Jiang Lin gradually discovered that both the Emperor Changde and the Empress had an unreasonable fear of Wei Yunzhao, and still had the idea of ​​killing him.
He didn't know whether it was Wei Yunzhao himself or the influence caused by the fact that the novel set him as a cannon fodder.

    Their current situation was to truly try hard to live.

    Zhou Chengwang patted Jiang Lin with a complicated expression, as if to comfort him.

    Du Yuling saw Jiang Lin put the food into the food box next to him, and asked, “Are you planning to go out?

    “Hmm,” Jiang Lin turned his head and pointed at Wei Yunzhao, “Our Tuntian Secretary is about to take his post, and we will go to farmhouse outside the city to farm.


Zhou Chengwang blurted out, “You also know how to farm?.” “The young master of the Houfu, he grew up with  gold and silver, he could also farm, and he was not afraid of being laughed at when he spoke out.

    Jiang Lin received strong contempt, and he argued for himself, “I still know to recognize the field.”

    Du Yuling: “…”

    Consciously stable and mature, he didn't make trouble with these two people, but asked Wei Yunzhao if he could let them follow to farmhouse to play.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “As long as the two of you don't think going to farmhouse is boring, it's fine.”


    So the matter was settled, and the two young masters who had nothing to do would follow along to join in the fun.

    It was also a coincidence that when the carriage reached the gate of the city, they ran into Jiang Jinyue who was also about to leave the city.


    “Miss, it's the carriage of the Zhou family and the Wei family, and it looks like they are going out of the city.” The maid opened the curtain and peeped out to recognize the two carriages behind.

    “Wei family…Jiang Lin,” Jiang Jinyue immediately remembered that the system said that Jiang Lin was a new character who would destroy her plan and block her way.
She was in a hurry, and hurriedly urged the coachman, “Hurry up, drive faster, don't let the carriages behind catch up, get rid of them.”


The coachman didn't know what happened to the lady, but the master ordered, and the servants naturally obeyed.

    Later, when Zhou Chengwang saw the carriage speeding up suddenly, he got excited, and he directed the coachman, “Hurry up, catch up, follow closely, I want to see who is in this carriage, they’re so in a hurry maybe to do something shady.

    Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao were in a carriage, but before they knew it, they had already started chasing the carriage.
Seeing that Zhou Chengwang's carriage disappeared in the blink of an eye, he sighed to Wei Yunzhao, “Unexpectedly, the carriage can run so fast after leaving the city.


Xun Qi, who was driving the carriage heard this, and quickly asked, “Young Madam, can the speed be faster?”

Jiang Lin: “Then go after them, don't be too far behind them, they don't know the way.

The three carriages drove fast the road outside Shengjing city one after another, kicking up dust all over the place.

    Unable to get rid of the carriages behind, Jiang Jinyue became more and more anxious.
She asked the system in her mind, “System, did Jiang Lin also go for the grain seeds?”

    System: [After testing, 80% they may have the same purpose as the host. ]

    Jiang Jinyue's hatred surfaced, she would never let Jiang Lin spoil her good deed this time, if Jiang Lin dared to block her way, then don't blame her for being cruel.     


Jiang Jinyue urged the coachman again, “Hurry up, drive faster!”

The coachman reminded, “Miss, you can't go any faster, or something will happen.”

Jiang Jinyue didn't listen to what he said at all, she just kept urging him.

 The coachman had no choice but to speed up, and the whip crackled.

    Zhou Chengwang saw that the carriage in front became faster, and wanted to urge the coachman to hurry up, but was stopped by Du Yuling, “It seems that we are going to the same place, we will run into each other, if the speed is too fast, accidents will happen, don't worry.”

    “Alright, no matter how fast you run, I will definitely catch them,” Zhou Chengwang clenched his fists.

    “Why do you react so strongly to the people of Anyang Houfu?” Du Yuling was a little puzzled.

    “Of course it's because they bullied Jiang Lin.
This family doesn't have good people except Jiang Lin.
Can I still like them?” He had been straight since he was a child.
Anyway, he had always made it clear who he liked and who he didn't like.

    “Could it be that you still think they are good?” Zhou Chengwang asked back.

    Du Yuling shook his head, “I just think that if I don't like them, I don't want to hang out with them, so why bother to provoke them.”

    Zhou Chengwang sat with his legs crossed, “I'm not provoking, I just want to see the excitement,”


 Zhou Chengwang moved closer and lowered his voice and said to Du Yuling, “I suspect that the one in the carriage is Jiang Jinyue.
Who is she coming out to have an affair with?”

    Du Yuling's eyes widened suddenly, unexpectedly, he was quite capable of thinking.

    “Jiang Jinyue likes the crown prince, and she wholeheartedly wants to marry into the East Palace as the crown princess.
It’s impossible to do such a self-destructive thing,” Du Yuling denied.

    “That's hard to say.
Don't forget that there is Xu Tianming.
Jiang Jinyue can seduce more men than Jiang Lin.
Those who she seduces are so desperate for her.
It's not as useless as our Lin'er.
No one really likes him.”

    Du Yuling: “…” For a while, he couldn't tell who he was praising…


    Du Yuling was thinking about how to answer him, and felt that the carriage stopped suddenly.

    “Hey, why did the carriage stop?” Zhou Chengwang reacted faster, directly opened the curtain to ask the coachman, but the coachman didn't answer, Zhou Chengwang jumped out of the car and laughed.

    He also said to Du Yuling, “Hurry up, hurry up, come down and watch the show, hahahaha, you are so ridiculous.”

    When Du Yuling got out of the carriage, he saw the carriage that fell into the field by the side of the road, he saw the carriage that fell into the field by the side of the road, and Jiang Jinyue who fell out of the carriage and was covered in mud.

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