After crossing over, Mu Chen merged the soul power of the original owner, and his ear power instantly improved by several times, so he could hear the two servants’ words clearly.

Mu Chen lightly touched his forehead and was a little sad to realize that he had not only crossed over but also crossed into a novel he was reading… 

This novel tells the story of the rise of a white lotus shou.
The white lotus, who comes from an ordinary background, has distinctive looks and is naive and kind, attracting one man after another to go through fire and water for him.

The attracted men usually end up in one of two ways: those who are well-qualified will be accepted into the harem, while those who are not well-qualified will become cannon fodder.

Unfortunately, the original owner of the body is an uneducated, lustful, immoral, and desperate man who only relies on the virtue of his ancestors to do his dirty work.
This is exactly the kind of person who would be considered cannon fodder by the readers.

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