Ch9 – Ye Shi’s intentions

After settling down Ye Shi, Chen Da went out to inquire about Mu Chen.

After two hours, Chen Da returned to Ye Shi with a forced smile, “Young master, I have heard clearly… Mu Chen is distinguished in appearance, young and promising, and his father is a third-level alchemist…” 

Ye Shi looked at Chen Da, smiled helplessly, and said, “Uncle Chen, you don’t need to comfort me, I know what kind of person Mu Chen is.
I’ve heard all about it.
It is said that Mu Chen is very lustful and has countless lovers.
However, recently, I heard that he has tightened up a lot, the reason is that he is infatuated with a young man named Zhuang Yu.”

“I heard that this young man named Zhuang Yu is so good-looking that he has attracted countless followers.
Many famous young men are willing to throw thousands of yuan stones for him.
Mu Chen is also one of them.”



Chen Da smiled awkwardly and said, “Young master, you know all about it?”

Ye Shi nodded and said helplessly, “Yes! People are talking about him everywhere in the teahouse, how can I not know about it? I would know even if I didn’t want to.” 

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Lf wluta tjnf mibrfv vbkc ab rfio-gfoifma.“ Jtfc Gj rjlv gfjrreglcuis.


Ye Shi didn’t think so and said, “A leopard can't change its spots, I don’t think he has gone to self-reflect.
Rather, he has no money and he’s ashamed to meet people, so he has gone into hiding.”

Jtfc Gj ibbxfv ja Tf Vtl jcv rjlv, “Tbecu wjrafg, sbe rtbeivc’a yf abb eqrfa.
Tbecu wjrafg Ze Jtfc lr ralii sbecu, wjsyf tf klii yf yfaafg lc j ofk sfjgr.”

Ye Shi bit his lips, a look of uncertainty on his face.


“Uncle Chen, how many yuan stones do we still have in our hands?” Ye Shi asked.

Chen Da said awkwardly, “There are still twenty.” Ye Shi had been driven out of the family, and Ye Xun had never attached much importance to his son.
He had not even given him any money for the journey.

Ye Shi pursed his lips and said, “There are only twenty more! Uncle Chen, go and see which restaurant needs a butcher.”


Chen Da looked at Ye Shi with distress and said, “Young master, no matter what you say, you are still a shuang’er! Thinking about slaughtering pigs and sheep all day long, If people knew, you’d become a laughing stock!” 

Ye Shi disapproved and said, “Apart from this, I don’t know how to do anything else! Besides, it’s quick money and people will even give me some meat if they see me doing a good job.”

After Ye Shi’s mother passed away, Ye Shi’s food quality and quantity deteriorated.
To have enough to eat, Ye Shi often went to the Ye family’s kitchen to work as a helper and get some food on the side.
He has studied in the kitchen for many years and while he has not learned any cooking skills, his knife-handling skills turned superb.

When Chen Da thought of what happened to Ye Shi in the Ye family, he couldn’t help getting angry.
Looking at Ye Shi, Chen Da said helplessly, “Young master, you should eat less.
Nowadays, people like thinner men”

Ye Shi gnashed his teeth and said indignantly, “This is how I look, what can I do?” 

Chen Da said helplessly, “Young master, it is not good for the Mu family to know that you are working as a helper in a restaurant.”

Ye Shi lowered his head and said dejectedly, “If I don’t go to work as a helper, I won’t do anything else either!”

Chen Da looked at Ye Shi and said, “No matter what, let’s go to the Mu family first.”

Ye Shi bit his lip, nodded, and said, “Okay.” 

/petty’s notes: I have read your comments and ‘twin child’ will be changed to shuang’er.
Poor Ye Shi.
I understand you, who can resist meat? (╯•﹏•╰)



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