When they went upstairs, they saw a man in a black robe and a mask.
The man obviously saw the way Wei Yunzhao went upstairs, so the first thing he said was: “Mrs.
Wei is a real hero.”

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao to the opposite side of the man, and cupped his fists at him, ” You over-praise me, I should be able to fight like you.

Wei Yunzhao found that his wife was taking a path that he was ready to do at any time.

    The man chuckled twice, and his voice was nice.

    Jiang Lin said casually, “You can't meet people with this face, but your voice is not bad.
God still treats you kindly.”


The man's laughter became more obvious, “Master Jiang is really an interesting person, why didn't I find out before?”

    Then he said to Wei Yunzhao: “Mr.
Wei, your wife praised me for having a good voice.
Is Mr.
Wei jealous?” Obviously sowing discord.

    Wei Yunzhao reacted lightly, “It's okay, he also praised Ah Huang's voice as loud and pleasant.”


The man in black robe paused, “I don't know who this Ah Huang is?”

    Even Jiang Lin himself didn't know when there was an extra Ah Huang.

    Wei Yunzhao: “It's the puppy in the mansion.”

    “Pfft~” This was calling the man in black robe like a puppy, Jiang Lin accidentally laughed out loud, and successfully attracted the attention of the people present.

    Jiang Lin quickly waved his hands, “Leave me alone, you continue.”

    The black-robed man was not angry when Wei Yunzhao scolded him, but asked Wei Yunzhao, “Mr.
Wei came here today to redeem your fifth uncle?”

    Wei Yunzhao shook his head, “No, I came to you to bet.”

    “Oh, I don't know what Mr.
Wei wants to bet on?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “Anything is fine, I only have one condition, if I win, you break Wei'an's legs.”

    Indifferent and calm, he said lightly the cruel and unexpected words.

    The black-robed man was only surprised for a moment, and then said in a fixed voice: “Mr.
Wei is worthy of being a general who can win battles at a young age.
He has courage.
I will accept this.”

    He stretched out his hand to the table next to him, “Please!”

    Winning or losing is determined in one game, just bet on size.

    Jiang Lin really wanted Wei Yunzhao to win, and the man didn't mention the conditions for Wei Yunzhao's loss, so Jiang Lin rolled up his sleeves and offered, “How about I come?”


He was good at gambling, and Jiang Lin had sharp ears and good hearing, so if he wanted to win, he had a great chance of winning.

    Wei Yunzhao refused, “I'll do it.”

    The two each held a bamboo tube containing five dice and shook them, then opened them to see the size of each other's points.

    Then, just like the arrangement, Wei Yunzhao had five six, and the black-robed man had four six and one five, just a little less.

    Jiang Lin looked at the man in black robe, “I didn't expect you to want Wei An's legs so much.” Jiang Lin now understood which Wei An’s legs Wei Yunzhao wanted to cut off.

    Jiang Lin clicked his tongue twice and sighed, “Your hobbies are really special.”

    The black-robed man said, “Mr.
Wei owes me a favor.
It's not a loss.”

    Wei Yunzhao didn't refute this, and told the black-robed man to let him break Wei'an's penis and a leg.

    The man in the black robe: “…” I still overestimated the affection between your uncle and nephew.

    He also understood what Jiang Lin said.

    Seeing that there was nothing else to do, Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao to the top of the stairs, and lifted him and the wheelchair down the stairs again.

    The man in black watched the two left, his lips slightly curled up under the mask, he felt that this matter would be more interesting than he imagined.

    After leaving the gambling shop, Wei Yunzhao didn't get into the carriage and asked Jiang Lin to push him around the street.

    Jiang Lin said: “I didn't expect you to be so determined that you personally came to have Wei An abolished.”

    Wei Yunzhao said: “I may have killed more people on the battlefield than you have ever known.
I’m not a kind-hearted person,” otherwise he would have died countless times.

    “That's different…”

    Wei Yunzhao said, “It's not different.
It's all about life and death.
If Wei An is allowed to continue jumping around, the Wei family will be implicated by him sooner or later, and the century-old family will be ruined.”

    “That's right.” Jiang Lin thought, after all, Wei An was the breakthrough point to deal with the Wei family.

    “Then what about your grandmother and how are you going to explain it?”

    Wei Yunzhao pointed Jiang Lin at one direction, “On the left, it doesn't have to be me, someone will explain it to her.”

    Jiang Lin was not in a hurry, anyway, he would have an answer soon , but he looked at the direction Wei Yunzhao pointed him, “What are you going to do in the west Market?”

    West Market was the place with the largest number of people in Shengjing.
There were all kinds of people here.
It was also the place with the most complete things and the best place to do business, because people could buy everything here.

    Wei Yunzhao didn't answer, but directed Jiang Lin to push him to a stall selling puppies, and then chose two puppies, one yellow and one white.

    Wei Yunzhao called Ah Huang to the yellow puppy.

    Jiang Lin: “???”

    Wei Yunzhao explained, “People can't be dishonest in their words, even if I said that there is a dog named Ah Huang in the mansion, I can't lie.”

    Jiang Lin: “…” Is it that bad to be untrustworthy?

    Also, is it not considered a lie to lie first and then go back?

    Jiang Lin: “…So after I go back, do I still have to praise its loud and pleasant voice?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “It should be.”

    Wei Yunzhao touched the other white puppy again, and said: “Just called this one Xiaobai, and the voice is clear and nice.”

    Jiang Lin: “…Okay, I’ll remember.”

    If there was a chance, he wanted to introduce these two puppies to the gambling shop owner, and he had an intuition that the other party should like Xiaobai more. Whiter, who made their voices sound good~

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