When Jiang Lin entered the room, Wei Yunzhao was sitting on the bed.
Although he was awake, his legs were still unable to move.

    Jiang Lin was a little strange, he moved a stool to sit beside the bed and asked Wei Yunzhao, “Is your leg injured or poisoned? Why can't you walk when you are clearly awake?”

    Wei Yunzhao didn't speak, Jiang Lin was puzzled Looking at him intently, he stretched out his hand to poke back and forth on his leg, “Do you feel it?”

    Wei Yunzhao grabbed Jiang Lin's hand again, without answering, but said, “Thank you for taking care of me these few days.”


    He was looking at Jiang Lin.
Wei Yunzhao grew up in the military camp and went to the battlefield at the age of fourteen.
He didn't spend much time in Shengjing, and he didn't know much about these rich and noble brothers.
He only knew that Jiang Lin was the Anyang Houfu’s eldest son, and Wei Yunzhao even saw him for the first time today.

    Hearing this, Jiang Lin suddenly smiled shyly, “Who told you to be my husband? Since I'm married to you, this is what I should do.”

    Wei Yunzhao said bluntly, “Your matter, Xun Qi have told me, but the holy order is hard to push it away, I’m afraid that you will be wronged to live in the general's mansion for a while.
But don't worry, as long as I, Wei Yunzhao, live, I will protect you well.”

    Jiang Lin shook his head hastily , “I'm not wronged, I'm not wronged at all, I know the general…
Husband is a good person, I will take good care of you in the future” He said husband in a low voice, with a shy look.

    Hearing the word “husband” with a shy look, Wei Yunzhao was in a complicated mood and didn't dare to respond.

    The scene was still a bit awkward, but fortunately Old madam Wei sent someone to invite Jiang Lin to talk, and both of them breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

    “Don't tell others that I'm awake” Wei Yunzhao said when Jiang Lin got up.

    Jiang Lin's eyes lingered on Wei Yunzhao's lap for a moment, then nodded, “I know, I won't tell anyone else.”

    When Jiang Lin led the two maids, Baiji and Baiwei to the room, he found thatWei Yunzhao’s female family members were all there, and Zhou Shi stood beside Old madam Wei, looking at him with resentful eyes.

    Jiang Lin was about to salute and greet everyone, when Old madam Wei asked Jiang Lin coldly, “Let me ask you, what you said when you went to Houfu to get the dowry was that my Wei family instructed you to go back and ask for the dowry? “

    Old madam Wei's face was serious, and he could vaguely see the anger she tried to hide.

    Jiang Lin set his eyes on Zhou Shi.
The widows of the Wei family, Old madam Wei and the female family members of the second, third and fourth rooms didn't even go out very often.
In the past, Old madam Wei and the Zhou Shi were the only ones to walk around outside.
After Wei Su's death in battle, Old madam Wei didn't go out very much, and Zhou Shi was the only female member of the Wei family who often went outside.

    Judging by the reaction of Old madam Wei and Zhou Shi, Zhou Shi must have heard something outside.

    Zhou Shi did hear that, or someone said it deliberately in front of her.
Zhou Shi went to represent the Wei family on today's birthday of the old lady of the Minister of Appointments.

    It just so happened that Zhao Qiuru was chatting with some wives, because Zhou Shi felt that she didn’t want to deal with Zhao Qiuru because of the replacement of Anyang Houfu, so she didn't plan to talk to her. As a result, Zhao Qiuru took the initiative to pull her back to talk about the dowry, saying that he hoped that the Wei family would be more accommodating.
At first, the mansion embezzled Jiang Lin’s biological mother’s dowry for emergency.
The Wei family shouldn't embarrass Jiang Lin because he didn't get the dowry back immediately.

    Both in and out of the words revealed that the Wei family ordered Jiang Lin to go back to ask for dowry, and the eyes of the wives who were with Zhao Qiuru changed on the spot when they looked at her.

    Later, more and more women got together to talk about this matter, and Zhou Shi was so angry that he didn't even stay to eat, so she hurried back to complain to Old madam Wei.

    Old madam Wei had always believed in Zhou Shi, not to mention that she didn't like Jiang Lin at all, and she convicted Jiang Lin in her heart before asking.

    Seeing that Jiang Lin didn't speak, Old madam Wei became even more angry, “Jiang Lin, how did my Wei family offend you, and made you hate so much to destroy my Wei family's name!”


What crime did my Wei family do, not to mention marrying a man who can’t give an heir to my grandson, he is still a sangmenxing, and just after entering the door, my Wei family will be infamy, what a crime”.


[丧门星 sāng mén xīng: messenger of death (cf Irish banshee); person bringing bad luck]

    Zhou Shi held tea and gave it to old madam Wei, then stared at Jiang Lin, “Jiang Lin, what is your intentions? My Wei family is already like this.
Do you want to let the Wei family completely collapse to be reconciled?”

    “Your stepmother said that you admired Yunzhao and take the initiative to marry him, and they couldn't stop you.
Is that how you admire him? My Wei family can't afford your admiration.
I just ask you not to smear my Wei Family, it’s enough for us to live a peaceful life.”

    Jiang Lin understood that this was Zhao Qiuru’s way of fighting back, and she said that the Wei family ordered Jiang Lin to go back to ask for a dowry, so she directly pushed the Wei family into the limelight.


    The reputation of the Wei family was ruined, so the Wei family naturally wanted to settle the score with Jiang Lin. The Wei family also got a notorious reputation for encouraging the new daughter-in-law to go back to her mother's house to ask for the dowry, which was a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

    And when this word got out, even if Zhao Qiuru later explained that it was just a misunderstanding, the reputation of the Wei family was still damaged, and others would even think that the Wei family used means to deliberately blackmail Zhao Qiuru to clarify in order to clear themselves.

    Jiang Lin believed that even if no one would think so, Zhao Qiuru would make people think so.

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