No one could stop her from assisting the crown prince to ascend the throne, and together with the crown prince becoming an eternal empress, so Wei Yunzhao must die. And only by solving Jiang Lin, Wei Yunzhao couldbe eliminated.

    Jiang Jinyue said silently in her heart, big brother, I'm sorry.

    System: [The solution for the new character Jiang Lin has been prepared, and the host can choose one of them to operate. ]

    Jiang Jinyue browsed through the solutions given by the system to solve Jiang Lin, a cold light flashed in her eyes, and she whispered: “I will do it as soon as possible.”

    General's Mansion

    Wei Yunzhao sat in a wheelchair and basked in the sun in the yard.
The weather was getting warmer, and a lot of flowers bloomed in the yard, and the spring was just right.

    The only bad thing was that there were several people standing in front of them who came to plead or complain.

    Ye momo next to Old madam Wei took the lead, “General, although you let the young lady take care of the house, he can't disregard the dignity and inferiority of the old lady.”

    “The ordinary control is fine, but the young madam is…
he really has done too much, general, you must take care of the young madam, otherwise the house will be disrupted.” Ye Momo was heartbroken.

    Wei Yunzhao asked casually, “What did he do?”

    Ye Momo said, “He, he took away half of the maids serving in the old lady's courtyard, saying that there are too many maids who are wasted.
That's fine, he actually asked the old lady to copy Buddhist scriptures, and said that the old lady can’t do other things when she was old, so she should copy Buddhist scriptures to pray for you.
He also made the old lady move to the ancestral hall to copy it, and if she doesn’t copy enough, she won’t be allowed to eat.”

    “How can the old lady endure such a cold place in the ancestral hall, and he won't let her eat? How dare he, a junior!”

    Ye Momo's state at the moment was filled with righteous indignation.


    In contrast, Wei Yunzhao's reaction was much colder, “Is it because grandma doesn't want to copy the scriptures and pray for me? I'll talk to her.”

    This was not a matter of copying scriptures at all, it was obviously that Jiang Lin did too much, a granddaughter-in-law dared to climb on top of her grandmother to show his power.

    Ye momo opened her mouth to explain, but after seeing Wei Yunzhao's obviously cold eyes, she didn't dare to speak out.


    Wei Yunzhao: ” Ye momo can go back and ask grandma if she doesn't want to, then come and talk to me.”

    After finishing speaking, Wei Yunzhao waved his hand and motioned Ye momo to go and let the people behind her stand up.

    Behind her was the one who served madam Wei.
People in the mansion called her Fang momo, who was brought by madam Wei from her natal family, and could be regarded as Wei Yunzhao's nanny.

    Fang momo and Ye momo cried in the same way, and Jiang Lin asked madam Wei to do the same thing as Old madam Wei, not only praying for her son, but also chanting scriptures for her deceased husband in the ancestral hall.

    Fang momo said: “My Madam has been weak since she was a child.
How can Madam endure a place like the ancestral hall?”

    Wei Yunzhao knew why Jiang Lin chose the ancestral hall.
He was venting his anger on Wei Yunjia's behalf.
Girls could stand it, there was nothing they couldn't stand it.

    Wei Yunzhao's attitude became even more indifferent, “momo can go back and ask mother if she doesn't want to chant scriptures for father and copy scriptures to pray for her son.
The son will never force it.”

    Under Wei Yunzhao's gaze, Fang momo said nothing, she didn't dare to speak again.

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