Ch11 – Undercurrents

“Father, are you looking for me?” Mu Hong asked as he walked into the room.

“Yes!” Mu Yuanhang nodded and looked at Mu Hong with a gentle smile on his face. 

“Is there something wrong?” Mu Hong asked.

“Your cousin, Mu Chen, has changed quite a lot lately and I am a bit uneasy.” Mu Yuanhang frowned and said.



Hearing Mu Chen’s name, a hint of disgust passed through Mu Hong’s eyes.

“Father, what are you worried about? For the past ten years or so, Mu Chen has always behaved like a piece of mud that can’t stick to a wall, and he is still only a seven-star martial apprentice.
Does father think he will suddenly start working hard?” Mu Hong said in disbelief. 

Mu Yuanhang shook his head and said disapprovingly, “Don’t underestimate him.
Mu Chen’s qualifications were originally very good, but he just wasted them.
If he had worked as hard as you, I’m afraid he would already be ahead of you by now.”


Mu Hong’s eyes flashed a bit of gloom.
“I know, father.”

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“Brother Chen, I’ve been waiting for you!” As soon as Mu Chen left the gate, Mu Hong appeared.

Mu Chen looked at Mu Hong and couldn’t help feeling a little wary in his heart.
Although Mu Yuanfeng and Mu Yuanhang were brothers, there was a lot of secret infighting between them.
Similarly, although Mu Hong was Mu Chen’s cousin, he had always regarded Mu Chen as an enemy in his heart.


All along, Mu Hong had been secretly jealous of Mu Chen’s natural talent, but he also disdained Mu Chen’s wasteful behavior. 

“Cousin, were you looking for me?” Mu Chen asked.

“It’s not a big deal.
There is a new gambling house in town, would you like to go with me and try your luck?” Mu Hong asked, patting Mu Chen on the shoulder.

Mu Chen shook his head and said, “No need.”

Mu Hong frowned, “What’s wrong? Are you short of money? No way.” 

He knew that Mu Chen had received more than 400 yuan stones after returning the sword.
According to how much Mu Yuanfeng doted on his son, it was impossible for him not to give Mu Chen yuan stones after he came out of seclusion.
So, Mu Chen should be very well-off at the moment.

Mu Chen smiled lightly and said, “My hands are a little tight indeed”

Mu Hong looked at Mu Chen and said, “Your hands are tight.
Brother Chen, are you trying to save up yuan stones to buy a gift for Zhuang Yu so that you can give him a surprise?”

“Cousin, what are you thinking about? I’m really short of money.” Mu Chen said coolly. 

Mu Hong said indifferently, “Come on, do you think I don’t know you? A man cannot waste his youth and Zhuang Yu is indeed a beautiful man.”

Mu Chen sneered secretly, “A beauty? Did you mean, homme fatale?


“By the way, the annual auction at the Clearing Moon Auction House is about to start.
I heard that there will be a bottle of Ice Lotus Water for sale at this auction.
If you buy it for Zhuang Yu, he will definitely like it.
Maybe, if he is happy enough, he will throw himself at you.” Mu Hong showed an insinuating smile.

Mu Chen’s heart was cold.
After the thousand-year-old snow lotus had withered, its medicinal properties were incorporated into the snow water, which then became the Ice Lotus Water.
It was very precious and the price was naturally not low.
In the original novel, Muchen threw a lot of money to win the favor of Zhuang Yu. 

Zhuang Yu accepted this generous gift because he felt that Mu Chen was sincere toward him, but he still did not accept Mu Chen’s feelings.

Mu Chen’s eyelids jumped.
In the original text, Mu Chen spent eight thousand yuan stones to buy the Ice Lotus Water.
Where did Mu Chen get such a large amount of yuan stones?

“Cousin, you are joking.
The reserve price for the Ice Lotus Water is two thousand yuan stones, how can I afford it?” Mu Chen shook his head and said.

Mu Hong smiled mysteriously, “If you can’t afford it, you can think of a way!” 

“Way? What way?” Mu Chen pretended to be curious.

“I heard that Uncle Yuanfeng has recently refined a good elixir.
If you steal it and sell it, you will definitely have enough yuan stones.” Mu Hong said smugly.

Mu Chen smiled, “So father has recently refined a good elixir? I really didn’t know about it.”

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