Jiang Lin said, with a clear murderous look on his face.
He meant it, he used more force in his hand, and Jiang Jinyue, who had already been pinched, was about to roll her eyes, “Jiang Jinyue, it's okay for you to deal with me, but if you dare to attack Wei Yunjia, I can tell you for sure, if Wei Yunjia today lose a hair, you will pay it with your life.”

    Everyone present was startled by the ferocity erupting from Jiang Lin's body, and they didn’t doubt the truth of what he said.

    And they didn't expect that Wei Yunjia was involved in the game between Jiang Jinyue and Jiang Lin.

    Someone in the crowd said, “That young lady from the Wei family is only thirteen years old right?”

    Jiang Lin let go of Jiang Jinyue's neck, pinched her shoulders instead, and said coldly, “Yes, thirteen years old, but some beasts even had a plan on a child.”

    Jiang Jinyue's arm was immediately dislocated by him, and she took a time out for coughing.


    Jiang Lin pushed her away, and Jiang Jinyue fell to the ground, “This is the price you paid for calculating me.
You'd better pray that Yunjia is fine, or I'll make you a useless person from now on.”

    Then, Jiang Lin looked at the others, “Jiang Jinyue is going to take you to see the flowers just now, right? Let's go, go and see.”

    Everyone was a little confused about what Jiang Lin wanted to do, but just now Jiang Lin's ruthlessness told them , this was not easy to provoke.

    Jiang Lin drove a group of people to the small courtyard like ducks, completely ignoring Jiang Jinyue who was coughing and screaming behind, and the crown prince who wanted to stay and take care of her.

    Entering the small courtyard, the first thing that catched the eyes was not the words placed in the courtyard, but the closed rooms behind.
As long as you were not too stupid, you could probably guess what would happen.

    Someone asked Jiang Lin a few steps behind, “Miss Wei is still young.
If you make such a big fuss, aren't you afraid that something will happen to her and her reputation will be damaged? She is a girl after all, so she won't be able to bear it.”

    Jiang Lin said: “I won't tell you, will Jiang Jinyue be so kind to help keep the secret?”

    Even if they kept it secret, there might still be rumors outside even when nothing happened, and it would be impossible for Wei Yunjia to survive.


    When Jiang Lin was going to push the door, Qinghe Junwang and his Wangfei also came.
Both of them looked unhappy, and Jiang Lin guessed that it must have something to do with what he asked Bai Qiang to tell them.

    Qinghe Junwang walked to Jiang Lin apologetically, “Nephew, this matter…” Qinghe Junwang sighed, really not knowing what to say.

    Jiang Lin asked Bai Qiang to open the door and deal with Qinghe Junwang by himself.
He said: “Junwang, the person who took my sister away was someone from the mansion, and she is also missing from the mansion.
Junwang  thinks for himself who could command the servants of your mansion.”


The Qinghe Wangfei took two steps forward, and asked Jiang Lin with an unkind expression, “Madam Wei, what does this mean? Does it mean that my Wangfu intentionally harmed people?”

    Madam Wei's name was obviously meant to humiliate Jiang Lin, and she didn't speak well.
Jiang Lin looked at the Wangfei for a moment, and then said: “Yes or not, Wangfei knows the best.
If there wasn't the preparation, how could there be such a thing? What about today's flower banquet and the invitation sent to Wei's mansion.
Am I right, wangfei?”

    “I found it, I found it, young madam, come quickly.” Before Qinghe Wangfei answered, Bai Qiang's voice came first.

    Jiang Lin immediately ran over and was relieved to see the two girls sitting on the bed.

    The girl who accompanied Wei Yunjia was the one who had been helping Jiang Lin to speak.

    Wei Yunjia called Jiang Lin brother, and then his eyes were red, Jiang Lin signaled Bai Qiang to go and hug her young lady, and thanked the girl himself.

    “My name is Yin Feifei.
You guys are here.
The person who knocked Wei Yunjia out is in the room.
Go in and have a look.”

    Jiang Lin cupped his hands in thanks, “Thank you, Miss Yin, I don't know how Miss Yin met my sister, can you talk about it?”

    Yin Feifei nodded, “Of course it's no problem, you all have to thank this Miss today, otherwise things would definitely become a big mess.”

    Yin Feifei said that she was also going to change clothes, but when she just went in, she heard a sound, she looked subconsciously, and saw a man carrying a woman on his back and about to run away. Yin Feifei recognized Wei Yunjia from the woman's clothes, and quickly followed, and then saw the man carrying Wei Yunjia into a room, Yin Feifei guessed what he wanted to do, she found a rock in the yard, opened the door and threw it on the man's head, knocking him unconscious.

    After that, Wei Yunjia was woken up.
The two of them were afraid that they couldn’t beat him when he woke up, so they wrapped him tightly in a quilt and stuck him under the chair.
The two of them waited in the room.

    Yin Feifei said: “Originally we wanted to run out immediately to call for someone, but when we thought about how a man would go to the latrine to abduct people in a good Wangfu, someone must have deliberately calculated it.
Isn't this kind of thing just to destroy Wei Yunjia’s reputation, so there would be a large group of people coming to see the fun in a short time, and we will see who is the leader or the person who proposed to come here, and we are sure whoever was plotting against Wei Yunjia.”

    After finished speaking, Yin Feifei asked, “Yes, now, who suggested that you come here?”

    The people present subconsciously thought of the same name, Jiang Jinyue.

    What Jiang Lin thought was, she was really a smart little girl, and she was also very brave.

    The man was quickly moved out, the little girl hit him hard, his head was smashed by a stone, and he didn't wake up even now.


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