Jiang Lin drank the water from the spiritual spring for two days, and even ate a lot of fruit in the space secretly, his appetite increased a little, and he wanted to perform for Anyang Hou again, so he had to work hard.

    As soon as he mentioned it, Anyang Hou remembered that there was a meeting gift, so he didn't ask how much the dowry was, only the two quilts wrapped in were still placed in the yard.

    The Anyang Hou suddenly lost his appetite.

    Zhao Qiuru also lost her appetite.
She looked at Jiang Lin coldly, but she didn't expect that Jiang Lin w’uldn't stop eating, looking for trouble everywhere.

    Jiang Lin added the knife, “Father, the Wei family asked me to ask you, do you and madam despise the general's mansion?”

    Anyang Hou's hand holding the chopsticks began to shake, and his face couldn't tell whether it was anger or something else.
What kind of expression, red and black, all in all it was ugly.

    With a “snap”, Anyang Hou pressed his chopsticks heavily on the table, and looked directly at Zhao Qiuru, “You are a housekeeper, a mother, how much dowry did you give?”

    Jiang Lin took the last bite of rice in the bowl, leaned back comfortably, and turned on the movie watching mode.

    Everything was completely different from the plan, Zhao Qiuru hated Jiang Lin in her heart, but she had already picked the handkerchief and began to cover her face and cry.

    “Master Hou, this concubine, I don't know.
Although I have some selfishness, I will never do anything to disgrace Anyang Houfu.
I really don't know how things have become like this, woo woo woo…

    Hearing this cry, Jiang Lin couldn't help tearing her down, “You're not good at crying, you'd better take off the veil and cry directly, a man's heart will soften when he sees the tears, the effect of howling like this should be reduced.”

    Zhao Qiuru, who was concentrating on performing : “…”


    And Anyang Hou who really didn't soften his heart as fast as usual: “…”

    Anyang Hou gave Jiang Lin a hard look, “Shut up, it’s not for you to talk.”

    Jiang Lin spread his hands innocently, and said to Zhao Qiuru: “Then you continue, I won't bother you.”

    Zhao Qiuru wished to tear Jiang Lin's mouth apart, the hatred was too strong, and it was indeed difficult for her to cry.


    Just when she was trying to catch up and continue whining, the butler suddenly came to report, “Master Hou, the crown prince is here.”

    “Hurry up, please,” Anyang Hou hurriedly called his servants to clean up the dishes.
he didn't eat, and he wanted to entertain the crown prince.

    As for whether Zhao Qiuru was crying or howling, he had already forgotten about it.

    Jiang Jinyue was equally active as Anyang Hou.
Jiang Lin didn’t miss the smile on her face when she heard the crown prince came.
Jiang Lin guessed that the crown prince should be invited by Jiang Jinyue.

    Jiang Lin stood up, he happened to be short of a witness.

    So Jiang Lin rushed to stand in the front of the crown prince before Jiang Jinyue, winked at him, and smiled, “Your Highness, you are here, do you know that I came back so you come to see me today?”


The crown prince was also one of the original owner’s seduce targets, or he was among the many seduced objects, he was the only one who made half of the original owner’s heart moved, but after the crown prince started to mess with Jiang Jinyue, the original owner took back that half of his heart in time.

    The prince stared at Jiang Lin who was wearing a woman's wedding dress.
Jiang Lin's face was also very good-looking.
Wearing a woman's wedding dress didn’t violate harmony at all.
The crown prince even felt that he looked even better than when he saw him before.

    Jiang Jinyue, who was already a step behind Jiang Lin, saw the crown prince's gaze resting on Jiang Lin, a burst of anger welled up in her heart, and even her eyes turned cold.

    However, she restrained herself quickly, and bowed down to salute the crown prince, and then called delicately, “Your Highness.”


Her voice was soft enough to make water come out, with a slight smile on her face, and affection in her eyes.


the mountains become flat, and the sky and the earth are united, so I’m willing to separate from you.”


    Jiang Lin wrote words for this scene.

    Then, there was no more.

    The crown prince didn't dare to admit that he was interested in Jiang Jinyue at the moment, so he cleared his throat and asked why he came, “I heard that many people suddenly came outside the gate of Houfu today, so I came here to ask what happened.”


The reason was made up.
It sounded very fake, the people were here to see the fun, and they were not making trouble, but it was not worth for a crown prince to go here in person.

    But it couldn't be said that Jiang Jinyue asked him for help to suppress Jiang Lin.

    “Your Highness, you really came here for me.
Although I don't like Your Highness, I know you have me in your heart, but it doesn't matter.
This doesn’t prevent Your Highness from being the master for me.”

    Jiang Lin pointed at Zhao Qiuru, “Your Highness , that's her, this cruel stepmother, she swallowed my mother's dowry and the bride price from the general's mansion, so many things, she only gave me two quilts.As a crown pince of Dayue Kingdom, you should know what to do in such a situation, right?”

    The crown prince's face turned black, and the Anyang Hou next to him had the same color as him.

    “Shut up!” Anyang Hou began to scold Jiang Lin.

    “Don't shut up, are you guilty? I knew that you asked me to marry instead.
The idea was for the dowry and the bride price.
I have asked and the emperor doesn’t blame the Houfu for the change of people.
It’s all thanks to His Highness the crown Prince, Your Highness never wants such a large dowry from my mother, right?”

    Jiang Lin didn't plan to ask for a dowry, because he knew that he wouldn’t come for anything.

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