“After the fifth master lost, he realized that he was cheated and wanted to run away, and then he was detained by the people in the gambling shop.
And the people in the gambling shop sent a letter to Wei's mansion, and I met the people from the gambling shop at the door and brought the letter back.”

    Xun Qi passed the letter to Wei Yunzhao to read.

    Jiang Lin also stood beside Wei Yunzhao, and saw the letter: One hundred thousand taels to exchange for a leg.

    Wei Yunzhao returned the letter to Xun Qi, “Send it to grandmother, let her raise the money herself.”

    Xun Qi: “General, the old lady will not be able to give so much.
Send it over and she will come to find you soon, General.”

    “Then you tell her that Wei An is not my son, I don't feel bad.”

    Xun Qi took the letter and left.

    Jiang Lin dragged the chair to Wei Yunzhao's side, and looked at him with his chin propped up, “Wei Yunzhao, you are so miserable.”

    Wei Yunzhao looked indifferent, “It's a good thing, at least going to the Wei’s mansion will be much more peaceful.”

    Jiang Lin: “So Have you already decided which leg to cut off?”

    Wei Yunzhao asked back: “Why only one?”

    “Your grandmother will hate you to death, but whose handwriting is this?”

    Wei's female family members didn’t go out, Wei Yunzhao was also a family man now, the ineffective Wei An was the best target, he also like to go to brothel and gambling shop, obviously they used Wei An to deal with the Wei family.

    Whose handwriting, there were many people who wanted him to die, and there were also many people who wanted to win him over.
Wei Yunzhao didn't know whose handwriting, “No matter who it is, we will know.”

    Old madam Wei still found them , she went to Zhaoyunyuan in the rain with a cane, and when she saw Wei Yunzhao, she said, “Yunzhao, you must save your fifth uncle, you only have such an uncle, you can't sit idly by, just…
just for the sake of your grandmother.”

    Wei Yunzhao was expressionless, “Grandmother wants to say, you only have one son, right?”

    Old madam Wei insisted on linking Wei An with Wei Yunzhao, “That's your uncle, he is your father's younger brother, do you have the heart to see him have an accident?”

    “Grandmother, why did he have an accident?” Wei Yunzhao looked at Old madam Wei firmly.

    “Someone hurt him.
Someone didn't like our Wei family.
Your fifth uncle is useless, but he has never done anything ridiculous, he has pure mind.
Someone must have deliberately troubled him so everything will be like this, Yunzhao, you…”



    Jiang Lin couldn't help laughing when he heard the words pure mind.

    As soon as he made a movement, he successfully attracted the firepower.
Old madam Wei glared, and pointed at Jiang Lin with her cane, “It's him, it's all him, the mourning star of the family, and we have been in trouble since he entered the Wei’s mansion.
He killed your fifth uncle.”

    “Yunzhao, listen to your grandmother, you divorce him, as long as you divorce him, everything will be fine.”

    Jiang Lin poked Wei Yunzhao's shoulder, “You heard what your grandmother said, divorce me, give the divorce letter to me quickly, this young master is just going to live a chic life.”

    Wei Yunzhao had no choice but to grab Jiang Lin's hand and hold it in the palm of his hand, not to let him make trouble.

    “Grandmother, do you believe it when you say it? You raised your son yourself, and you know what he will do.
Whether it’s absurd or not, it’s because the Wei family no longer has a famous general in Dayue, without the emperor's favor, the things that were not absurd to you in the past have become absurd now, it seems that grandmother still hasn't realized that there is no one in the Wei family now.”

    “I can't protect your useless son.”

    Old madam Wei obviously couldn't accept this fact, “I knew that you are fascinated by this vixen, and you didn't even care about your own uncle.
Well, since you don't recognize the fifth as an uncle, then from now on, don't call me grandmother!”

    Old madam Wei walked away angrily leaning on her cane, and they could vaguely heard her cursing Jiang Lin.     


Jiang Lin felt that he was too innocent, and then said to Wei Yunzhao: “This old lady has been in charge of the family for so many years, and your Wei family hasn’t collapsed, which means that the men in your family really know how to fight.”

In the past, the Wei family was valued by the emperor, and the courtiers wouldn’t recruit at will.
Old madam Wei would no longer be in charge of the family to raise her son, and nothing major would happen.

    Now, even if the Pingyang fallen tiger was bullied by dogs, anyone could step on it.

    Xun Qi entered the door, “General, I told the old lady as you ordered, and she scolded the young madam on the spot.
General, the old lady is too confused now.”

    Well, he didn't need to say that, Jiang Lin, Wei Yun Zhao also agreed.

    He said: “You still go to the gambling shop to watch, and report back immediately if there is any change.”

    Jiang Lin also called Chang An and asked him to watch Nuan Xin, this was a key person, and he could also confirm that the gambling shop and Shuiyue Pavilion must have something to do with it.

    Jiang Lin looked back at his unfinished scripts, and felt that the third one could be “How a Top-notch Mother Raises a Useless Son”, and he thought it would be profitable.

    Wei Yunzhao never let go of Jiang Lin's hand, he watched the rain gradually falling outside the door, “Talk to me.”

    Depressed, Wei Yunzhao expressed a little sadness.

    Jiang Lin shook his hand, “Wei Yunzhao, you are taking advantage of me again.”

    Wei Yunzhao let go of him, and then handed his hand to Jiang Lin, “Then you take it back.”

    Thinking about it, he added: “Or you can touch other places if you want.”

    Jiang Lin accidentally thought a little too much, and his eyes fell on the position between his legs…
a little higher, his ears were slightly red, “Where is the other place?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “As long as you want, I can do it.”

    Jiang Lin: “…” Touching the abdominal muscles shouldn’t be harmonious…


[被和谐 bèi hé xié: to be “harmonized” i.e.
censored (Refers to non-compliance, violation of rules)]

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