That piece of paper was just the beginning, and Jiang Lin took a brush and wrote several more, such as: Jiang Jinyue, if your mother doesn't pay back the money, you won't be able to marry for the rest of your life; Jiang Linyue, we all know about the messy things between you and the crown prince, do we need to speak up and so on..

    After reading it, Wei Yunjia sincerely suggested, “Sister-in-law, why don't you shout in a few words, if this is the case, I'm afraid you will be beaten to death by people from the Anyang Houfu or the East Palace.”

    Jiang Lin shook his head and rejected the proposal , “No, people in the world have been deceived for too long, and they need to hear such truths.
I know that power is terrible, but for the sake of the people of the world, I’m willing to be the leader who tells the truth, and I’m willing to sacrifice.”

    Jiang Lin righteous.

    Wei Yunjia was silent for a while, and choked out a word, “Oh.”

    She couldn't even utter a word of encouragement.

    Jiang Lin looked at the little girl's dumbfounded look, which was a little funny, “You don't believe me?”

    Wei Yunjia shook her head, “No, it's just too dangerous, sister-in-law, the Anyang Houfu is now with the East Palace, and the Zhao family has a Senior officials of the second rank in the court, the Wei family can't afford to offend them now.”


    Jiang Lin knew the Zhao family's attitude from the time he raised the sign last time, no one from the Zhao family came to him, and they had never been to Anyang Houfu.
It looked as if you wanted to be a neutral and didn't touch with your hands. But Jiang Lin knew that the Zhao family was supporting Zhao Qiuru in disguise, because they secretly felt that Jiang Lin couldn’t beat Zhao Qiuru.

    The Zhao family probably took advantage of Zhao Qiuru's hands, and they also had a share of the dowry.
Obviously these people didn't want to spit out what they ate.

    “In terms of insidious tricks, of course we can't compare to these people, so I put up a big battle and came here in an open and honest manner.
I tell everyone that I have nothing to do with the Anyang Houfu and the Zhao family.
If something happens to me or the Wei family, it will definitely these two families who do it, and someone will help us take revenge.”

    He often walked by the river without getting his shoes wet.
He didn't believe that the Jiang and Zhao families had no political enemies in the court.


    Jiang Lin squeezed the small bun on the little girl's head, “Because you are so worried about me, brother will cook something delicious for you at noon.”

    Wei Yunjia avoided Jiang Lin's hand, raised her head and insisted: ” It's sister-in-law, not brother.”

    “You're out of food,” Jiang Lin teased the child, turned around and left.


    Wei Yunjia began to struggle, whether the big brother's status was more important or the food was more important.
She couldn't forget the siu mai last time, and the food she had was not good recently.

    In the blink of an eye, Wei Yunjia followed Jiang Lin's pace, and sweetly called out behind his back: “Brother~”

    The eldest brother with his status could earn it by himself, but the sister-in-law’s meal was not often available for her.
If you missed this meal, you didn’t know when you would be able to eat it next time.


    Wei Yunzhao, who came back a little later, found that his younger sister was following Jiang Lin like a dog's leg, yelling brother at a time.

    Wei Yunjia also saw Wei Yunzhao, and happily shouted to Jiang Lin: “Brother, sister-in-law is back!”

    Her voice was loud and bright.

    “Pfft!” Jiang Lin's laughter came from inside the room.

    Wei Yunzhao: “…”

    He fixed his eyes on Wei Yunjia, as if to say, sister, you are gone.

    Wei Yunjia, who came back to her senses, hurriedly made amends for herself, “Brother, listen to me, I'm just used to have only one brother, and after I called my sister-in-law brother, when I see you, a sister-in-law automatically appeared in my mind, I didn't do it on purpose…”

    Wei Yunjia was pitiful.

    Wei Yunzhao took a deep breath, and was about to speak when he heard another small voice, “Sister-in-law!” He became a sister-in-law again.

    Wei Yunzhao's face was full of indifference, and his eyes glanced back and forth between the two siblings.
After the younger sister was gone, the younger brother might also be gone.

    Wei Yunjia didn't expect that there was a slow-witted person at her feet, and she was about to cry right now.

    “Brother, do you still believe me when I explain it?”

    Wei Yunzhao ignored her and ordered Xun Qi to drive people out of the yard.
The elder brother proved his disbelief with practical actions!

    Jiang Lin was busy in the small kitchen, he didn't expect that the three brothers and sisters could bring him such a good show, he laughed until his tears came out.

    Wei Yunzhao looked at Jiang Lin at the door without saying a word, Jiang Lin saw the resentment in his eyes, Jiang Lin tried hard to hold back his smile, and after he stopped, he said, “Okay, okay, I'll cook your favorite dish , just apologize for laughing at you.”

    “Today's meal is not for Wei Yunjia and Wei Yunqi,” Wei Yunzhao negotiated with Jiang Lin.

    The portions of the meals were quite large, Jiang Lin felt that he could quietly serve some for the siblings, so he agreed to Wei Yunzhao's suggestion.

    Both Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao were very satisfied with the meal.
They ate up all the four dishes and one soup.
The food tasted good, so Wei Yunzhao didn't bother with his younger siblings and allowed them to eat with bowls outside the yard.


    In order to eat in one bite, Wei Yunjia didn't want the face of being a lady, and she ate standing up.
She believed that sooner or later she would be able to sit and eat in the yard.

    Very ambitious.

    The flower banquet at Qinghe County Wangfu was scheduled for tomorrow, so Jiang Lin decided not to go to Anyang Houfu, and went directly to make trouble outside the Qinghe County Wangfu.

    After lunch, Jiang Lin led Chang An out of the mansion, first they went to find music band and beggars, directed them to a rehearsal, and then went to fetch the wheelchair before heading back.


Jiang Lin pushed the wheelchair into the door, and said to Chang An as he walked, “Who would have thought that the first gift I will give to Wei Yunzhao will be a wheelchair.”

Chang An thought the wheelchair was pretty, and it was light and easy to push, which was pretty good, “Young Master, this is made from the blueprints drawn by you.
Young Master, if you are so caring, the eldest young master will like it.”

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