“It turns out that Jiang Jinyue's mother really moved the dowry of the deceased wife in front of her.
I thought it was a joke .” 

“Who dares to joke about this kind of thing, and besides, if it's fake, they don't dare to make such a big fuss.
I heard that there have been many troubles.”

    “Seeing nothing behind, I thought she had paid it back, but I didn't expect…Jiang Jinyue's mother is not thin-skinned.”


It means, what Jiang Jinyue usually wears is stolen from other people's dowry.
I said why she is all dressed in Jiangnan style.


“Like a mother, there must be a daughter.
How could Jiang Jinyue doesn’t  know about her mother stealing the dowry? She can wear it with peace of mind, so Jiang Jinyue is a thief just like her mother.”

Jiang Jinyue looked around stiffly, everyone was discussing her, everyone was pointing at her, those ugly words kept coming into her ears, Jiang Jinyue covered her head fiercely, “No, no , I'm not a thief, I'm not a thief, and I don't have his mother's dowry.
It's not me, I didn't do anything, it's Jiang Lin, everything is Jiang Lin's trick,” Jiang Jinyue said loudly as if seeking comfort, and at the same time she saw Jiang Lin standing in the crowd.

    Jiang Jinyue pointed at Jiang Lin sharply, “It's you, Jiang Lin, why do you want to kill me?”

    More and more carriages arrived, but no one wanted to go in as the show started.

    Jiang Lin was named, and he also fulfilled Jiang Jinyue's wish, walking straight in front of her.
Jiang Jinyue's eyes were red, and she affirmed: “It’s really you, Jiang Lin, where did I offend you? You have to spend so much time to harm me, we are clearly brothers and sisters, aren't we?”


    Jiang Lin smiled, with spring buds in his charming eyes, he asked softly, “Since we are brothers and sisters, why don't you call me big brother now?”

    “I remember the day you sent me to the bridal sedan chair, you called me big brother so sweetly.
Your brother still wants to hear it, or my maybe my sister will call me twice.”

    The expression on Jiang Jinyue's face gradually changed from anger to panic and vigilance.
“Jiang Lin, what else do you want to do?”

    Jiang Lin leaned close to Jiang Jinyue's ear and whispered, “Guess?”

    And behind Jiang Lin, facing Jiang Jinyue's position, there was a wooden board turned over, on which was written a line of small characters: I wish the eldest lady of Anyang Houfu a lonely life.

    Others may not be able to see it, but Jiang Jinyue's position was clearly visible.

    Jiang Jinyue's eyes widened suddenly, and then she took a few steps back, “Crazy, crazy, Jiang Lin, you are crazy, you dare to curse me, you will die badly, my parents will never let you go!”


    Jiang Lin also took a few steps back, spread his hands innocently, and raised his voice: “Sister, I admit that I hired these people, but you don't need to react so much, I'm just asking for a debt, how can I become a lunatic.

    “Also, you keep saying that I’m harming you, and there are many people here, so please everyone present be the witness.
Let me ask you, did your mother steal my mother's dowry?”

    Jiang Jinyue remained silent, but other spectators booed that they would help became the witnesses.

    Jiang Lin: “If you don't say anything, I will take it as your acquiescence.
Well, let me ask you again, did I go to the Houfu to ask for it before and gave your mother seven days to return the dowry?”


    Jiang Jinyue still shaking his head, “No, I don't know, I don't know anything.”

    Jiang Lin didn't agree with this, “Hey, the crown prince knows about this, how could you don’t know, you were there at the time.”

    Jiang Jinyue's eyes were red, as if she had suffered all the grievances in this world, she was weak and helpless, and Jiang Lin was a villain who bullied the poor little one.

    “But your mother doesn't seem to take my words seriously.
I haven't received the dowry she stole.
I know Zhao's family is poor, and I can understand your mother's desire to subsidize her family.
Is it okay to use other people's dowry to subsidize her family?” Too suitable?”

    “And it's not very pleasant to hear about it.
Your grandfather is a second-rank official in the imperial court after all.
He relies on his daughter's soft food to support his family.
His colleagues will laugh at him.”

    Jiang Lin said sincerely: ” Give me back the dowry, after all, it’s my mother’s relic.”

    Hearing the word relic, the ladies standing at the gate of the county prince’s mansion began to discuss again, and some even yelled at Jiang Jinyue, “Hey! , Jiang Jinyue, can you show some face to your mother? You are not human if you even want to occupy someone else’s mother’s relics.”

    Jiang Jinyue’s pitiful image could hardly be maintained, “I didn’t! I didn’t touch any dowry, let alone the relics, Jiang Lin, you can't slander me like this just because you hate me…”

    Before she finished speaking, Jiang Lin suddenly reached out and pulled a hairpin from Jiang Jinyue's head, and he held the hairpin in his hand and looked at it.
“It looks familiar, it looks exactly like a hairpin in my mother's dowry, sister, which shop did you buy it in Shengjing, why don't you take us to have a look?”

    “Okay, okay, It just so happens that we also want to buy jewelry, Jiang Jinyue, please take us to see it,” the lively little girl immediately booed, trotting to Jiang Jinyue's side to hold her arm.

    Jiang Jinyue wanted to break free from the hand holding her arm, but the girl seemed to have expected Jiang Jinyue's thoughts, and tightly held her arm, determined not to let go.

    The eyes of the others also stopped on her, and Jiang Jinyue couldn't get rid the girl, hesitating and saying: “No, this hairpin is my mother…
she asked someone to make it for me, I didn’t buy it in a shop.”

    “Oh? If I ask you where and when it was made to order, are you going to say that it’s been too long and you don’t remember?”

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