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“I heard that it was because Zhuang Yu returned Mu Chen’s sword and Mu Chen dismissed him in a fit of anger.” Mu Yuanhang said.

Mu Hong was puzzled, “It’s not like him!” Mu Chen had always been an indecisive person, so it was a bit strange for him to expel one of his close confidants so neatly!


“This kid, lately, seems to be different.” Mu Yuanhang said thoughtfully. 

Mu Chen walked out of the room.
When Ren San saw Mu Chen, his face immediately brightened with joy, “Young master, you have advanced to the rank of eight-star martial apprentice.
Congratulations, congratulations young master!”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes helplessly in his heart.
Most people his age were already martial warriors.
He is only an eight-star martial apprentice and his strength is simply not enough.

“Is there anything going on these days?” Mu Chen asked.

“Young master Mu Hong has sent a list saying that there will be a big auction soon and there will be many good things.” Ren San said. 

Mu Chen squinted his eyes and a cold light flashed through his eyes, “Where is the list? Let me see.”

Ren San nodded and handed the list in his hand to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen opened the list.
Skimming through, he noticed that Mu Hong had left a special mark on the Ice Lotus Water.

Mu Chen smiled bitterly.
The original text only stated that young master Mu Chen had thrown several thousand yuan stones for beauty, but not that there were so many pushers behind young master Mu’s squandering! 

Looking at the alchemy furnace on the list, Mu Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit moved.

Mu Yuanfeng is an alchemist.
He had once wanted to train Mu Chen into an alchemist, but the original Mu Chen was not interested.
The original owner was not interested, but he was.


“Did you bring the alchemy book I asked you about?” Mu Chen asked.

Ren San nodded, “It’s here.” 

“You can go out.” Mu Chen said.

Ren San nodded and retreated.

Mu Chen opened the book, and after turning a few pages, a map fell out.
The map was marked with the layout of the secret room in Mu Yuanfeng’s bedroom.
The drawing also showed a way to open the secret room.


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