When Jiang Lin was hesitating whether to go and get the silver back, Wei Yunzhao waved to Jiang Lin, “Come here.”

    After the shock, Jiang Lin saw that the bugs had calmed down a lot, “What's the matter, you got up in the middle of the night and playing with the bugs?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “Suddenly remembered a past event, so I got up to verify my guess, and now it seems that I guessed right.”

    Wei Yunzhao pointed to the bugs in the bamboo tube, “The name of this bug is blood bone worm.
it enters the human body, eats human blood, and in the end the blood is exhausted and the person dies.”


Jiang Lin asked, “What does that have to do with bones?”

    “People are dead, but the worms are not dead.
After the burial, the blood bone worms can't come out, so they start to live on the human flesh until there are only bones left.
These blood bone worms will start to kill each other, and the final Gu king will be determined.
The Gu king is sealed in the coffin.
If no one opens the coffin to take the Gu king out, the Gu king will sleep forever.
If someone opens the coffin to take out the Gu king, the Gu king will have thousands of descendants after awakening with a drop of blood, just like what we saw in the daytime.
It starts with blood and ends with bones, so it’s called a blood bone worm.”


He had to say, thousands of descendants was a very apt description.

    At the same time, Jiang Lin also remembered something.
At the end of the original book, the empress killed the sixth prince Yue Heng with the blood bone worm.

    Yue Heng, the biggest villain in the book, compared to cannon fodder like him and Wei Yunzhao, Yue Heng had a lot of scenes in the later stage, but he was a tragic character who admitted a thief as his mother, he was deceived and used, and even the heroine was close to him with purpose. In the end, when he was one step away from the throne, the heroine threatened him with her life, Yue Heng relented and gave up the throne to the crown prince, and finally died tragically in the hands of the queen.

    This blood bone worm only appeared twice in the book, once it was used on Yue Heng's mother, once it was used on Yue Heng's body, and it killed two people.

    The candlelight was dim, and Jiang Lin's eyes were dimly lit, “So, Wei Yunzhao, what kind of secret are you hiding, it's worth the empress to use something like this to deal with you.”

    Wei Yunzhao's deep voice sounded, “You should ask what kind of secret they are hiding, trying to put me to death.”

    Jiang Lin: “Both of them want to kill you?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “There is no difference between the two,” they both wanted him to die.

    Jiang Lin spread his hands, “Okay, what are you going to do?”

    Wei Yunzhao didn't answer, but just stared at the bamboo tube, Jiang Lin could clearly see the coldness on his face in the light of the candle.

    The next day, it started to rain lightly, and Jiang Lin was writing his anecdote of the secret of Houfu in his study.

    On the second day of the flower viewing banquet, Jiang Lin, Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling met again.
After reading the first half of the volume, the two felt that Jiang Lin's story had a lot to offer.

    The two said that Jiang Lin was the only one in Dayue who dared to write about his own father like this, and Jiang Lin was the only one who dared to write out the shameless secrets of Houfu as a script for others to read. They decided on the spot to spend money to find someone to print a few hundred copies first, and then quietly sold them to those rich men at the price of ten taels of silver a copy.

    And Jiang Lin only needed to write out the follow-up.

    Jiang Lin didn't feel that the money was a bad thing at all, and actively expressed that he could pick out Jiang Jinyue's role in it and wrote another book called “The Story of the Black Hearted Heroine”.

    Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling didn't like Jiang Jinyue either, they felt that this eldest lady was too fake and liked to put on airs, so of course they had no objection.

    Therefore, as soon as Jiang Lin had time, he would start his own great business of writing, but today he only took the pen and wrote a few lines, and Xun Qi suddenly broke in from the outside, “General, young madam, something happened.”

    Wei Yunzhao was also reading in the study, hearing Xun Qi's words, the two looked up at the same time, Wei Yunzhao asked, “What's the matter?

    “It's the fifth master.
He loses in the gambling shop, if he doesn’t give any money, the people in the gambling shop will break his leg.” Xun Qi had been following Wei An and the brothel girl named Nuan Xin for the past two days.
She would go to Shuiyue Pavilion every day, and she was very close to the gangsters who lived in the streets.
It didn't look like she wanted to go to Wei's house and lived a good life with Wei An

    Before Xun Qi had time to find out what Nuan Xin was doing with these people, he first discovered that Wei An would go to the gambling shop after he came out of the brothel. The imperial court allowed the opening of gambling houses, but officials were not allowed to go to the gambling shop.
Wei An was involved in both.

    Early this morning, Xun Qi followed Wei An out of the mansion, and he followed Wei An all the way to the gambling shop, seeing Wei An lost one after another with red eyes. When he asked for credit, a croupier came to the gambling house and said to play a big game with him, and Wei An won, and the gambling house returned all the money he had exported earlier, and if he lost, he would give a leg.

    Wei An, who wanted to stand up, almost agreed without thinking.

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