Jiang Lin was not surprised when he heard the Empress's summoning, but had a feeling that it had come as expected.

    The original owner had hooked up with the crown prince, and said that he liked  the crown prince.
The crown prince, who felt that he was annoying, sent the original owner to Wei Yunzhao in a blink of an eye.
On the surface, it seemed that the problem was not big.
Many people would say that Jiang Lin deserved it.
Who made him hooking up with men and switched from one to another man, fickle man was not a good thing anyway, this kind of guy who seduced men everywhere dared to miss  the crown prince , it was kind of  the crown prince  not to get rid of him directly.

    But only those involved knew that the crown prince was lying.
In order for Jiang Lin to marry Wei Yunzhao as Chongxi instead of Jiang Jinyue, he deceived the emperor, and it was for a woman.

    Although the crown prince was the son and the heir apparent, he was not the only son of Emperor Changde, and the crown prince was not the eldest son, and there was no precedent of abolishing the crown prince and establishing the eldest son in the Dayue.
The crown prince's position as the heir was not firm.

    If at this time there was a scene where the crown prince commited the crime of deceiving the emperor for a woman and neglected the life and death of the courtiers, the other princes would never sit still, even if they couldn't directly trample the crown prince to death, they would never make it easier for him .


    Jiang Lin knew that the Empress summoned them to beat them.

    The empress lived in Changning Palace, located in the middle of the harem, a veritable position in the middle palace.

    It was not far from the Xuanzheng Hall, and it took about a quarter of an hour to arrive.

    The palace maid directly led the two of them into the door, and reported to the Empress, “Your Majesty, General Wei and his wife have arrived.”

    When Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao arrived, the Empress was leaning on the couch and dozed off, looking lazy.

    But the first thing Jiang Lin noticed was the tiara on the Empress's headdress, a set of luxurious and graceful but not tacky ruby​​headdress, exquisite workmanship, and beautiful style, the most important thing was that it suit the Empress very well.

    Looked young and had momentum.

    Seeing them entered the door, the Empress subconsciously raised her hand to touch her headdress when she stood up.
Jiang Lin speculated that the Empress should like this headdress very much and often wore it.

    “Presumptuous! How dare you be disrespectful to the empress, kneel and kowtow to plead guilty!”

    Jiang Lin's gaze stayed on the empress's headdress for too long, causing dissatisfaction, and the palace maid who led them in yelled loudly.


    Jiang Lin looked frightened, and knelt down as soon as his legs softened, “Xiaomin sees the empress, it’s because the headdress on the empress's head is too attractive, Xiaomin was stunned for a while, please forgive the sin, empress.”

    “Oh? Mrs.Wei has just gotten married and started to study women's jewelry.
Could it be that he has forgotten that he is a man so soon?”


    It was still the big court lady who spoke, with a strange ambiguity.

    “Qiuxi, don’t be bold, back down!”

    This unruly behavior was only exchanged for a simple reprimand from the Empress, and the court lady called Qiuxi took two steps back as if nothing had happened, watching Jiang Lin disdainfully.

    The Empress acted as if she hadn't seen it, and asked Jiang Lin, “You are the first person to be dumbfounded by the headdress of this palace, so tell me, what attracts you to this headdress of this palace?”

    That was what Jiang Lin was waiting for, with a slight smile he said, “This headdress is grand and exquisite.
Both the workmanship and the materials are top-notch.
It suits the empress.
At first, Xiaomin thought it looked good, but after a few more glances, he felt that this headdress looks familiar, so I…please forgive me!”

    Said half and left half, which aroused people's speculation and curiosity, this was a state.

    As soon as she heard the word familiar, the Empress' expression changed, and her maid Qiu Xi stood up again, “Nonsense, this headdress is specially made by the most famous craftsman in Jiangnan, and it's the only one in the whole world.
How can there is another that familiar?”

    Jiang Lin looked confused, “Is there only one set? But I've seen it in my mother's dowry, it's exactly the same as the set on the empress' head.
It was stolen and sold by my stepmother later, I don't know where it went”


The more Jiang Lin said, the darker the empress' face, and Jiang Lin looked more at a loss, “Don't you believe me? I have the dowry list.
This set of headdress is called Caiyu Feihong, and it’s Lu Feishuang, a descendant of the Lu family in Jiangnan who made it.
Xiaomin guarantees that everything is true, and the empress can ask someone to check it.”

The empress looked gloomy, and raised her hand to Jiang Lin, “Get up.”

The empress obviously didn't want to bring up the  important matters, so she directly changed the subject, “You are here today, the main reason I called you here is to ask how is General Wei's injury and when will it fully recover?”

    Because of the appearance of the headdress, Wei Yunzhao had been ignored since he entered the door, and he bowed his hands to the Empress, “I have seen Your Majesty, thank you Empress for your concern, I’m afraid that my legs will be very difficult to get better, I have already reported to the emperor, and I’m no longer a general.”


 The Empress stared at Wei Yunzhao for a moment, showing regret, and encouraged : “Master Wei is the pillar of the imperial court.
When master Wei's leg is healed, the emperor will definitely use him again.
master Wei will get better soon.”

    “Thank you Your Majesty, I will.”

    ” If there is nothing else, you can leave first.” The Empress waved her hand, as if she was tired.

    Wei Yunzhao saluted and resigned, but Jiang Lin looked unwilling, and muttered in a low voice, “Why doesn't the empress believe me? My mother's dowry really has a set of exactly the same headdress, I've seen it before.”

    He said in a low voice, but the hall was so quiet that everyone present could actually hear it.

    Wei Yunzhao even took his hand to signal him not to talk, but Jiang Lin made a stubborn mistake and said to himself: “No, I will go to Anyang Houfu to ask, did that woman secretly steal my mother's dowry and sell it, if she doesn't return it to me, I will invite my grandfather and uncle to Shengjing, and I want to see how rampant that woman is!”

    As Jiang Lin said, he hurriedly saluted the Empress, and then pushed Wei Yunzhao away, looking very eager.

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