Wei Yunzhao, “Has the Zhou family gone?”

    “Still waiting in the yard.”

    “Then tell her, if you want to come back, come back like when you left before, If you don't want to, I can write the divorce letter on Wei An's behalf, and she will never have anything to do with the Wei family again.”


The two sisters were very calm and didn't have any sad emotions, Jiang Lin asked Baiji and Baiwei to take them back to the yard, and also emphatically told them not to let outsiders bully the family members.

    Hearing Jiang Lin's order, Wei Yunwan turned her head and gave Jiang Lin a grateful glance, it was obvious that the Zhou family was not a good person.

    Jiang Lin sneered, “One or two of them regard themselves as important characters.”

    “Don't get angry, it's just a servant with no eyesight.
It’s easy for her to leave at the beginning, but it may not be easy to come back now,” Wei Yunzhao said, and if Zhou Shi wanted to enter Wei's mansion again, she would have to see if Wei family would let her in.

    Jiang Lin: “I asked Yunjia to talk to the two little girls more, so that they don't think too much.”

    Wei Yunzhao responded, and Jiang Lin pushed him to find Wei Yunjia.

    On the other side of the Zhou family, Zhou Shi was still anxiously waiting for the news from the Wei family.

    The person she sent to Wei's mansion to spread the words was momo next to Zhou Shi’s mother, surnamed Hu.

    As soon as Hu momo entered the door, Zhou Shi rushed up to ask her anxiously, “How is it? Has anyone come from the Wei family? Who did they send?”

    Hu momo face was not very good-looking.
She gave order to Wei Yunwan and Wei Yunxue, and even threatened them to persuade Wei Yunzhao to send someone to Zhou's house to pick up Zhou Shi.
As a result, the two little girls came back and said, let Zhou Shi come back like she left before, and asked if she wanted to talk about divorce.

    She was so angry at that time, when she was about to reprimand these two useless girls, the maid from the Wei family gave her a bad meal first, saying that she didn't know how to be a person because she was old, and she wanted to follow her to Zhou's house to complain, but luckily she ran fast, otherwise she would have to be fined when she returned to Zhou's house.

    Hu momo conveyed the meaning of the Wei family with a gloomy face, and began to fan the flames, “The two young ladies are very favored in the mansion, and the Wei family doesn’t agree to send someone to pick up madam.
I wanted the two young ladies to come back again to intercede, but I was scolded by the two maids in the mansion before I even opened my mouth, and they didn't give the Zhou family face at all, let alone take madam in their eyes.”


Zhou Shi also looked unhappy, “Two heartless white-eyed wolves, I raised them for nothing, thanks to me being so kind to them.”

After Zhou Shi scolded, she went to ask Zhou Shangcheng, “Brother, what should we do now, the Wei family won't come to pick me up.”

    Zhou Shangcheng said coldly with a straight face, “Since they  won't come to pick you up, then you can go back by yourself.” He pointed at the door, “Leave now!”

    Zhou Shi immediately refused, “I don't, I don't want to go by myself, brother, you said at the beginning that you would find a way to make the Wei family to pick me up, I don’t care, I won’t go if the Wei family doesn’t come.”

    “Then get out!”

    Zhou Shangcheng suddenly roared, and everyone in the room was stunned, obviously she didn't expect Zhou Shangcheng to lose his temper suddenly.

    Zhou Shi’s life hadn’t been easy recently, or the entire Zhou family hadn’t had a good time recently, not only because of old madam Wei, the pervert murderer’s mother, came from the Zhou family, but also because Ye Cuixiang said in the court that the Zhou family gave Juesi soup to the dowry maids.

    Plus Zhou Shi who left on the spot and went back to her natal family because she knew her husband was not a man anymore.
Now everyone outside said that the Zhou family was cruel and ruthless.


    The Zhou family had two girls, one was already engaged, and the other was still seeing each other.
As a result, when this happened, the engaged one wanted to withdraw the engagement; .

    The influence was more than that.
Even Zhou Shangcheng's colleagues in the court began to alienate him, saying that the Zhou family was in the same line, and they were afraid of being stabbed in the back by Zhou Shangcheng.

    They saw Zhou Shangcheng was like a plague god, they hid when they saw him.
Zhou Shangcheng now became a joke that made everyone laughed, and when he came home, he had a gloomy and cold face, and the servants in the house didn’t even dare to make a sound.

    What Zhou Shangcheng regretted the most was he shouldn’t so resolute when old madam Wei came to beg to the door.
If he helped to get Wei An out of the prison that day, maybe there would be no future, but the Zhou family wouldn’t be as miserable as it was now.

    But it was too late to regret, the only thing Zhou Shangcheng could do now was to make amends, he would never let his sister get divorce, and let her go back to Wei’s mansion as soon as possible, and told everyone that all of Zhou’s daughter was not like old madam Wei and she was the exception, after all, every family had one or two unfortunate children.

    Since Zhou Shi knew that Wei An had been sentenced to beheaded, she was looking forward to get divorce.
If Wei An was dead, and her aunt probably wouldn't last long in prison. Zhou Shi believed that if she said to get divorce, Wei Yunzhao would definitely not object.
After getting the divorce letter, she would definitely not stay in Wei's mansion to be Wei An’s widow.
After waiting for half a year she could find another good family to marry.

    Zhou Shi thought well, but she didn't expect that what Ye Cuixiang said in the court would have such a big impact on the Zhou family.
The marriage of the two nieces was not good, and the sister-in-law treated her badly, and the nieces also taunted her with yin and yang all day long, and Zhou Shi’s life  in the Zhou family suddenly became difficult.

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