Jiang Lin used two full buckets of water before washed Wei Yunzhao clean.

    When he asked the maids to come in and change the sheets and quilts, he managed to see the unbelievable expressions on their faces, more confused, obviously they really couldn't imagine why there were so many black dirty things coming out of the general and his wife's bridal chamber?

    Not only the people were dirty, but the bed was also dirty.
Looking at the two buckets of black water being carried out, it was almost blinding.

    Could it be caused by the fire-avoiding picture given by Ye momo?


[嬷嬷 mómo: elderly lady; wet nurse]

    But the maids didn't dare to ask, so they could only obey the order to change the quilt and make the bed. After the bed was ready, Jiang Lin gritted his teeth and carried Wei Yunzhao back to the bed, and then went to look through Wei Yunzhao's closet.

    When the maids came in to make the bed, Jiang Lin also saw the dowry arranged for him by the Anyang Houfu, a servant named Chang An. In addition, two boxes of dowry were given, each contained a set of bedding.

    In short, the Anyang Houfu didn't even give him any clothes.

    It was too miserable, so he could only find out if Wei Yunzhao had any clothes suitable for him.

    Because it took a lot of time to bathe and look for clothes, Jiang Lin was wearing Wei Yunzhao's old clothes when he left the room, the sun was already high outside, and he said to the two maids who had been guarding the door: “Let's go, you guys lead the way.”


The two maids looked at Jiang Lin's clothes, then at Jiang Lin's empty hands, “Young madam, are you going there empty-handed like this?” one of the maids asked.

    Another added next to it, “Young madam, anyone who visit the General's Mansion for the first time, should prepare some greetings.”

    Jiang Lin had read a lot of novels, so he knew this.

    Jiang Lin raised his hand and rubbed his sleeves, but the Anyang Houfu didn't even give him a piece of clothes, let alone a greeting gift.

    Jiang Lin opened his mouth and said, “Maybe my father and my stepmother didn't think much of the General's Mansion, so they didn't prepare for it.”


The two maids were shocked, apparently they didn't expect Jiang Lin to say that.

    Regardless of what they thought, Jiang Lin strode forward out of the courtyard.
Since the Anyang Houfu dared to do it, then he had nothing to dare to say, anyway, he was not afraid since he was barefoot now, he wasn’t afraid of wearing shoes.


[The bare feet are not afraid to wear shoes: people who love barefoot have a long life and will look at the early death of wearing shoes]

    The place to serve tea was in Mrs.Wei's courtyard.
Jiang Lin came late, and the rest of the Wei family were already sitting in the room waiting for him.

    As soon as the maid opened the curtain, all eyes in the room focused on him.

    Jiang Lin glanced across the room, the Wei family was full of yin and yang, there were only two men in the room, one of them was a child who was not as tall as a chair.

    “Hey, you’re willing to come here.
The eldest son of the Anyang Houfu is really a noble man, and he actually asked the elders in this house to wait for you all morning.”

    Jiang Lin just heard such yin and yang words when he entered the door.

    Jiang Lin followed the source of the voice, and saw that it was a richly dressed woman, about thirties. There was a man sitting next to her, the only adult male in the room.

    At a glance, Jiang Lin knew that the woman who spoke was the wife of Wei'an, the fifth master of the Wei family.

    Even though the original body had no contact with the Wei family, he still knew something about the situation of the Wei family.

    Old madam Wei gave birth to five sons and two daughters in total.
The daughters were married early and all married to other places. Among the five sons, the second, the third and the fourth died on the battlefield when they were young, leaving only the female family members, not even an heir.

    Wei Yunzhao's father, Wei Su, was the eldest son.
Before Wei Yunzhao grew up, the entire General's Mansion depended on him to support.

    As for Wei An, he was the youngest son of the old lady.
As the saying goes, the youngest son and grandson were the lifeblood of the old lady. Old madam Wei was afraid that her youngest son would die on the battlefield like his elder brothers, so she raised him by her side since she was a child, pampered and doted on him, raised him became a waste for life.

    Now that he was over 30 years old, if he couldn't achieve military success, he still relied on the Wei family's military achievements to get around. But Wei An's heart was all about eating, drinking and having fun, he never thought about doing a serious errand at all, he only knew to ask the old lady for money every day to fool around.

    Wei An was still a playboy, he was the only one who had some concubines in the five family of the Wei family, and there were a lot of rooms (for concubine), all of which were supported by the old lady money.

    But he didn't know why, although Wei An had many women, he had no heirs, only two daughters, and they were both born to his wife, Zhou Shi.

    Zhou Shi was the niece of Mrs.
With the support of Mrs.
Wei, she was very prestigious in the Wei family, and she was not far behind even for mocking Jiang Lin.


[After marrying, a woman used her father's surname and the affix “shi,” meaning “clan name or maiden name”]

    Jiang Lin could tell from the expressions on the faces of the members of the Wei family that most of them didn't like him.

    Jiang Lin could probably guess why, one was because the original owner had a bad reputation, and the other was that he was a man.

    Jiang Lin ignored Zhou Shi's words, went straight to Mrs.
Wei, took a cup of tea and knelt down to offer tea to her. 


Old madam Wei had a cold face, and she didn't mean to take the tea, “Anyang Hou is really good at it, and the marriage given by the emperor will be changed if it’s changed.”

He was curious what method the Anyang Houfu used to allow him to marry in as the eldest son of the Anyang Houfu, without being troubled by the Wei family.

    “I don't care what your status or how unrestrained you are before, but now that you have entered the Wei family, you are the daughter-in-law of the Wei family.
From now on, you must guard the family rules, otherwise, you will be dealt with according to the law!”

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