d and insensitive.”

Mu Chen: “……” cold, did he speak coldly? At most, he was not as warm and fawning toward Zhuang Yu as he used to be.

Zhuang Yu gave Chen Moran a helpless look and grabbed his hand, saying, “Moran, don’t be like this.” 

Chen Moran smiled at Zhuang Yu and then shot Mu Chen a warning look.

Zhuang Yu’s beautiful eyes looked towards Mu Chen, “Young Chen, do you know about the auction hosted by the Clearing Moon Auction House?”

Mu Chen nodded, “Yes, Clearing Moon’s annual auction! I heard that there will be a lot of good things at this auction, but I’m short of money lately, so I can only take a look.”

Zhuang Yu pursed his lips, smiled, and said, “It’s still good to take a look and gain some insight.” 

There was a bit of loss in Zhuang Yu’s eyes.
Mu Chen was really different from the past.
If it had been before, this person would have chased him and asked if there was anything he liked in the auction house.

Chen Moran looked at Mu Chen, “Are you shy of money these days? No, your father is an alchemist and you still say you don’t have spirit stones.”


Mu Chen laughed bitterly, “My father is my father and I am me? What’s so strange about me lacking spirit stones?”

Chen Moran snorted, “You’re really useless.
If you don’t have spirit stones, can’t you think of something?” 

Mu Chen looked at Chen Moran, “Young master Chen, do you have any suggestions?”

Chen Moran smiled indifferently, “Your father is an alchemist and he should have refined many pills.
If you take two of them and sell them, you will naturally have enough spirit stones.”

Zhuang Yu’s face changed, ”Moran, what are you talking about? How can you sell pills at will?”

“Yes! Brother Chen, you must be joking.
My father’s pills, how can I just take it out and sell it casually!” Mu Chen said disapprovingly. 

Chen Moran laughed, “I’m just kidding.”

Mu Chen lowered his head and a cold light passed through his eyes.
For Chen Moran to say this, is it accidental or was it carefully arranged by someone? It really didn’t seem like a coincidence.

/petty’s notes: I’m going to use ‘spirit stones’ instead of ‘yuan stones’ in the future.

Moran: “Zhang Yu was so worried about you, that’s why we came to see you!” 

Two seconds later…

Zhang Yu: “So… Did you hear about the auction? ʘ‿ʘ”


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