Anyang Hou frowned, this little bastard was determined to make everyone aware of the trouble, as long as he thought of it, How others would talk about him, Anyang Hou was furious and raised his palm high.

    Jiang Lin reacted with excitement, “You hit me, beat me to death, so as no one will ask you for a dowry anymore, you can swallow it upright, and preserve your shitty reputation as an imposing  Anyang Hou!”

    With a “slap”, the slap fell heavily on Jiang Lin's face.

    There was nothing unbelievable about Jiang Lin, on the contrary, there was a smile on his face, “I originally thought that if you had a little affection for me as a father and son, I wouldn’t tell you about this matter today.
But since your slap fell, then we can only tear our skins apart.”

    “Master Hou, as long as the six carriages outside the gate return empty today, the Anyang Houfu will always be stared at the pillar of shame because of the dowry.
They always say about Anyang Houfu, is it the Anyang Houfu that killed the deceased wife and the children born to the deceased wife for the dowry?”

    Jiang Lin took out a piece of paper from his arms, “Master Hou, let's have a look at the appetizer first.


Anyang Hou's face was green and red, he snatched the paper from Jiang Lin's hand, and after just one glance, he raised his hand again.     

Jiang Lin kindly added, “Master Hou knows how many children are running all over the streets in Shengjing.
It won't take half a day for them to let everyone hear the words on this paper.”

Anyang Hou, who murdered his ex-wife, sold his son, swallowed the dowry from his ex-wife

Zhao Qiuru,  abused her stepson and was born with wolf-hearted

Jiang Jinyue, who was born by a stepmother, with a vicious heart, and it’s not human to force his brother to marry instead

Anyang Hou trembled with his raised hands, fear in his heart, he did not dare to fall on Jiang Lin face.

    “Now there are only you two and Jiang Jinyue, but sooner or later I will add your two precious sons.
And this is just the beginning, and there will be more good things to come.
Master Hou, believe it or not, in the future, you just need to go to the street and you will be able to hear people talking about Anyang Houfu?”

    Jiang Lin moved closer to Anyang Hou, lowered his voice and said, “I know you want Jiang Jinyue to be with the crown prince, but who will dare to take Jiang Jinyue, who has a completely rotten reputation?”

    Anyang Hou stared suddenly, his eyes widened, “Nizi, how dare you!”


[逆子 nì zǐ: unfilial son]

    Jiang Lin smiled slightly, “I have nothing to dare, master Hou, I have nothing now, even if I die, I will hold you back.
Don't think about being comfortable, are you going to give my mother's dowry or not?”

    Jiang Lin had the upper hand, and Anyang Hou was now waiting for Jiang Jinyue to marry into the East Palace as a princess.
The Houfu, which had already begun to decline, could be stabilized and even turned over.

    Anyang Hou opened his mouth, and the words stopped for a while before he gritted his teeth and said, “Here!”

    After speaking, he turned his back, probably because he was afraid that Jiang Lin would see the pained expression on his face .

    Jiang Lin chuckled lightly, and made a knife, “If you gave the Wei family a meeting gift from the beginning, and then threw me a few clothes, how could it end like this?”

    “Master!” As soon as Anyang Hou said agreed , Zhao Qiuru couldn't help it anymore, stepped forward and pulled Anyang Hou's sleeve, “Master Hou, I can't give him so much dowry…”

    “Shut up, you still have the face to talk, it's not all because of you,” Anyang Hou interrupted Zhao Qiuru's words, Jiang Lin was right, if she hadn't withheld the dowry from the beginning, he would have no reason to make a fuss today.

    “Stupid woman!” The more Anyang Hou thought about it, the angrier he became, and he didn't care about other people, so he scolded Zhao Qiuru directly.

    “What are you doing in such a hurry, madam? It's my mother's dowry, not yours.
Oh, I saw it.
The bracelet on madam's hand is taken from my mother's dowry.
It's so beautiful.Do you have peace of mind, are you not afraid that my mother will come to you in the middle of the night?”


Jiang Lin looked at her with sinister eyes, and grinned, “I want you to go down and be her companion.” Jiang Lin gave the next words, and she stepped back a few steps with an exclamation.

Jiang Lin was very satisfied with her reaction.
He said: “I know that you all have touched my mother's dowry.
After all, master Hou, you are my mother's husband.
You don't have to return the things you moved.
But other people can't do it.
My mother's things will never be given to my stepmother .
If you use the silver, return the silver, and if you take the things, return the things to me intact.
Nothing is missing, or I will see you at the yamen!”

    “Oh, by the way, remember to return the betrothal gift from the General's Mansion, it's too shameless for you to change the bride and still want to receive the betrothal gift.
Of course, it's okay if you don't pay it back.
You should marry Jiang Jinyue.
Anyway, no one will gossip about the general taking a concubine.”


Jiang Jinyue shook her head immediately when she heard that, “No, I won't be a concubine.

Since the crown prince came, Jiang Jinyue had hardly spoken.
One was that she didsn't want to argue with Jiang Lin in front of the crown prince, otherwise she would be ugly in the crown prince's eyes. The second was that she found that Jiang Lin didn't like the crown prince at all, and the memorial tablet couldn’t threaten Jiang Lin, which was completely different from what the system said. She let the system find the reasons and think of new ways.

    “Return the dowry!” Anyang Hou said.

    Zhao Qiuru wanted to object again, but closed her mouth under the warning eyes of Anyang Hou.

    Jiang Lin smiled brightly, and called Chang An who appeared at the door at some time, “Go, call people in, and bring the dowry and bride price.”

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