Jiang Lin was still a little confused.
He felt that he had missed a link.
Wei Yunzhao obviously didn't have the time to explain it to him at the moment, so Jiang Lin turned his attention to Xun Qi who was the door god.

    Occasionally, Xun Qi winked when his mind went online, and immediately leaned into Jiang Lin's ear and whispered a few words.

    “The old lady couldn't come up with one hundred thousand taels of silver, so she sent someone to discuss with the people in the gambling shop if they could redeem Wei An in other ways.
The people in the gambling shop refused, so the old lady proposed to replace Wei An with someone else to be puished.
 From you, young lady, to several madams and ladies in the house, she called all your names, including the young master.


Jiang Lin understood, and exchanged the legs of other people for Wei An's

    “Oh, Wei An is gone,” Jiang Lin said coolly.

    He didn't know what Wei Yunzhao said to old madam Wei, but Old madam Wei begged Jiang Lin, “Jiang Lin, Yunzhao's wife, grandmother asks you to help me, you can lend 150,000 taels of silver to grandmother to redeem your fifth uncle first.”

    “Since you entered the Wei family, grandmother never begged you for anything.
This time, I beg you as a grandmother.
You followed Yunzhao.
The fifth is also your uncle.
You help me, grandmother knows you have a lot of dowry, and you have money.”

    Jiang Lin: “…”

    He said to Weiyunzhao, “I'm sorry, but I still underestimated your grandmother’s face.”

    Wei Yunzhao stared at her coldly, he probably had the same idea as Jiang Lin.

    “Old Madam Wei, this is the first time you call me by my name in such a serious manner.
If you didn't call me that today, I thought you always thought I was a vixen, a funeral star~” Jiang Lin smiled sweetly to old Madam Wei.

    There was a crack in the gentleness on old madam Wei's face, but she still said: ” Grandmother was wrong before, and grandmother can compensate you.
As long as you are willing to lend money to redeem your fifth uncle, you can ask me to do anything, even if it’s my life.”


    Jiang Lin quickly shook his head, “Don't dare, how dare I ask the old lady's life to make you pay for it? I didn't do anything and you can exchange my leg for your son's leg, if I really have any idea, I'm afraid my grave will be eight feet high by the time next year.”

    Jiang Lin made a gesture of invitation, “Old lady, I'm still the same with my previous attitude, my dowry, even if I’m in a dead end, I will not take a coin to redeem your son, please go back and collect the money yourself, who knows if the next time it won’t be a leg only?”

    Jiang Lin refused, old madam Wei couldn't pretend anymore, she cast her bitter eyes on Jiang Lin, “My son's behavior is all caused by you, the loser.
If something happens to my son, I will let you pay for it with your life!”

    Jiang Lin sighing, with a helpless look, “Actually, I was already thinking about whether to take out some silver.
After all, I’m such a kind person, but old lady, you changed your face too quickly.
You still want my life, so there will no silver this time.”

    “Old lady, don't talk about three good things and two bad things, your son is cut into four or five pieces, and it’s all caused by you as a mother, who made you so vicious and want me to die?”

    Jiang Lin's words were harmless to humans and animals, but Old madam Wei almost couldn't bear with what he said.
She fell backwards and almost fainted on the spot.

    “Old lady, don't pass out.
You don't know yet.
All the officials in Shengjing know about your son playing with  prostitute and gambling in the gambling shop.
Probably even the emperor knows about it.
You have to think about it, after your son is redeemed, how will you deal with the imperial court? After all, it’s against the laws of Dayue for an official to play with prostitutes and gambling.”

    Old madam Wei couldn't bear it this time, she rolled her eyes and was really passed out.

    The people serving around her were in a mess, carrying people back in a hurry, and yelling again and again to call for a doctor.

    Jiang Lin blinked at Wei Yunzhao innocently, “What should I do?, grandmother will say that I’m not filial when she wakes up, and she will scold me.”

    Wei Yunzhao pursed his lips and smiled lightly, and tapped the tip of Jiang Lin's nose, “Well, I will protect you.”

    Jiang Lin clicked his tongue and pushed him outside, “You can't even stand up with this leg, I can beat two people.”


Wei Yunzhao was quite easy to talk to, “Then it's your turn to protect me.”

“What's the matter? Do you think I'm Xun Qi?”

 “You are smarter than Xun Qi.”

“The two of them bickered all the way out, and Xun Qi, who was implicated, felt that he sacrificed too much for the general to make the young madam happy.

 “Let's make a bet, bet big or small?”     “

    Big, big, big, big!”

It was lively and overcrowded, and you had to fight with people when you walked inside.

    Jiang Lin simply stopped at the door and asked Wei Yunzhao, “Should we go in to gamble or meet their boss?”

    Wei Yunzhao threw a piece of silver to the thug at the door, and said, “Go tell your boss, someone wants to see him, he knows who I am.”

   The thug held a piece of grass in his mouth, looked at Wei Yunzhao, then shook his head and said it was a pity, then turned and left.

    The two didn't wait long, and the thug came back and led them upstairs.

    Jiang Lin didn't carry Wei Yunzhao on his back, he directly lifted the wheelchair together with the person, and walked upstairs just like that.


    Not to mention the thug's reaction, even Wei Yunzhao was in a complicated state of mind, and he didn't know what to say for a while.

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