Wei Yunzhao cooperated very well, immediately coughed twice, and said weakly, “Ahem…
master Hou…
Are you dissatisfied with Yunzhao?”

    His voice seemed like he was going to heaven in the next moment, even if Anyang Hou wanted to say yes, he didn't dare to speak up if he was dissatisfied.

    “Of course not, the general is the meritorious minister in Dayue, so how can I be dissatisfied with the general for no reason?”

    Wei Yunzhao coughed twice, “Then why did master Hou yell at my wife in front of Yunzhao? Yes, I don’t know what mistake my wife made to make master Hou so angry?”


Mentioning Jiang Lin’s mistake, Anyang Hou was very reasonable, and immediately said: “The general doesn’t know, this bastard is making up gossip about his mother outside, and it's humiliating to my Houfu.
I'm asking him to make an apology to his mother.”

    Jiang Lin shrugged, “Is that gossip? It's obviously the truth, okay, didn't she swallow my mother's dowry?”

    “Also, don't call her my mother, she has nothing to do with me.”

    “But the seven-day period hasn't arrived yet, and it was agreed before…” Zhao Qiuru interjected aggrievedly.

    Jiang Lin curled his lips into a smile, “I didn't say you can't collect the debts in advance.”

    Anyang Hou glared at him, “Are you collecting debts? It's clear that you want to ruin your stepmother's reputation!”

    Jiang Lin readily admitted, “Yes, I just want to ruin her reputation.  Master Hou, you don’t know what your good wife is doing behind your back, do you?”

    Anyang Hou glanced at Zhao Qiuru and frowned, “What did you do?”

    Shaking her head pitifully, “Master Hou, I didn't…”


    Jiang Lin showed a disgusted expression, “Hey, you have been sleeping with her for so many years and you haven't figured out who she is, it's a ghost if you ask and she will tell the truth, I'm your filial son, let me tell you, “

    “Your good wife told people everywhere that the Wei family instigated me to go back to the Houfu  to ask for a dowry.
I swear, now I’m afraid that except you, master Hou, everyone else knows what your wife has done.”

    “As it happens, The Wei family is here today, so let me ask Madam, how did you know that the Wei family instigated me to come back to ask for a dowry, and which kind-hearted person from the Wei family told you?”

    Jiang Lin talked about her, and Zhao Qiuru gradually turned pale “I didn't say that, I just want the fifth madam Wei to help me to give Lin'er a message, I hope there will be a little more time, I won't be able to collect so much silver at the moment…”

    Jiang Lin clicked, ” Xun Qi, go back to the mansion and invite Fifth Aunt, let her confront Madam face to face, and explain exactly what Madam said that day.”

    Zhao Qiu subconsciously blurted out, “No!”

    With Zhao Qiuru's reaction, Marquis Anyang didn't look right at her.
Just as he was about to ask, Wei Yunzhao suddenly spoke.
“I'm also curious, when did the Wei family offend Madam, and asked Madam to spread rumors to slander my Wei family, please ask Madam to clarify.” As he spoke, he cupped his hands towards Zhao Qiuru with sincere eyes


    Jiang Lin added fuel to the fire, “That's right, you didn't want to give the Wei family a meeting gift at first, I know you don't like the Wei family, after all, you have a father who is a second-rank official, you have the confidence to look down on the Wei family .But what is the purpose of your obvious targeting? Where did someone offend you? Tell me.”

    Zhao Qiuru’s face was paler than Wei Yunzhao’s at the moment, and she was on the verge of fainting.

    Jiang Lin could also see that this guy was just a weak and pitiful little woman in front of Anyang Hou, with no fighting power, and he stabbed her in the back.

    Jiang Lin: “Madam, your face is so pale, is it because of a guilty conscience?”

    Jiang Lin: “Are you going to faint soon?”

    Jiang Lin: “Oh, she really fainted, and fell directly on my father's chest.
In his arms, the location she chose is really good.”

    Jiang Lin clapped his hands.

    “Shut up!”  Anyang Hou scolded Jiang Lin unbearably while holding Zhao Qiuru in her arms, who was really fainted or not.
    Jiang Lin shrugged his shoulders at Wei Yunzhao, as if—look, I'm right.

    Wei Yunzhao held back his smile, and spoke in the place of Jiang Lin, “If madam is really fainted, it’s better to ask a doctor to take a look.
I'm afraid it's a serious illness, and it will be too late.”

    Jiang Lin didn't expect Wei Yunzhao to speak harder than himself, and gave him a thumbs up on the spot.

    Seeing that Anyang Hou was not in a hurry, he knew whether it was real dizziness or fake dizziness.
Anyang Hou looked at them who was singing together and his face turned blue with anger, but he couldn't tell Wei Yunzhao to shut up like he scolded Jiang Lin.
Anyang Hou not only angry but also aggrieved.

    “Okay, it's getting late at this time, we should go back.
Master Hou, madam, don't forget, there are two days left until the seven-days period, if I don't see the embezzled dowry by then, it's so easy to raise a sign.”

    Jiang Lin didn't want to talk anymore useless nonsense to them, so he pushed Wei Yunzhao's wheelchair to leave.

    When he saw Xun Qi at the door, Jiang Lin remembered that he hadn't asked Xun Qi to report to Chang'an, and Jiang Lin felt that the person hired with money shouldn’t be hired for nothing.

    So he turned around and said to Anyang Hou, “Father, your son prepared a gift for you at the door, why don't you go out with us and have a look?” He sincerely invited.

    But Anyang Hou didn't appreciate it, so he let Jiang Lin roll, and Jiang Lin obediently pushed Wei Yunzhao to the door, and then shouted to the people waiting outside: “Come, come, play the music, and shout the slogan.”


The big cymbal hit three times Bang, bang, bang and they said the slogans in unison, “Zhao Qiuru!”

Bang, bang, “Uneducated!”
Bang, bang, “Zhao Qiuru!”
Bang bang, “Return the dowry!”

The momentum was astonishing, and Jiang Lin felt that his filial piety was also very touching.

    He turned his head and said to the housekeeper of the Houfu who came out to see them off next to him, “Please tell your madam, stop playing tricks with me, or it won't be shouting at the door only next time.”

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