Ch17 – Snooping

“Young master Chen, what have you been up to lately? I haven’t seen you go out at all.” Zhuang Yu asked, blinking his beautiful eyes.

“I’ve been planning to learn alchemy with my father.” Mu Chen answered casually after taking a sip of tea. 

Zhuang Yu frowned.
He felt a surge of irritation in his heart.
In the past, if he had asked something like this, Mu Chen would have been flattered and would have tried his best to please him.

If you play hard to get once or twice, it’s fine but if you keep acting coy, then it would become disgusting.



Chen Moran sneered, “When did you become interested in alchemy? Don’t think that just because your father is an alchemist, you can become one too.
Alchemy is not something ordinary people can do.”

Mu Chen smiled faintly, “I’m just trying it out.” 

“Young master Chen, you are a nine-star martial apprentice.” Sun Yu said in shock after looking at Mu Chen.


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A cold light flashed in Chen Moran’s eyes.
He was currently an eight-star martial apprentice.
He had been steadily suppressing Mu Chen on the path of cultivation, but he did not expect Mu Chen to run ahead of him without saying anything.
His mood was pervaded with gloom.

“Mu Chen, did you get addicted to taking pills? We are still in the Martial Apprentice realm.
If we take pills to forcibly raise our cultivation, we will be finished in the future.” Chen Moran said coldly.

Mu Chen glanced at him, a trace of anger showing in his eyes, “Thank you for your concern but I have a sense of proportion.”


Chen Moran shrugged, “Don’t take such an attitude, I’m saying this for your own good.”

Mu Chen smiled noncommittally.

“Mu Chen, how many spirit stones do you have on hand now?” Chen Moran asked.


Mu Chen lifted his eyebrows, “Not much.” 

Chen Moran glanced at Zhuang Yu and then turned back to Mu Chen, saying, “A’Yu wants the Ice Lotus Water.
How many spirit stones do you have? Lend it to me first and when I have enough spirit stones, I will return it to you.”

Mu Chen gave Chen Moran a cool sweeping glance, “Brother Chen, you think too highly of me.
How many spirit stones can I have?.”

Zhuang Yu wants the Ice Lotus Water.
What does it have to do with him? In the original text, Zhuang Yu had always hated Mu Chen’s pestering.
Later on, Mu Chen was killed and Zhuang Yu definitely played a role in it.
Honestly, he doesn’t want Zhuang Yu to get the Ice Lotus Water at all.
The stronger Zhuang Yu is, the greater the threat to his life.

Chen Moran said indifferently, “Doesn’t your father love you? If you ask him for it, will he not give it to you?” 

Mu Chen is Mu Yuanfeng’s only son while Chen Moran’s father has several sons and daughters.
Although Chen Moran has decent talent, he was not the most valued one among them.
Chen Moran had always been jealous of Mu Chen because he was treated much better than he was.

“My father’s spirit stones didn’t come out of thin air.
How can I ask for them at will?” Mu Chen said unconcernedly.

“Mu Chen, do you not want to help?” Chen Moran asked.

Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders, “It’s not that I don’t want to help, but I really can’t do anything.” 

Ye Shi hid in the dark with his ears pricked up, quietly listening to Mu Chen’s words.

Mu Chen looked toward Ye Shi and when Ye Shi met Mu Chen’s gaze, two blushes suddenly appeared on his face.


Looking at Ye Shi’s face, Mu Chen couldn’t help smiling.

Ye Shi bit his lip, the blush on his face turning a deeper red. 

When Chen Da saw Ye Shi enter the room, he asked, “How is it? Have you seen Mu Chen?

“Terrible.” Ye Shi said with a grimace.

“Terrible? How bad is it?” Chen Da asked.

Ye Shi pursed his lips, “He doesn’t know how to manage his money.
It’s all gone.
He doesn’t even have the money to please his friends.
With so many people around Zhuang Yu, he wants to catch the white wolf empty-handed, I’m afraid it’s impossible.

Chen Da smiled, “From the looks of it, Mu Chen should have no more feelings for Zhuang Yu.”

Ye Shi puffed out his cheeks and twiddled his fingers, “Even if he doesn’t feel anything for Zhuang Yu, there are still others.”


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