en should also go to the auction.
If we go, we might even be able to meet him… ”

Ye Shi rolled his eyes, “I’ll spend 10 spirit stones to see that loser. Shameful! I would be crazy to spend spirit stones to see him.”


Chen Da: “……” 

Mu Chen was lying on his bed and a copy of the Bone Shrinking Technique was placed right in front of him.

The Bone Shrinking Technique could make the body smaller.
If one wanted to hide one’s identity, the Bone Shrinking Technique could be used to shrink the body.
Moreover, this technique could be used to change one’s appearance by re-shaping the bones in your face.

Inch by inch, Mu Chen’s body became smaller, shrinking to the size of a six or seven-year-old.

Afterward, Mu Chen’s body slowly grew again and recovered to its original size. 

Mu Chen continued to shrink and grow in size with great interest.

When Mu Chen came out of the room, Ren San was shocked, “Young master, you have advanced to the nine-star martial apprentice.”

Mu Chen nodded his head, “Yes!”

Mu Chen originally had good qualifications.
It was just that this guy, Mu Chen, had made a mess of his own body.
Mu Chen had spent some time before, toning his body and solidifying his foundation.
Now that his body had been toned and there were enough spirit stones, his strength rose naturally. 

“Young master, the eldest young master came by again today.
I told him that you were still resting and didn’t want to be disturbed, so he left.” Ren San said.

Mu Chen nodded, “I know.” Mu Hong was getting more and more restless.
Recently, one of the servants beside Mu Chen happened to casually mention the matter of the pill again, so he should have been bought off as well.


Mu Chen did not know that the Spirit Breaking Pill was worth at least 300,000 stones, but the original owner had sold it for only 20,000 stones.

That Spirit Breaking pill, which was sold by the original owner, unsurprisingly fell into the hands of Mu Yuanhang, who was thus promoted to Martial Spirit, steadily suppressing Mu Yuanfeng. 

With Mu Chen’s flapping his butterfly wings, Mu Yuanfeng was on the defensive and nothing was the same anymore.


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