Zhou Shi was very wronged, “Can’t I get angry?, Wei An, that useless thing can't even keep his own life, so what should I do?” 

    Zhou Shangcheng was about to reprimand Zhou Shi, when his servants came to report again, “Master, master’s aunt is here, she knock the door outside, do we need to open the door?”

    Old madam Wei came in a carriage, and she was much faster than Zhou Shi, so there was not much difference time between the two of them.

    It was her that Zhou Shangcheng was guarding against, and immediately said: “Don't open, no one is allowed to open the door without my order.”


After the servants retreated, Zhou Shangcheng said to Zhou Shi: “You should stay at home for a few days and wait for this matter to calm.
I'll find a way to let Wei An pick you up in person.”

    Zhou Shi reluctantly agreed, and then turned to complain to her own mother.

    Outside the Zhou's house, Old madam Wei and Ye momo kept calling at the gate.
This was completely different from old madam Wei’s imagination.
She thought that her natal family would happily welcome her in, and waited for her to ask her nephew to intercede to let Yamen release An'er, the nephew would agree without hesitation.

    She also thought that Zhou's family would be unwilling or unable to help.
Such a thought flashed through her mind, but she quickly denied it.

    After all, she didn't need to come to the door for many things in the past, as long as a servant was sent to the Zhou family to talk about it, they would take care of it properly for her.


    The situation that she couldn't even get in the gate was completely unexpected to her, or she didn't even consider this possibility in her heart.

    After patting on the door for a long time, her hands were tired and her voice became hoarse, but the people in Zhou's family didn’t seem to hear it at all, and they had no intention to open the door at all.

    “Old lady, go back to the carriage and rest for a while, maybe they don’t hear you or they are busy, we will come back later.”

    Ye momo reached out to help her, but Old Lady Wei shook her off.

    This was just an excuse, the door gate of a big family was guarded by a gatekeeper, how could they not hear it or be busy, but the master ordered not to open the door.

    “Call, keep calling.
You must call until the door opens today.
I don't believe that this door is going to stay closed for a whole day!”

    Not only let Ye Momo call, but also let the coachman and the little maid call together.
The heart wanted to enter the door.

    Ye Momo persuaded worriedly, “Old lady, I'm afraid it's not good.
Passers-by will see it as a joke.
If Master Zhou and the others are upset by it, it's not easy for the old lady to ask them for help to save the fifth master.”


    As soon as Wei An was mentioned, Old madam Wei calmed down a lot, she stared at the door feeling dissatisfied, “Then go back to the carriage and rest for a while, I will wait in the carriage until they open the door!”

    As a result she waited until it was dark, and there was a curfew, so she had to go back to the Wei’s Mansion, and the gate of the Zhou family had never been opened.

    Old madam Wei said nothing when she went back, she was exhausted, but more of a fire in her heart.

    She scolded all the way, “White-eyed wolves, a group of white-eyed wolves, when the old man was here, none of them didn’t try to please me.
It's been so long, and I can't even get in the door gate when I go back to my mother's house.
It's so ridiculous!” “

    “Don't open the door, right? I don't have to beg from the Zhou family.
I will remember this.
When someone from the Zhou family begs me in the future, let's see!”

    Ye momo remained silent.
Let Old madam Wei scold, it must be better to vent out this anger, otherwise it was easy to get frustrated.

    As for those things that were still unclear until now, she knows it was useless to say them, not to mention she didn't want to remind her.

    Even though she was tired all over, for the sake of her precious son, Old madam Wei was full of energy, and she didn't seem like the one who passed out by anger during the day.

    After entering the gate of Wei's mansion, she didn't stop, and went straight to Zhaoyunyuan, trying to find Wei Yunzhao to find a way to rescue Wei An.

    However, she was stopped by Wei Yunjia at the gate of the courtyard.
Old madam Wei didn't like this granddaughter very much, and now she blocked her way again.
She didn't show a good face, “Get out!”

    Wei Yunjia didn't move, the people she led blocked the door tightly, never giving Old madam Wei a chance to get in.

    Wei Yunjia looked at Old madam Wei and said, “Grandmother just came back from the Zhou family.
When grandmother mentioned the Zhou family, eight out of the ten sentences were full of boasting, and you wanted to marry your grandniece to elder brother.
That's great, the Zhou family will definitely help grandma to rescue your most beloved son.”

    “It's getting late now, so grandmother shouldn't bother elder brother and sister-in-law to rest, anyway elder brother doesn't have the ability to fish fifth uncle out of the yamen, Grandmother, am I right?”

    Wei Yunjia's words went straight to old madam Wei's heart, and old madam Wei's was short of breath, and she glared at Wei Yunjia angrily, “Get out of here, I'm your grandmother, what am I going to do it's not your turn to speak as a junior.”

    Old madam Wei reached out to grab Wei Yunjia as she spoke, and Wei Yunjia avoided her outstretched hand, “Since it's not my turn to speak, then why did grandmother come to see elder brother? He is also a junior, and he is also not qualified to speak in front of grandmother, grandmother, please let elder brother go.”


    “Shut up!” Old madam Wei raised her voice and told the people around her, “What are you still doing?, why don't you give pull her away for me quickly?”

    As soon as Ye momo stretched out her hand, Wei Yunjia laughed, “Grandmother, who do you think is more important in my brother's heart, my fifth uncle or me?”

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