The relationship between Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao was a bit bumpy.
He had just entered the door and before he even had time to say a word to Wei Yunzhao, someone came to report that someone from the Anyang  Houfu  asked the young madam to return to the Houfu quickly.

    Jiang Lin knew why he was looking for him as soon as he heard it, and poured down a glass of water, and said to Wei Yunzhao, “I'll go out again and come back later.”

    “I'll accompany you,” Wei Yunzhao didn't know what happened, however, it was impossible for Anyang  Hou to ask Jiang Lin to go back without a reason.
If he followed, Anyang  Hou wouldn’t be too hard on Jiang Lin from the perspective of the General's Mansion.

    Jiang Lin was his wife now, so he should protect him.

    “Are you afraid that I will be bullied when I go back?” Jiang Lin asked with a smile.

    Before Wei Yunzhao could speak, Jiang Lin waved his hand again, “You are so 'weak' now, and you still run around for me.
If something happens to you, your family will directly strip me alive.”

    Wei Yunzhao had already ordered Xun Qi to find a wheelchair, “Although I'm a little weaker, I'm still alive, so people can give me some face.
Besides, the weaker I am, the less they dare to do anything, right?”


    Jiang Lin admitted this, no one wanted to be charged with killing the hero of the country, at that time there was no need for the Wei family to do anything, the enemy family could tear each other into pieces.

    Taking Wei Yunzhao out now was purely touching porcelain (pengchi).


[碰瓷   pèng cí : a currently widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars then demanding compensation]

    “Sure, no problem, then let's touch porcelain!” Since Wei Yunzhao said so, Jiang Lin naturally readily agreed.

    Jiang Lin helped Wei Yunzhao changed his clothes, let Xun Qi carry him into the wheelchair, and he pushed the wheelchair out.

    This wheelchair was dug out of nowhere, not to mention old, it was still broken, Jiang Lin felt that others would think that the general's mansion was so poor that they couldn't even afford a new wheelchair.

    Jiang Lin thought about it silently, and patted Wei Yunzhao on the shoulder as a comfort, “Just take it for a few days, and when I get the dowry back, I will definitely buy you a luxurious upgraded version of the wheelchair, so that you can go out with a good face.”

    Although he didn't know what to do with this face, Wei Yunzhao didn't refute and thanked him.

    Because Wei Yunzhao was with him, Xun Qi wanted to protect him, so the driver was replaced by Xun Qi.


    Jiang Lin just happened to ask Chang An to help him with something.
As a good son, how could he go back to his mother's house quietly with only a carriage.
It had to be a big fanfare to show his filial piety.

    The carriage moved slowly, and when Jiang Lin and the others arrived at the gate of the Anyang Houfu, Chang An also brought the person Jiang Lin asked him to find.

    Jiang Lin got off the carriage and told Chang An, “I will ask Xun Qi to report to you later.
If father gets angry, you should shout slogans.
You must make him happy and make him smile, you know?”


With the words he shouted, he felt that it was impossible for master Hou to smile, and he might even die suddenly on the spot.

    “Master, do you really want to shout like that?” Chang An was really afraid that something might happen.

    Jiang Lin said solemnly: “Of course, this is my filial piety.
How can I keep my father from knowing.
Well, you just wait outside, and we will go in first.”

    Wei Yunzhao was already sat in a wheelchair, and Jiang Lin Lin pushed the wheelchair into the Houfu.

    The concierge immediately went to report when he saw someone, and when Anyang Hou heard that Wei Yunzhao also came, he immediately frowned, “Didn't he just wake up, why are you here to join in the fun?”

    Zhao Qiuru asked worriedly, “Could it be because of the marriage and replacing someone, master Hou, our Yue'er and the crown prince are in love, you can't…”

    “Don't worry, madam,” Anyang Hou touched Zhao Qiuru's hand reassuringly, “As long as the emperor doesn't punish Anyang Houfu for the marriage matter, no one else can say anything.
It's the same even if Wei Yunzhao comes to the door in person.
What's more this master Hou has already married his son to him, and the chongxi has woken him up, and he still wants to change someone.”

    “Besides, the current Wei family is not the same as before, and my Anyang Houfu is still afraid of him?”

    Anyang  Hou said, after finishing the big talk, the servants came to report that Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao were already waiting in the front hall, and Anyang Hou led Zhao Qiuru there.     


As soon as  Anyang Hou saw Jiang Lin, he thought of the things he had done.
He was furious, and when he entered the door, he scolded: “Nizi, you still have the face to come back!”

Anyang Hou had this attitude as soon as he came, and he immediately became unhappy, “Master Hou, can you be reasonable in your words, if you didn't rush people to call me back, you think I’m willing to come.”

    Jiang Lin’s disdainful attitude successfully made Anyang Hou's face darkened into a dark color, and Jiang Lin pretended he didn't see it, and asked him, “You are in a hurry to ask me to come back because you have collected all the embezzled dowry? Since this is the case, let’s move everything out first, I take the list with me, and I’ll make sure there’s nothing less.”

    Jiang Lin said, and really took out the dowry list.


 Seeing that Jiang Lin not only refused to admit his mistake but also dared to mention the dowry, Anyang Hou didn't even bother to talk about it.
He completely ignored Wei Yunzhao and walked to Jiang Lin and glared at him angrily, “Nie Zhang, how dare you mention the dowry? Look at the good deeds you have done, the Houfu and your mother have lost face, hurry up and kneel down to apologize to your mother, or I will break your dog legs today!”

    Anyang Hou still came prepared, stretched out his hand, and the housekeeper who was waiting at the side thoughtfully handed him a stick.

    Jiang Lin saw that Anyang Hou held the stick, so he pushed the wheelchair forward, letting Wei Yunzhao stand in front of him, and raised his chin, which meant – you hit, you hit here.

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