The next day, Jiang Lin was going to enter the palace with Wei Yunzhao.

    When going out, Jiang Lin found that Wei Yunzhao was not wearing court clothes, but his usual clothes.
Jiang Lin couldn't help asking: “Is this appropriate?

    ” I’m still wearing court clothes today, he won’t believe it.”

    Jiang Lin knew who he was referring to, and he remembered that Wei Yunzhao took something from the cupboard and put it in his cuff after getting dressed in the morning, “So today’s meeting for you to enter the palace is actually to return something.”

    Wei Yunzhao nodded and let Jiang Lin push him out, the carriage was already waiting at the door.

    After getting on the carriage, the guard Wei Yunzhao said: “Last year my father received the Tiger amulet and was ordered to go out.
After he died in the battle, I became the replacement, and the Tiger amulet came into my hands.
I should have returned the Tiger amulet when I returned triumphantly, but at the time, I was brought back in coma and dying.
I couldn't take the initiative to hand it back, and he didn't have the face to forcibly take back the tiger amulet at that time, so it kept dragging on.”

    “He is waiting for you to die,” Jiang Lin said, and the tiger amulet went back naturally after he died.

    “Perhaps,” Wei Yunzhao didn't react much, and it was obviously expected.

    Since ancient times, there were not many generals who could die well.
The ancestors of the Wei family mostly ended up dying in battle, and they never enjoyed a few days of blessings in their lives.
But because of this, the Wei family could survive for a hundred years.

    It was hard to say whether it was luck or misfortune.

    But Wei Yunzhao knew that this person didn't believe in the Wei family anymore, so he had no choice but to retreat.

    The carriage could only go to the gate of the palace.
After getting off the carriage, Jiang Lin had to push Wei Yunzhao forward.
Xun Qi who came with him was stopped outside, saying it was a rule.
Jiang Lin didn't know if there was such a rule, but he could see that eventhough Wei Yunzhao was in a wheelchair, they wouldn't let him have many kung fu people around him.

    There was no one around, so Jiang Lin asked Wei Yunzhao cautiously, “This is the palace, and it's all his people.
It's hard for you to do anything, why is he so guarded against you?”

 The road to home was equivalent to opening a new dungeon, Jiang Lin didn't know anything.

 “The dog jumps over the wall when it’s in a hurry,” Wei Yunzhao gave the answer.

 Thinking about it, Wei Yunzhao added, “He's old.”

    Jiang Lin understood this, when he was old, he was afraid of death, and when he was crazy about power, he tended to lose his mind.
Many wise kings made themselves into faint kings in their later years.

    And the old emperor would be more afraid of the generals than when he was young.

    An emperor who was not clear-headed could kill hundreds or even tens of thousands of people in a single thought, just because of the ridiculous suspicion in his heart.

    And the most ridiculous thing was that the emperor was named Mingde when he first came to the throne.
A few years ago, he felt that he was a wise emperor who could last forever, so he changed his reign name to Changde, and now it was only the fifth year of Changde.

[明德   Míng dé: highest virtue; illustrious virtue]

[长 cháng: forever]

    Jiang Lin recalled the content of the original book, not long after the crown prince ascended the throne, he was called the king of declaration by the world, not only because of the help of the heroine and her golden finger, but also because of the father in front of the crown prince for comparison.

    The crown prince who sat on the throne had rehabilitated several loyal ministers who had been unjustly killed and exiled, and won a lot of praise.

    But the Wei family, which lost their pillar, didn't have that life.
After Wei Yunzhao's death, the author didn't write about the Wei family again.

    After transmigrating into the book, there were more conspiracy theories, and Jiang Lin even felt that the person who caused Wei Yunzhao's death really did it beautifully.

    Both Wei Yunzhao and his father died because defending their family and the country.
The rest of the Wei family were still alive and there was no injustice.
The reason why the Wei family no longer appeared was because there was no one available for the Wei family.

    A wasted Wei An, a five-year-old Wei Yunqi whose ability to live and grow up was a question, a group of women who couldn't make waves, the death of Wei Yunzhao would completely destroy the family.

    Jiang Lin wanted to praise the other party's good plan.

    Jiang Lin was thinking about something, Wei Yunzhao didn't want to say anything more, the two of them were silent all the way to Xuanzheng Hall, the place where the emperor specially summoned his courtiers to discuss matters.

    After the little eunuch guarding the gate informed, he immediately sent the two of them in.

    Emperor Changde was seriously reviewing the memorial, and he didn't even lift his head when the two entered the door.

    Wei Yunzhao was about to kneel down to salute Emperor Changde, Jiang Lin helped him, and finally got out of the wheelchair, but because there was no strength on his knees, Wei Yunzhao fell down as soon as he knelt down.

    “Chen Wei Yunzhao respectfully greet the holy one, my emperor is blessed,” Wei Yunzhao's forehead began to sweat, and he almost forced himself to perform the salute.

[臣Chén: state official or subject in dynastic China; I, your servant]

    Hearing the sound, the hard-working emperor finally raised his head, “Oh, Yunzhao is here, I heard that your legs are not healed yet, what are you doing kneeling, get up quickly, Yongfu, hurry up and help Wei Yunzhao up.”

    Emperor Changde said, and an eunuch immediately came over to help Wei Yunzhao up.

    “Thank you, Your Majesty,” Wei Yunzhao kowtowed before reaching out for the eunuch to help him.

    Jiang Lin also helped Wei Yunzhao on the other side, and it took a lot of effort to get Wei Yunzhao back into the wheelchair.

    Jiang Lin wiped his forehead, feeling that he was going to sweat more.

    When Emperor Changde saw Jiang Lin's movements, his eyes fell on him.
Jiang Lin noticed his gaze, and didn't dare to look directly at the emperor, with his head lowered.

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