Jiang Lin slowly raised his head, just in time to meet the cold eyes of old Mrs.

    Jiang Lin raised his hand, with a soft tone and a submissive attitude, “Bring the tea to grandma,” without any dissatisfaction after being reprimanded.

    Old madam Wei obviously hadn't finished talking, but after being stabbed by Jiang Lin like this, she would look stingy if she tried to say more.

    Old madam Wei took Jiang Lin's tea with dissatisfaction, and asked the waiter to hand Jiang Lin a box, which was a gift for him.

    The maid who followed Jiang Lin consciously stepped forward to pick it up, and Jiang Lin respectfully thanked Old madam Wei.

    At the same time, he also saw clearly the appearance of the woman who handed the box.
It was the old lady who let him consummate the marriage with Wei Yunzhao last night.
No wonder the attitude towards him last night was domineering, she wa the person around Old madam Wei.

    What happened last night was ordered.

    After Jiang Lin glanced at her indifferently, he walked to Madam Wei and knelt down to offer the tea to her.


    Madam Wei was Wei Yunzhao's mother, and the daughter-in-law had changed from a woman to a man, which may affect her son and the heirs in the future.
Thinking about these things, madam Wei wouldn’t like Jiang Lin. But after all, it was her daughter-in-law, and she didn't lose face too much, she only told Jiang Lin to take good care of Wei Yunzhao, and drank the tea.

    After drinking the tea, she also gave Jiang Lin a meeting gift.
Jiang Lin thanked her after the maid accepting it, and then went to serve tea to the wife of second room.


[房fáng: house; room; branch of an extended family; classifier for family members (or concubines), second room means the family from the second son]

    The atmosphere in the room was a bit strange, especially the eyes casted on Jiang Lin, it was an inexplicable feeling, everyone seemed to want to say something, but they opened their mouths but didn't speak.

    The second, the third, and the fourth room were only left with female relatives, and they didn't have much to say to Jiang Lin, the male daughter-in-law.
They would just drink tea and give gifts with a few words of blessing.

    When he walked in front of the fifth room, Zhou Shi sneered coldly, “The Anyang Houfu is really well-bred, I have never seen a new daughter-in-law who can't get something when she visits her elders for the first time, could it be that this is what all of you think? , deliberately want to get a fortune from our general's mansion?”

    Zhou Shi was so disdainful, her eyes almost rolled to the sky, she felt that she was already picky enough, but today it made her gain some insight.

    Zhou Shi started, and Old madam Wei, who had been holding back for a long time, also snorted, “This is to visit my Wei's house, and you plan to collect the things and go back to your Anyang Houfu?”

    Madam Wei obviously disagreed, but After all, it was her own daughter-in-law, so she held back and didn't speak.

    Others reacted roughly the same way, and their dislike for Jiang Lin was a little bit more.

    Jiang Lin's eyes slowly turned red in such an atmosphere.
He walked to madam Wei in two or three steps, and cried out in a crying voice, “Mother!”

    Jiang Lin grabbed Madam Wei's hand, aggrieved and pitifully, “Mother, I know it's wrong that I didn't prepare a meeting gift for everyone, but I can't help it.”

    Jiang Lin asked Madam Wei to see the clothes he was wearing, “Mother, this dress, does it look familiar?”

    Madam Wei took a closer look, it looked familiar, but she didn't have a deep impression, it was the maid next to her who reminded her, “Madam, these are clothes worn by the general before.”

Wei Yun Zhao was half a head taller than him and he was not as strong as Wei Yunzhao.
The clothes Wei Yunzhao wore when he was fifteen years old fit him well, but the Wei family didn't realize it at first.


    As soon as the maid reminded her, Madam Wei quickly asked Jiang Lin, “It's fine, why are you wearing Zhao'er's old clothes?”

    Then Jiang Lin said, “Mother, you know, I have lost my mother since I was a child, my father married a stepmother, and my stepmother gave birth to several children, and he only liked them and not me.”

    “I don't know why I suddenly married into the general's mansion.
The general is a hero of Daiyue.
I admire him, but I never thought of marrying the general.
I know that I have a bad reputation and will add stigma to the general, how could I do this?”

    “I know my father doesn't like me, but I really didn't expect that he would throw me to the general's mansion just because he didn't like me.
I only found out this morning that I got married yesterday and the Anyang Houfu didn't give me any dowry.
they didn't give me a piece of clothes, so I just…”

    “Mother, I'm sorry, I didn't know that my father would wrong the General's mansion because he didn't like me, I’m the one who is sorry for the General's mansion,” Jiang Lin said in a sobbing voice, with tears on the verge of falling, just hanging in the eye sockets, a fair face with a bit of baby fat, it was painful no matter how you looked at it.

    When you got married, they didn't even give you the clothes to wear, so how could you think of preparing a meeting gift.

    “It's unreasonable!”

    Just as Jiang Lin finished speaking, the Wei family understood the meaning, and Old madam Wei was the first to get angry.
She slapped her hand on the table next to her, and the lid of the teacup jumped and made a noise.

    Old madam Wei's face was full of anger, “The Anyang Houfu is too deceitful, and they don't pay attention to my Wei family.”

    Old madam Wei got up straight with a cane in her hand, “What is Anyang Hou, today If I don't ask for an explanation, he really thinks that there is no one in my Wei family!”


After Old madam Wei's move, other people stood up to persuade her, even if they wanted to ask for an explanation, it was not so straightforward, and a long-term discussion was needed.

    Zhou Shi walked to Old madam Wei, “Mother, this Anyang Houfu is outrageous, but this Jiang Lin is also from Anyang Houfu, who knows if what he said is true or not,” said Zhou Shi, lowering her voice, ” Aunt, let's be careful not to find his way, our general's mansion is not what it used to be.”

    “Aunt, let's find out the matter first, then we will not only ask for an explanation, it’s best to send this Jiang Lin back, Aunt , our Wei family can't have any male daughters-in-law, it's embarrassing.”

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