“My face!!!”

    Early in the morning, there was a shrill and ugly scream from Anyang Houfu.

    “My face, how did my face become like this?” Jiang Jinyue looked at herself in the mirror in disbelief, she cried and shook her head, “Impossible, it's not me,” This broken faced person absolutely not her, it couldn't be her!

    Yesterday she was choked by Jiang Lin and her throat was hurt.
After one night, she could talk at most, but her voice was hoarse and unpleasant, and her throat still hurt when she spoke.

    But Jiang Jinyue didn't care about these things, no matter how ugly her voice was, it was not as important as her disfigured face.

    The serving maid kept calling her, “Miss, miss, don't worry, I've already gone to invite the doctor, and it will be fine soon.”

    The maid grabbed her hand that was trying to scratch her face, “Miss, don't scratch it, it will leave scars.”


“It's itchy, it's so itchy,” Jiang Jinyue was irritable, her heart was still very angry, her face was full of pustules and they couldn't see her expression, but her eyes were red as if they were hiding fire, which might erupt at any time.

    Jiang Jinyue clenched her fists and said viciously, “It's Jiang Lin, that bitch Jiang Lin must be the one who harm me.”

    She pushed the maid closest to her, “Go to Wei's mansion quickly, and call that bitch Jiang Lin for me, he is the one who tampered with my face, he must know how to fix it, hurry up!”

    Jiang Lin just dislocated her hand yesterday, and asked the doctor to repair it back when she came back, and then she could recuperate.

    After hearing what the doctor said yesterday, Jiang Jinyue knew that Jiang Lin wouldn’t let her go so easily.
Jiang Lin said that he would make her a cripple for the rest of her life, and he would definitely attack her again.

    Jiang Jinyue looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn't be more sure, this must be Jiang Lin's handwriting, he was taking revenge on her, for what she did to him and Wei Yunjia yesterday.     


After Jiang Jinyue yelled, seeing that the maid didn't move, she slapped the maid on the face with her hands, “You maid, can’t I order you?”

The servant girl was obviously stunned for a moment, then she hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy, “Miss, I know I'm wrong, I'm going to invite someone now.


    The servant girl wanted to get up after she finished speaking, but Jiang Jinyue held her still, “You have a pretty face,”

Jiang Jinyue pulled the corners of her mouth into a frightening smile, “If you can't invite that bitch, just be careful with your face.” Jiang Jinyue ran her fingers across the maid's face, and then poked it with her nails, “If it breaks, it won't look good.”

The maid subconsciously shrank back, feeling fearful, and the young lady seemed to have changed completely.
Generally, the temper was bigger than before, and the heart was more cruel.

    The servant girl repeatedly assured, “Miss, don't worry, I will definitely invite him.
If he doesn't come, I will stand guard at the door of Wei's house.
Miss, I will go right away.”


The servant girl hurriedly got up and ran out in a hurry , and bumped into Zhao Qiuru at the door, Zhao Qiuru was displeased and said: “What are you doing in a hurry, you walk without eyes?”

    The maid immediately knelt down again, “Miss asked the servant to go to Wei's house to invite the young master back.
The young lady has something growing on her face, and she said that the young master can solve it.”

    Zhao Qiuru came here in a hurry when she heard Jiang Jinyue's scream, and when she heard that she couldn't care about the maid anymore, she walked in and asked Jiang Jinyue, “My dear daughter, what's the matter, what happened?”

    Jiang Jinyue turned her head to look at the door when she heard the voice, Zhao Qiuru was taken aback by her pustules-covered face, “This…what's going on?”

    She wanted to go in before, but a little scared, Jiang Jinyue rushed towards her aggrievedly, hugged Zhao Qiuru, and started crying, “Mother, I’m disfigured, mother, I don't want to be disfigured, I don't want to be like this ghost, you must help me find a way.”

    Zhao Qiuru hesitated for a moment, but reached out and patted Jiang Jinyue on the back, “Don't worry, mother will help you to find a way, mother will find a doctor, and you will definitely return to your original appearance.”

    Zhao Qiuru hugged Jiang Jinyue to comfort her for a while, and then heard her saying that it must be Jiang Lin's hands and feet, and her face was not very good-looking.

    What happened at the gate of Qinghe Wangfu yesterday had been spread throughout Shengjing.
She and her daughter were completely humiliated, and even the Zhao family had been affected.

    It was getting dark yesterday, and the sister in law was sent to spread the word, telling her to deal with this matter well, and if it was rumored that the Zhao family was a thief eating their daughter's soft food, they would turn their faces.

    And Master Hou, after his daughter suffered such grievances yesterday, he didn't even look at her, he just got angry at her, and warned her to send the dowry to Wei's house immediately, or get out of Anyang Houfu.

    Everyone was pushing her, and now her daughter's face had become like this, beside the anger that had nowhere to vent, Zhao Qiuru also felt aggrieved, but no one listened to her grievance.

    As soon as she comforted Jiang Jinyue, she heard her say: “Mother, return those things to Jiang Lin.
His Highness the Crown Prince was already dissatisfied with me yesterday.
If Jiang Lin makes trouble again, I'm afraid His Highness will…”

    “No,” said Zhao Qiuru, she refused without even thinking about it, “I won’t pay back the dowry.”

    “Mother,” Jiang Jinyue was unhappy, “Now that this has happened, if you don't pay back the dowry, how will you go out to meet people in the future? How can your daughter go out to meet people, not to mention my current face, what if only Jiang Lin can cure me, mother, do you think I will live my whole life with such a face?”

    “Then the daughter is not married yet, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince won’t even fall in love with the daughter, mother, are you really so cruel to your daughter?”

    This face was really unbearable, Zhao Qiuru looked at Jiang Jinyue's collarbone, where there was the same red pustule.
She pulled her clothes off with force, almost fainting.

    And Jiang Jinyue also saw it, the pustule on her arm was bigger than her face, because she was focused on her face before, and her body was not painful, so she didn't notice that she had it on her body, this time Jiang Jinyue completely broke down and cried loudly, it was heart-piercing, heartbreaking.

    Zhao Qiuru opened her mouth to comfort her daughter, but she couldn't make a sound for a long time.
Jiang Lin was really ruthless, this was to completely destroy her daughter.

    They didn't know how long it took, Jiang Jinyue, whose throat was still hurt, couldn't cry anymore, Zhao Qiuru clenched the handkerchief in her hand, closed her eyes, and said compromisingly, ” I will return all the dowry to that little bitch!”

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