Jiang Lin pinched a handful of rice in his hand, his expression was a little dazed, and he asked, “Wei Yunzhao, is this why you chose the position of Tuntian Secretary?”

Wei Yunzhao's pair of dragon and phoenix subordinates saluted Wei Yunzhao, then took out a money bag and handed it to Wei Yunzhao for a look , Then Wei Yunzhao took out a handful of rice from the money bag…
the dragon and phoenix's subordinates said that the big head had been placed on the farmhouse outside the city, and the rice in the money bag was brought back for Wei Yunzhao's purpose.

    Because it was too late, Wei Yunzhao didn't ask the two of them any more, and seeing that they were not injured, he sent them to rest.

    But he himself was not sleepy, looking at the rice in the money bag.

    Jiang Lin didn't feel sleepy either, mainly because he was too curious.

    Wei Yunzhao explained to him, “This is Xuancheng rice.
Xuancheng is thousands of miles away from Dayue, and you have to go accross the sea to get there.”

    Jiang Lin guessed that this Xuancheng rice was the Champa rice he had heard of.
Champa rice was drought-resistant, early-maturing, and highly adaptable.
It could be planted twice a year in tropical or coastal areas.
In this era of low yield per mu, planted the rice twice a year could greatly increase the rice production.

    “Why did you ask people to find this Xuancheng rice?”

    Wei Yunzhao shook his head lightly, his voice was a bit stunned, “It's not me, it was my grandfather and father who asked people to find it, I just asked people to get it back.”

    “Because the soldiers at the border can’t get enough to eat, and the soldiers on the bloody battlefield can’t get enough to eat, isn’t it a little ridiculous?”

    It was not ridiculous at all, because since ancient times, soldiers’ salaries had been withheld, and the lives of soldiers at the border had been used as tactics to play tricks.
The most common method used by idiots who were in power.

    Jiang Lin knew that a general who was familiar with military books knew these things better than him.


    “So you just find ways to find good seeds by yourself, and want to produce more food to feed the soldiers?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “The court can be ruthless to ignore them, but the generals can't ignore those soldiers who are born and died with us.
If the military pay is too small, they will ask the people for food, and the people can barely make ends meet.
They can’t snatch food from them again, not to mention driving the people into a hurry, the world will be chaotic, and it will be us who are fed by the common people's rations who will put down the chaos.


But if it wasn't for a year disaster, the whole of Daiyue won’t have shortage of food.
It’s just piled up in some people's granaries.
They rather had the food rotten and moldy than take it out to support a group of people who are defending their homes and the country.”

Because they felt that those people would pose a huge threat to them and may take away the power that originally belonged to them at any time.

    The situation would be better when you met a wise king who cared about the people and the soldiers.
When you met a foolish king, most of them would end up with the government forcing the people to rebel. But there were far more corrupt officials than the good ones, and this kind of thing could never be controlled by one person.

    At this time, they had to say thank you to GrandpaWei!

    This rice yielding a thousand catties per mu, could make them full!

    Jiang Lin pinched Wei Yunzhao's face and comforted him kindly, “Although it sounds miserable, you are trying to save them, and you have brought the seeds back now.
The generals of your Wei family are all very good, really.”

    Wei Yunzhao's face hurt a little from being pinched, he silently pushed Jiang Lin's hand away, and said, “You can accompany me out of the city to farmhouse tomorrow, I, Tuntian Secretary, should also take office.”

    Jiang Lin quickly agreed, “No problem!”

    “Then go to bed now and wake up early tomorrow.”

    Woke up early meant woke up early in the morning, but it didn't work out.

    Although there was no one in the Wei family at present, Jiang Lin still had two good brothers.
In order to deliver news to Jiang Lin, the two waited at the gate of Wei's mansion early in the morning, and even scared the concierge who opened the door.


    Zhou Chengwang ate the egg pancake he snatched from Jiang Lin's plate, and said to Jiang Lin with a smile on his face, “This time the empress and the crown prince will lose money by stealing chickens.
Not only did they lose the position as a political adviser, but they also made the emperor unhappy.
Now All the civil and military officials in the court know that the empress is using someone’s life as a bargaining chip to ask for an official position with the courtiers.”

    “The position of Shenzhi Zhengshi has been appointed? Who?” Jiang Lin asked.

    Zhou Chengwang said: “The emperor asked my father to draw up three candidates, and he chose the second prince's group.
My father said that it will be announced this morning.”

    Then he looked at Wei Yunzhao regretfully, and whispered to Jiang Lin in a low voice , “You too, are you insane to use a second-rank official to exchange the life of a beast like Wei An? You don't even look at how many royal relatives and their relatives in the capital with first-rank and second-rank official can be counted with both hands.
As for the current fifth-rank officials of your Wei family, anyone can peel off your skin.”

    “The stepmother in your Houfu is watching you all the time, trying to get back all the losses she has suffered before.
You are in such a miserable situation now, she will definitely not let you go.” Zhou Chengwang was quite worried.

    Jiang Lin shook his head, It’s not that he didn't want to keep it, “It's because he couldn't keep it.
Why do you think the empress dared to let Wei Yunzhao exchange his official position for Wei An's life? Because our empress knows that this position is impossible to really give it to Wei Yunzhao.”

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