Jiang Lin blocked his raised hand, ” Don't get excited, I have no problem, that's Mrs.
Hou stealing Jiang Jinyue's life, otherwise why would Wei Yunzhao and I become outsiders, Master Hou, am I right?”

Anyang Hou almost slapped Jiang Lin’s face, his beard blew and his eyes were full with anger, “You bastard, what nonsense are you saying, be careful that I tear your mouth apart.”

Jiang Lin said with an innocent face, “Your daughter said that I’m an outsider, I think you have the same thought as her, want to sever ties with me”

    “What is breaking off the relationship, Nizi, you have such a rebellious idea, I must beat you to death today,” Anyang Hou said, looking for something in the room.

    Jiang Lin pulled him, “Why can't you understand people's words? Is that what I think? It's Jiang Jinyue who said it.
Why are you angry with me? Ask her, why did she say that Wei Yunzhao and I become an outsider?”


Anyang Hou looked at Jiang Jinyue, and Jiang Jinyue whimpered and explained that she had spoken quickly and said something wrong.

    “Maybe she accidentally said what is in her heart,” Jiang Lin added.

    “Okay, it's useless to say more, Yue'er, answer daddy truthfully, what is your relationship with the boys from the Cao and Xu families?” Anyang Hou forcibly changed the topic back.

    Jiang Jinyue shook her head, “I don't know, I didn't do anything, Daddy, you believe in daughter.”

    Zhao Qiuru also supported her, “Master Hou, Yue'er hasn't been out since she came back yesterday, she really doesn't know what happened outside, maybe there is some misunderstanding.


Jiang Lin gave an idea, “If you ask someone, you will know.
It’s unbelievable to say that Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling are colluding together, but that Cao Juncai can't be on my side, right?”

Anyang Hou had such an idea.
Just as he was about to ask someone to go to Cao's house to inquire, he was stopped by Zhao Qiuru, “Master Hou, this will affect Yue'er's reputation.
It’s better for fewer people to know about this matter.”

    Jiang Lin thought, that will not be as you wished, and everyone on the street knew about it.

    Anyang Hou was shaken again, and even started to talk to each other, “Okay, if you don't do it, you don't do it.
This is the end of the matter.
You are brother and sister, so you can talk about it every now and then.”

    “You and General Wei…Yunzhao stay and have a meal before going back.” After he finished speaking, he ordered the servants to prepare the meal, and made up his mind not to mention this matter again.

    Jiang Lin agreed and ate happily.

    After eating, Jiang Lin made a condition that he would talk to Jiang Jinyue alone to resolve the conflict, and Anyang Hou of course he agreed.

    Then Jiang Lin took Jiang Jinyue away, and Anyang Hou helped him to stop Zhao Qiuru and the maid who was trying to follow.

    “Jiang Lin, what are you going to do? Let me go, where are you taking me?”


As soon as they left the door, Jiang Lin picked up Jiang Jinyue and walked away.
Jiang Jinyue struggled hard and didn't cooperate.

    Jiang Lin said coldly: “I've said it before, I'll do whatever in the rumors you spread outside.
Jiang Jinyue, since you want me to kill you so much, I'm going to fulfill you,”


Jiang Lin quickened his pace until they reached the kitchen of Houfu.

    Jiang Jinyue was obviously frightened by Jiang Lin's words, and struggled even harder.
Along the way, she sent servants from Houfu to report to her mother, saying that Jiang Lin was going to kill her.

    It was just after lunch, and the leftovers had been poured into the swill bucket.
After Jiang Lin drove the people out of the kitchen, he kindly helped Jiang Jinyue to close the door.

    Jiang Lin: “If you don't make a lot of noise, there will be fewer people who see you in a mess.
If you invite everyone, then the fact that the young lady of Anyang Houfu likes to eat swill will definitely spread throughout Shengjing today! “


After the words fell, Jiang Lin directly pressed Jiang Jinyue's head into the swill bucket, “If you can find a man to come out and pour swill at the door of Wei's mansion, I can put your head into the swill bucket and let you eat enough, Jiang Jinyue, remember, what you did to me and the Wei family, I will return it to you intact, or even double it.”

    Jiang Lin held Jiang Jinyue's head and pressed it down and then pulled it up, and the movements were repeated.


     Jiang Jinyue waving her hand, “Jiang…Jiang Lin…”

    Without saying a few words, a lot of swill spewed out of his nose, which looked disgusting.


    Jiang Lin pushed her down again in disgust, “There are also those rumors outside, you can take it back as you spread it, if I don't hear your confession tomorrow, I will send you to Xu Tianming's bed first.
After he ruined you, and then sent you to Cao Juncai's bed.
Jiang Jinyue, I will do what I say.”

    Jiang Lin didn't get angry, and his tone was very gentle, but Jiang Jinyue felt chills all over her body.

    Jiang Lin pulled Jiang Jinyue up and threw her directly on the ground.
Miss Jiang was covered in swill from her head, her face to her body, and she was in an unprecedented embarrassment.


    If he had to describe it, it would probably be – a picture of a beauty in swill.

    Jiang Jinyue was lying on the ground, looking at Jiang Lin full of hatred, “Why…Jiang Lin, why did you fight against me everywhere, how did I feel sorry for you?”


“This feud was forged a long time ago, not only you, but also your mother, your two brothers, I will settle the debt with all of you slowly.”

    Jiang Lin touched Jiang Jinyue's wound, “You should be glad that Cao Juncai didn't splash sewage water at the door of Wei's mansion, otherwise, you will be in a worse situation.
And, I don't need to clarify the matter of your disfigurement, because it’s true.”

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