Madam Wei seemed to be crushed by these words, and suddenly covered her face and began to cry.

    Jiang Lin walked back to Wei Yunzhao, and stretched out three fingers, “The three women are all crying.”

    Jiang Lin didn't show mercy to Madam Wei, he said bluntly: “In addition to cry, Madam Wei, what else do you know? Do you know how to protect your natal family? Or go crazy and strangle your son?”

    Madam Wei shook her head in pain, “I don't want to, I don't want to do this, I'm sorry for Yunqi, I just want to protect him, I never thought of hurting him.”

    “The Gu worms has already penetrated his body, so is it not called harm? Madam Wei, it seems that in your heart, your natal family is better than your own son.”

    Madam Wei cried even more sadly, but was stopped by Wei Yunzhao ruthlessly, and he said: “I don't care if you want to take the blame for the Dong family, I won't stop you.
But if you still have a mother-child love for Yunqi in your heart, Just explain the matter clearly, I want to know what Qinghe County Wangfu, the Dong Family, and you have done!”


    Wei Yunqi jumped off Wei Yunzhao's lap, went to hug Madam Wei's leg, and called out, “Mother.”

    Madam Wei squatted and hugged Wei Yunqi, crying heartbreakingly.

    After crying for a long time, she finally agreed to speak.

    The grievances about the refusal of proposal and the occasional meeting in the temple were almost clear.
What Jiang Rou told her in the temple was to tell her that Wei Yunqi was hit by the child-mother gu.

    She knew that the tranquilizing incense was poisoned, because Jiang Rou ordered her sister-in-law to do it, so that she had to light the incense to sleep every night.
Even if Madam Wei knew that there was something wrong with the incense, she didn’t dare to refuse to listen, because she was afraid that Jiang Rou would hurt herself or Wei Yunqi.

    As for why the Dong family listened to Jiang Rou's orders, it was because Madam Wei's eldest brother, Mr.
Dong wanted to be promoted, and the promotion of this official was in the hands of Qinghe County Wang. Mr.
Dong hadn’t moved his position for many years from the fourth rank.

    The Dong family was a scholarly family, they could read, but couldn't be an official, and the highest in the family had only been the third rank, so the Dong family had never been in the higher position. Now Mr.
Dong was promoted to the fourth rank, and after making some political achievements, he would be able to rise one more rank.
When he became an official in the court, he would be able to rise to another level with the grace of the emperor.
This was all the hope of the Dong family today.

    So the Dong family chose to sacrifice their daughter and their five-years-old grandson.

    Judging from Madam Wei's concealment and worry, she chose to accept and cooperate.

    Madam Wei cried and said sorry to Wei Yunqi.
The child thought his mother was sick again, and he comforted her gently, which made Jiang Lin want to lift the woman up and throw her down twice.

    And Wei Yunzhao stared at Madam Wei for a long time, and he said, “When my father was still alive, he once said to me, no matter what, I should never marry someone from the Dong and Zhou's family again, and my father is right.”


    “I thought mother was just a little weaker, after all, she was born in a scholarly family, and it was understandable that she was not used to the beatings and killings of our military generals, but now it seems that I underestimated mother.”

    Wei Yunzhao ordered Baiji and Baiwei, and let them sent Madam Wei back, “Yunqi will follow me from now on, and I will take care of him personally.”

    Madam Wei hugged Wei Yunqi and refused to let go.
When Baiji and Baiwei pulled her back, she had an attack again, feeling that someone was going to grab her son Wei Yunqi and want to kill him.

    Jiang Lin first carried Wei Yunqi over, and looked at Madam Wei with only disgust, and there was no pity at all.

    Madam Wei was forcibly taken away, Jiang Lin ordered her to be imprisoned and not let her run around in order to avoid accidents.

    After Madam Wei left, Jiang Lin asked Wei Yunwan and her sister to go back first, leaving only Wei Yunjia.

    Wei Yunjia came over and hugged Wei Yunqi, her eyes were red, and she apologized to him, “Yunqi, I'm sorry, it's sister's fault, it's sister who didn't realize that there was something with wrong mother.”

   She beat the ground with her fist in self-blame, “I should be more careful, if I found out earlier, I wouldn't…”

    “Don't worry, everything will be fine.
I can't blame you either, your elder brother and I didn't notice it, how could a little girl think about the things behind this.
Besides, Baishu also said that your mother looks normal during the day, but only at night, and you don't live with her, they deliberately hide it from you, so naturally they won't let you know.”

    Jiang Lin pulled her up and rubbed her head , “With me and your elder brother here, it will be fine, go back and rest.”

    Wei Yunjia nodded, “Then I'll come back tomorrow.”

    Jiang Lin also heaved a long sigh, one after another, it really didn't stop.

    Wei Yunzhao called the Huaijiu brother and sister out, and Jiang Lin carried Wei Yunqi into the room to feed him the spiritual spring water.
He thought to himself, fortunately he still had a golden finger, otherwise, otherwise, he might not be able to handle the series of conspiracies of these people.


    After feeding the water, Jiang Lin didn't know when the Gu worm would come out, and he wasn't sure that he would be able to force out the Gu worm that entered his body.
Gu and poison were somewhat different.

    Jiang Lin began to coax the child, “Baby Yunqi, you are already a big child, don't be afraid if you find bugs crawling out of your body, wrap them up and give them to me or your elder brother.
Some bad people put things in your body to make you sick.
If the bugs crawl out, you’ll be fine.

    Wei Yunqi nodded obediently, and then asked Jiang Lin, “Did my aunt make me sick?”

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