Ch18 – A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique

Mu Chen and Zhuang Yu’s entourage dispersed and as he stepped into the carriage, Mu Chen’s face was cloudy.

Zhuang Yu was indeed extraordinary.
Just because he was not willing to pay the spirit stones, the others looked at him strangely.
They were probably hating and cursing him in their hearts. 

Zhuang Yu’s appeal is huge and if he really formed an enmity with Zhuang Yu, he might not have to wait three years before Zhuang Yu’s protectors come to finish him off.

Mu Chen closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
Strength! If he was strong enough, he wouldn’t have to worry about this.



Mu Chen took out a copy of the << A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique>> from his spatial ring.

Mu Chen’s physical condition is not very good.
Thus, Mu Yuanfeng tried to find this technique by all means, hoping that it would help Mu Chen train his body.
Although this << A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique>> is very effective, it is also very painful.
The original Mu Chen only practiced it once or twice before crying out in pain and putting it away. 

Mu Chen squinted his eyes.
The original owner was too ignorant of Mu Yuanfeng’s painstaking efforts.
As far as he knew, Mu Yuanfeng had put a lot of effort to get this Body Tempering Technique.
If not for this, Mu Yuanfeng might have already been promoted to Martial Spirit.


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Mu Chen fondled the Body Tempering Technique in his hand and a cold light crossed his eyes.
This was only the first section of the << A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique>>.
Although incomplete, it’s still extraordinary and the history behind this technique shouldn’t be simple either.

Two years later, there will be an outstanding young man looking for this book, and, needless to say, this man will meet Zhuang Yu, who will fall in love with him at first sight.
From there, it won’t take long before the two hook up.
This man is Lu Yao, one of Zhuang Yu’s acknowledged true partners.
Zhuang Yu will know about his beloved’s search for the book and he will also find out by accident that the book is in Mu Chen’s hands.

Unwilling to let the pearl go unnoticed, Zhuang Yu will ask Mu Chen for the book in order to make the best use of it.


In order to please Zhuang Yu, Mu Chen will hand over the copy of << A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique>> to make Zhuang Yu happy.

Mu Chen closed the Body Tempering Technique in his hand, a cold light simmering at the bottom of his eyes.
What a load of crap!

“Ren San.” Mu Chen lifted the carriage curtain and called out.


Ren San turned his head to look at Mu Chen, “Young master, what’s the matter?” 

“I’m not going back, let’s head to the demon trading market.” Mu Chen said.
Practicing the << A Hundred Refinements: Body Tempering Technique>> required a large amount of beasts’ blood, and Mu Chen had to go and purchase a batch first.

Ren San nodded, “Good.”


“Shi Tou, the chef is looking for you.” A’Mu looked at Ye Shi with envy. 

Ye Shi skillfully sliced the meat in his hands into several pieces and the shape and size of each piece of meat was almost the same, comparable to a work of art.

Ye Shi raised his head, “The chef is looking for me, what does he want?”

A’Mu shook his head, “I don’t know! You go and see.”

In this world, the status of a spiritual chef is very high.
The energy contained in demon beasts’ meat is a little violent and eating too much of it can easily damage the body.
Spiritual chefs can not only make delicious dishes but also make the energy in the demon beasts’ meat milder. 

The higher the level of the chef, the higher the level of the meat they can handle.

“Shi Tou.” Wang Lun turned his head and called out to Ye Shi.


Ye Shi nervously rubbed his hands together, “Chef, are you looking for me?”

Wang Lun smiled, “No need to be nervous.
I heard that you can distinguish the quality of demon beasts’ meat.” 

Ye Shi said awkwardly, “I can only make some rough distinctions and I often get them wrong.”

Wang Lun chuckled, “Don’t be so modest, in my opinion, you still have a very good eye.”

Ye Shi smiled shyly, “Thank you, senior.”

“I’m going out to purchase edible demon beasts, why don’t you come along?” 

Ye Shi opened his eyes wide, “Is that okay?”

“Of course.” Wang Lun answered with a faint smile.


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