As soon as the carriage left, Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao and appeared from the other side.
Looking at the carriage going away, Jiang Lin said, “We've waited until this point.” He didn't expect that he was still a prophet.
She could really go to the palace for her son.

    “So, what is that token?” Jiang Lin asked Wei Yunzhao.

    Wei Yunzhao recently asked Xun Qi to watch old madam Wei's every move, so he knew that Old madam Wei also took out a token from the bottom of the box.

    Wei Yunzhao explained: “In the past, when grandfather was still alive, the emperor gave it to grandmother, so she  have the pass to go to the ladies in the palace.
The favor was too much, I thought grandfather had returned this token a long time ago.”


    If Old madam Wei hadn’t taken it out today, Wei Yunzhao had almost forgotten about it.

    “Then it will be fine to enter the palace.
It depends on which ladies in the palace dares to intervene in this matter.
I hope she will not beg the empress.
“But it would be even more terrifying if you begged the other ladies first and got no results, and then you begged the empreee.


Wei Yunzhao asked Jiang Lin to push him in, and Jiang Lin poked him, “Aren't you worried that she will implicate you and the entire Wei family?”

“The famous emperor and empress won’t kill the nine clans of the Wei family because of an old woman who cares about her son.”


    As long as he could live, it was not too scary.

    With the token, it was very smooth to enter the palace, and Old madam Wei went straight to Changning Palace to ask to see the empress.

    The empress was also very surprised that Old madam Wei could go directly to the palace to ask to see her.
It was only after Qiuxi told her the whole story that she knew how this person came in.

    The empress played with her fingers and smiled, “Then please come in, this is delivered to the door by herself, I will not be polite.”

    After entering the door, Old madam Wei knelt tremblingly and saluted.
As soon as the empress asked why, she began to cry, seeing how miserable it was.

    “Chenfu begs the empress to save chenfu son's life.
Chenfu sons all died in the battle for Dayue, and now there is only one son left.
You can see that they had made great contributions to Dayue.
Pleas save their only brother who is alive now.”


[臣chén: state official or subject in dynastic China; I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign);  妇 fù: woman ]

    “If you can’t become an official, the common people will be the common people.
I just ask the empress to show mercy and make a decree to let master magistrate reduce the 80 hits with the board.
Chenfu beg the empress.”

    The empress looked at Old Madam Wei in disgust, and cursed a fool in her heart.


    Then she showed a troubled expression, “Old lady, it's not that I don't want to help you with this favor, but the harem is not allowed to participate in politics.
Your son is an official of the imperial court.
How to deal with it iss governed by the laws of the imperial court.
I can't interfere with this matter.”

    Old madam Wei began to kowtow again, feeling very sad.

    The empress seemed to be moved by her loving mother, and hesitated for a while before saying: “I can't help you with this matter, but your Wei family can operate on its own, and your grandson is now the second rank of the imperial court appointed by the emperor, as long as he enters the palace to beg the emperor, if he wants to come to the emperor, and for the sake of the contribution of the Wei family had made to the court in the past, the emperor will be lenient.”

    “This palace has also heard about this, these days the old lady were running around, and this Wei An is also Wei Yunzhao's uncle, does he have the heart to watch his elders suffers and be punished without paying any attention to him?”


 Putting unfilial hat on Wei Yunzhao, Old madam Wei felt the same as what the empress thought, Wei Yunzhao was unfilial.

    But fortunately, she was not stupid enough to agree with this on the spot, and begged the empress for help, because she couldn’t order Wei Yunzhao.

    The empress played Tai Chi with Old madam Wei for a long time, and finally gave a promise that if Wei Yunzhao was willing to exchange his second-rank official, she would protect Wei An's life.

    If the second-rank official in Wei Yunzhao was gone, then the Wei family really had nothing.
Old madam Wei knew this, and she couldn't be Wei Yunzhao's master, so she didn't dare to answer this.

    Then the empress said that she couldn't help with this, and Old madam Wei left Changning Hall in a daze.

    But she didn't give up, turned around and went to the palace of other concubines.

    How could other people agree to something that even the empress didn’t dare to agree, not to mention that it was a matter of the court, and they were not stupid.

    In the end, when it got dark, Old madam Wei was so weak that she couldn't stand up, and no one answered her, she cried all the way out of the palace with infinite regret.

    The token was also confiscated, and she would no longer be able to enter and leave the harem with the token at will.

    As soon as she got back, Old madam Wei had a high fever, and she kept talking nonsense in her dream, either begging for help for Wei An or telling An'er not to die.

    Just when everyone thought she would just fall down like this, she woke up early the next morning by herself, and then went to Wei Yunzhao, begging Wei Yunzhao to agree to the empress’ conditions, resigned from his position to save Wei An from those 80 hits.

    Wei Yunzhao looked at her for a while, seeing that Old madam Wei could hardly maintain her guilty conscience, so Wei Yunzhao opened his mouth, “Okay, since grandmother wants to sacrifice the entire Wei family to save your son, I will help you too.”

    “But Grandmother, remember, from today onwards, the Wei family have nothing to do with you or Wei An.”

    Old madam Wei opened her mouth, and it took a long time before she made a sound, “Okay, okay…”

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