Ch10 – Rejected

Ye Shi followed Chen Da to the front door of the Mu family.
Looking at the grand and majestic Mu family mansion, Ye Shi couldn’t help feeling a little strange in his heart.

Chen Da stepped forward and knocked on the door. 

“Who is it? What are you knocking so early in the morning for?” A little servant yawned and came out impatiently.

Chen Da walked up and said, “We are from the Ye family in Yuncheng and we are here to see Elder Mu Ke.”



“You want to see the old master? He is in seclusion.
How can he have the time to see you?” The servant scanned the shabbily dressed Chen Da and Ye Shi with disdain.

Ye Shi’s face turned red. 

Chen Da knitted his brows and said, “Then could you please inform senior Mu Yuanfeng”


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The little servant snorted and said, “You have a lot of face! Either you want to see Old Master or Second Master, but Second Master is not available.”

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Chen Da’s face turned blue and then white “You …… you …… you ……”

The servant laughed coldly and said, “You, you… what you? Be sensible and get out on your own, otherwise, you’ll be driven out.”

“How can you talk like this?” Ye Shi said while his face darkened.


“This is what I have to say, if you don’t want to listen, you can leave!” The servant said indifferently. 

Ye Shi’s face turned red, “You …… Uncle Chen, let’s go.”

Chen Da pulled Ye Shi, and said, “But, young master ……”

The little servant swept the two men a cold glance, “Get lost, the Mu family is not something you people can climb.”

Ye Shi gnashed his teeth and led Chen Da away. 

“Young master, don’t be discouraged.
That little servant looks down on people, but that doesn’t mean young master Mu Chen is the same.” Chen Da comforted.

Ye Shi said unconcernedly, “If you look at that person’s virtue, you will know what kind of person Mu Chen is.”

Chen Da frowned and said, “Young master, maybe it’s not that bad.”

Ye Shi puffed out his cheeks and said, “Uncle Chen, you don’t have to comfort me.
The whole world knows that Mu Chen has his heart set on someone else, so we don’t need to deceive ourselves.
A twisted melon is not sweet.
Since it’s like this, let’s not force it.” 

At that time, Mu Chen was in his cultivation room, concentrating on his training, not knowing anything about the arrival of Ye Shi.

He was a little surprised to find that his learning ability from his previous life had also been brought to this world and that he could quickly comprehend the cultivation techniques of this world after reading them once or twice.


“Mu Chen, is he cultivating?” Mu Yuanhang walked over and asked.

Ren San nodded and said, “Yes!” 

Mu Yuanhang showed a look of relief and said, “Finally, Chen’er, you’ve grown up.”

Ren San lowered his head and did not say a word.

Mu Yuanhang took a deep look in the direction of Mu Chen’s training room and turned away.

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