People from Wangfu came out to rescue the crown prince's brain, so Jiang Lin didn't know whether the crown prince had it (the brain) with him when he went out.

    The ancestors of Qinghe County Wangfu were the founding heroes of Dayue, but the descendants were not very promising, and the title was demoted again and again, and now it was only a county Wangfu.


    Fortunately, this county Wang found an errand based on his own ability.
In addition, all the relatives of the emperor in Beijing were related, and Qinghe county Wang knew how to behave, and his life was not bad.

    Qinghe Wang didn't want to host this flower banquet, but Jiang Jinyue went to Wangfu, and he didn't know what she had said to the mother and daughter.
The mother and daughter were determined to do it, and Qinghe Wang had no choice but to agree.

    Qinghe Wang knew about the farce at the door from the very beginning.
According to the relationship between the Wangfu and the Anyang Hou, their relationship was in law relationship, Qinghe Wang should come forward to stop it, but both parties involved in this disturbance were from the Anyang Houfu.
It was wrong to help anyone.


    In Qinghe Wang’s opinion, although Jiang Jinyue was more favored than Jiang Lin, she was only a daughter after all and couldn’t be compared with a son. Of course, with Jiang Lin's current status and his status in Houfu, Qinghe Wang didn’t intend to help him. So he simply pretended that he didn't know, and let them made trouble, they would never turn the world upside down.

    Not only he didn’t show up, he also didn't allow other people in the mansion to get involved.

    With this thought in mind, Qinghe Wang watched a good show with the people who came to the banquet outside the door, and he thought it was better than Xiyuanzi's singing.

    But when the crown prince came later, Qinghe Wang could no longer act like he didn't know anything, so he ran out to meet the crown prince.

    Although there was a farce, the flower banquet had to continue.
The crown prince was ushered in by Qinhe Wang.
He didn't brazenly bring Jiang Jinyue with him, he could only leave her to face Jiang Lin alone.

    Jiang Lin smiled gently, but in Jiang Jinyue's eyes, it turned into – look, you are still in my hands.

    Subconsciously, Jiang Jinyue wanted to escape, so she told her maid, “Go home, I'm not feeling well, so I won't be enjoying the flowers today.”

    Jiang Jinyue didn't look like someone who was in a hurry to leave. When Jiang Jinyue got into the carriage, Jiang Lin lifted the curtain.
Jiang Jinyue only had to look outside to see the placards facing her outside, with the same line written on it.

    Seeing the content on that word, Jiang Jinyue subconsciously tightened her handkerchief, opened her mouth several times before making a sound, “Jiang Lin, what do you want to do?”


    Jiang Lin said, “Dowry, I just want the dowry, Jiang Jinyue, if you dare to bet, you can let your mother perfunctory me like before.
But I guarantee that everything you read on these placards today will come true.”

    “Take the dowry to exchange the entire Anyang Houfu, do you think I can do it? “

    Jiang Lin smiled, loosened the curtain, then turned around and waved to Wei Yunjia, “Go, let's go in.”

    Jiang Jinyue didn't participate in the flower banquet, but he wanted to.
Jiang Lin believed that there should be some good things going on at the flower banquet.

    In the carriage, Jiang Jinyue came back to her senses after looking Jiang Lin walked away, the handkerchief in her hand was so crumpled that couldn't be recognized.

    Jiang Jinyue's face was cold, and her face was even distorted due to anger.
She was no longer the usual soft and delicate young lady.

    She questioned the system: “Didn't you say that according to your plan, I will definitely be able to get rid of Jiang Lin, but now I’m the one who is humiliated, and Jiang Lin is unscathed!”

    System: [After testing, the host's solution plan hasn’t yet started, There is no system bugs. ]

    Jiang Jinyue: “…”

    Jiang Jinyue suddenly remembered that the good scenes she had arranged today were all in the Wangfu’, and she hadn’t even walked to the gate of Wangfu, and Jiang Lin gave her a slap in the face.

    “Stop the carriage and go back to Qinghe County Wangfu,” Jiang Jinyue's eyes flashed ruthlessly.
If Jiang Lin dared to embarrass her like this, then she wouldn't have to worry about the brother-sister relationship anymore.
She had to follow the system’s plan and solve Jiang Lin today!

      Jiang Jinyue's tone was not very good, and the maid didn't dare to ask anymore questions, so she just told the driver to turn around and go back.

   Although the Guests of Qinghe county Wangfu had already met at the gate, the male and female guests still had to separate after entering the mansion.

    It wasn’t that Jiang Lin's side was completely ignored, except for those who disdained him, everyone else would nod their heads as a greeting when they saw him.

    Two dandies who had played with the original owner before came over and looked at Jiang Lin with curiosity and vigilance.

    After a while, one of the men in green clothes asked Jiang Lin, “Jiang Lin, what, you are married now, you shouldn't miss us anymore, right?”

    Another man in red clothes nodded beside him, “Even if you don't miss us, we can still be as good as before.”



    However, before Jiang Lin could speak, the man in green clothes waved his hand and sat straight to his left, ” Forget it, it doesn't matter whether you miss us or not, we are very happy that you are still alive”

    Jiang Lin: “…” This was a brotherhood that was worse than any plastic.

    The man in red also sat on Jiang Lin's right and patted Jiang Lin's shoulder, “Actually, it's not easy for you.
You lost your mother since you were a child, and you can't get your father's love even if you try your best; you have a bad reputation.
Those people wouldn't like you even if they thought about it.”

    Jiang Lin: “…” What nonsense were you talking about!

    the man in green clothes answered, “So, for the sake of being so pitiful, we don't care about the fact that you seduced us before.”

    Jiang Lin: “…Then I thank you?”

    After Jiang Lin finished speaking, The three of them were silent for a moment, feeling awkward.

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