up and went out.

     Old madam Wei  and the others were all thinking about Wei Yunzhao who woke up, and didn't care whether Jiang Lin was in the room or not.
They rushed in, ran to the bed and called Wei Yunzhao's name.

    Wei Yunzhao didn't pretend to be unconscious at the moment, but he looked very weak, so weak that he couldn't even speak.

     Old madam Wei and madam Wei were wiping away the tears at the same time, and said repeatedly: “It's good to wake up, it's good to wake up, it will get better.”

    Wei Yunzhao opened his eyes and tried his best to respond, but he was too weak to say anything.
Seeing that he woke up, the old lady saw the hope of the Wei family, and took a bluffing look at the crying madam Wei , “You only know how to cry.
It's a good thing that Zhao'er wakes up.
Why are you crying? Don't huddle in the room.
Let's all go back and let Zhao'er take a rest.
Let's wait for him to recover if there is anything to do.

    Others walked quickly, madam Wei held Wei Yunzhao's hand reluctantly and said a few words of advice, she was called away when Old madam Wei  became impatient.

    After everyone left, the room fell silent instantly.
Wei Yunzhao lay on the bed for a while, and then found that Jiang Lin hadn't come back since he left.

    Wei Yunzhao called Xun Qi to come in, “Can you see where Jiang Lin has gone?”

    Xun Qi kindly reminded, “General, how can you call the young madam by his name directly? It's not close at all.
You look for young madam, You miss him right after he left, you must have him in your heart, shouldn’t this name be changed too?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “…”

    He really wanted to ask how this idiot could tell that he had Jiang Lin in his heart, and also, what did he mean by miss him right after he left, he obviously had something to say to Jiang Lin.

    Wei Yunzhao looked at him with a cold look, Xun Qi closed his mouth obediently, and reported truthfully, “This subordinate saw that Madam seemed to have drawn a picture, and then took the picture and took Chang An out.”

    As for what he drew, what he did when he went out, and when he would come back, Xun Qi didn't know.

    Jiang Lin actually drew a design drawing of a wheelchair.
Jiang Lin looked at Wei Yunzhao's leg when he was bathing him before, and found that it was not injured.
After detoxification, he should be able to stand up, but he didn't seem want to get out of the bed now.
Meaning, Jiang Lin felt that he was trying to pretend to be disabled, so he planned to give Wei Yunzhao a wheelchair as a gift.

    Besides the wheelchair, Jiang Lin had another thing to do, and this was the main reason for him to go out.

    Shengjing was prosperous, but the more beggars were under the feet of the emperor, after all, compared with other places, there were more rich people in Shengjing.
They could at least get a bite of food when they became beggars in Shengjing, and they wouldn’t starve to death.

    So it was easy to find beggars to do things, and you could attract a bunch of people with just a little money.

    Jiang Lin ordered a lot of wooden boards from a wheelchair-made shop, and asked the shop assistant to nail a wooden stick under the boards to make it easy to lift.

    He also borrowed someone else's pen and ink to write on the wooden sign that he had made, and when Chang An brought a group of beggars, Jiang Lin asked the group of beggars to hold the wooden sign to the Minister of Rites' Mansion.

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