g An raised his head to ask for credit.

    Like a fool, Jiang Lin thought to himself.

    He even wondered if he had the same stupid look when he asked Wei Yunzhao if he was considerate.



    But Jiang Lin quickly dismissed this idea, he couldn’t be this stupid!

    He just so confident.

    Jiang Lin replied perfunctorily, “Well, very smart,” a fool.

    Being praised, Chang An laughed even more stupidly, and he continued: “The old woman came to Wei's mansion after delivering the meal to Nuan Xin today, I guess the second prince asked her to come, so I went back to the mansion first to wait for you, young master.”

    After Chang An finished speaking, Jiang Lin turned his gaze to Wei Yunzhao, “What do you think about this?”

    Wei Yunzhao looked at Chang An, “Chang An, can you still recognize those man who were brought back to the residence by Nuan Xin?”

    Chang An nodded quickly, “Master, I remember, I'm afraid I'm they are Nuan Xin’s accomplice, so I try to remember everyone's appearance firmly.”

    Wei Yunzhao: “Well, go to the gambling shop with Xun Qi and see if you can find those people in the gambling shop.”

    Chang An was a little confused, “Master, do these people also have something to do with the gambling shop?”

    Wei Yunzhao's eyes were deep, “If you can find them, then they are related.

    “Yes,” Chang An responded, calling Xun Qi and the others to walk out the door quickly.

    Jiang Lin turned Wei Yunzhao's wheelchair around and sat face to face with him, “You suspect that the gambling shop real purpose is to make money?”

    Wei Yunzhao shook his head lightly, “I don't know yet, maybe it's not only about making money, wait for them to come back, we will know.”

    Not only to collect money, but there were bigger things, and it had something to do with the second prince.

    Jiang Lin was about to ask Wei Yunzhao what he thought about the Second Prince when the housekeeper came.

    “Eldest young master, young madam, someone from the Zhou family is here, and they said they want to see the two young ladies.”

    Oh, there was also Zhou Shi, who had gone back to her mother's house since she knew that Wei An's life was gone, and he hadn't seen her came back until now.

    Now there were only two little girls left in the fifth room.
Zhou Shi woudn't come back by herself, and there was no one from Wei's mansion to pick her up, so she was just so stiff. Probably because of the news that Nuan Xin came to the door, she was in a hurry and sent someone back to test the Wei family's attitude.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “Since they want to see them, let's them see.


The Zhou family came to see the two sisters on the front foot, and the two sisters Wei Yunxue and Wei Yunwan came to Zhaoyunyuan on the back foot.

    Looking at the two little girls who hesitated, Wei Yunzhao said, “Speak up, everyone is family, no need to be restrained.”

    He didn't recognize Wei An, but he had no problem with the two girls.

    Wei Yunwan gritted her teeth, “Elder brother, someone from the Zhou family said that we should come to elder brother so that elder brother can arrange for someone to go to Zhou's house to pick up mother.”

    “Well,” Wei Yunzhao asked, “What do you two sisters mean?”


The two sisters looked at each other then said: “We all listen to elder brother.”

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