It wasn't long before the bride price was carried out of the Houfu, and there wasn't much movement.
Jiang Lin only asked people to count it, and didn't say that he had to return it.
Anyway, he took back the bride price list to the the Wei family, as long as Anyang Hou didn't think it was shameful, he could refuse to give it, and the Wei family wouldn’t chase him for it.

    But the dowry was a big problem, Jiang Lin felt that if he came later, the dowry left by Yun Wanyan would be emptied.

    Almost all of the Yun family's property was located in the south of the Yangtze River.
The dowry that the Yun family prepared for Yun Wanyan back then was mostly gold, silver and jade, clothes and jewelry, such as shops, which Yun Wanyan bought after she married in Shengjing.

    Several shops were still there, held by Zhao Qiuru, and they also made a lot of money every year.

    As for other things in the dowry, such as cash and bank notes, there were only some outdated clothes left, and all the jewelry left were defective products, such as the most expensive sets written on the dowry list, Jiang Lin didn't even see it.

    The last thing to move should be the jade, so now there were the most left.

    After checking, Jiang Lin sighed, “My mother has really worked hard to raise Houfu.”


It was obviously beyond Jiang Lin's expectation that things had been moved so much, and Anyang Hou was also unexpected, so his face was gloomy as if it was about to rain.

    Jiang Lin asked people to remove the existing things, and then walked to Zhao Qiuru, “No wonder Madam refused to give me some clothes, so you have to pick up my mother's leftover clothes to wear.
Also, who would have thought that the dignified Minister of Rites, the daughter of a second-rank official in the imperial court can only steal other people’s clothes.”

    “Now I can understand why the two quilts are the dowry in the eyes of madam, and the Zhao family gave you a dowry like this at the beginning, right?”

    “Jiang Lin, Don't go too far, the Zhao family is not something you can insult!” Zhao Qiuru's face turned frosty, and she didn't even want to keep the character set.

    Jiang Lin pursed his lips with a sneer on his face, “I'm not the one who insulted the Zhao family.
Everyone knows that the daughter of the Zhao family stole my mother's dowry.
The Zhao family really gave birth to a good daughter.”

    He didn't care how much Zhao Qiuru wanted to pick him up, and he kindly reminded her, “You will send the things you stole to the general's mansion for seven days, otherwise the Zhao family May don't want to recognize you as a daughter.”

    Jiang Lin opened his mouth and kept her mouth shut, Zhao Qiuru was a thief in his mouth.

    Zhao Qiu's eyes were fixed on Jiang Lin like a bird facing the prey, with the intention of swallowing him alive.

    Jiang Lin didn't notice it at all, walked to the side of Anyang Hou, and said sincerely, “Father, you have to live well, or I'll really be an outsider in the Houfu.”

    “Although you have many sons, but you are my only father, I hope you'll be fine.”

    After that he didn't give Anyang Hou a chance to speak, and quickly went out to chase Chang An's group who were carrying the dowry in front of him.

    The six carriages were packed to the brim, and Jiang Lin could only sit on the shafts outside.

    The people who had watched the excitement dispersed and they were excited when they saw the convoy appearing on the street again, and they chased after him to ask Jiang Lin if he had any clothes on for him.
Jiang Lin was still wearing the same wedding dress, they really couldn't tell.

    Jiang Lin was in a good mood, slowed down the carriage, and then chatted with the people along the road.

    “Yes, they gave me all the old clothes I used to wear.
Thanks to my father, he treated me very well.
A man must have a sense of responsibility.
Whether it’s a child from deceased wife or a child born to a second wife, he must give a bowl of water fairly, otherwise you will be a stepfather, right.”

    This remark touched the hearts of many people, and they nodded in agreement.

    Jiang Lin also said a lot of good things about Anyang Hou, but never mentioned Zhao Qiuru as a stepmother, but the people were curious, especially those who followed to join in the fun, and saw Jiang Lin's two boxes of dowry opened and there were only two quilts .

    “Your stepmother really gave you two quilts only as a dowry?”

    Jiang Lin sighed and seemed a little embarrassed when he heard the words, and said after a while, “This may be the family tradition of the Zhao family.
The same is true for the dowry, that's why…”

    Leaving blanks was the most likely to attract people's imagination, and the people had already discussed Zhao Qiuru and the Zhao family on their own.

    However, some people were curious about Wei Yunzhao, so they asked Jiang Lin, “How is the general now? Can he wake up?”

    This made people who liked Wei Yunzhao dissatisfied.
The great general who defended the country, with God's blessing, he would definitely wake up.”

    Mentioning Wei Yunzhao, Jiang Lin there was a little more smile on his face, nodded and said: “Yes, General Wei will definitely wake up, wait for the general wake up, let's talk to everyone again.”

    These people hurriedly agreed, and asked Jiang Lin to do what he said, and some people began to pray on the spot, praying for God to let General Wei wake up soon.

    When the carriage came near the general's mansion, the people dispersed.
They realized later that they had talked to that dude in Anyang Houfu who had a very bad reputation and would seduce men whenever he saw, but it didn't seem as annoying as in the legend?


    Jiang Lin didn't know that just because he chatted with people on the street, some people began to change their views on him.

    As soon as he returned to the general's mansion, he sent the dowry list to Old madam Wei, and asked madam Wei to arrange it herself. The dowry was carried to Zhaoyunyuan, and that would be his pension fund in the future.

    After changing his clothes, Jiang Lin went to see Wei Yunzhao.

    There was blood on Wei Yunzhao's face, and his breath was stronger than when he first came here.
Jiang Lin reckoned that Wei Yunzhao should be able to wake up slowly after few days.

    “The general moved his finger today,” a voice suddenly came from behind.

    Jiang Lin turned his head and found that Xun Qi had appeared in the room at some time.

    “Young madam, will the general wake up soon?” Xun Qi asked, his tone full of expectation.

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