Tower of Madness

Common sense in the Tower

The sun had already rise, but the fight still wasn close to reach an ending. Around 10 competitors have already been eliminated in the confusion and the others was still trying to reach for the balls possession.

At that moment a lightning pass through the forest in the direction of the ball, but to counter it a water dome was created around the object and the lightning couldn pass through.

After a few seconds the lightning became a man, hed a weak build and looked elderly, but Izaak couldn assess him more as at that moment his head was crushed by giant woman that rushed in his direction.

The fight continued and while all this was happening, Izaak maintained hidden in the shadows, using the opportunity to finish a few of the exhausted players.

The way to do that was simple. Hed first wait for a participant to show any sign of exhaustion, then hed activate his skill and walk closer to them while hidden in the shadows, then hed pierce their necks and walk back to his hiding spot and deactivate his skill.

Adding the other kills, hed already accumulated 7 exp points. Just three more and he would level up. But the competition for the object was reaching its climax, as the number of competitors was diminishing, and the wall was closing on them.

The ones whos forced into the fight was looking for ways to leave, a few of them had already ran away. But most competitors had been eliminated, and just 3 more was still there fighting for the ball.

At that moment a gunshot was heard from the sky, the players looked up and saw again the scene where the eliminated faces would appear and then go away. Then the final message appeared.

| Survivors remaining: 14 |

Then they looked at each other, looked at the ball and …

”Wait, where is the ball? ” The giant woman asked as she looked at her enemies with suspicion.

But Izaak was already far away to know what happened next, as hes running away with the ball in his hand. The holographic wall was closing on them so he knew that he couldn stop running or the others will catch up.

| Agility 8 -> 9 |

He had gained a point in agility in the fight earlier and now he got another one after running at full speed from the edge of the wall to the center of the forest. Reaching close to the level cap.

After running for around 1 hour, he stopped at a cave, the place was covered in ice and stalactites was covering the ceiling. Its a really strange place, as the outside was a rain forest, and the inside was totally frozen.

Hes estimated that this cave would be the center of the first floor if not itd be really close to it, so he used this place to rest and check what that ball was all about.

The moment he tried to open the ball a message appeared.

| You have opened Airdrop 2 |

| Reward based on most used weapon |

| Rewarded: Lions Mane|

|Item: Lions Mane (Rare)

Type: String

Enchantment: Indestructible

Description: A string made using the mane of a Steel Lion, a Level 3 Beast.


The string was the color of metal and was not very long, around 1 meter, one had to think the size of a lion who had 1 meter long mane.

Due to Izaak awakening skill being close related to assassination hes trained by the government as one. Strings was the most his most common equipment, as its easy to carry around not being stopped by metal detectors and not being illegal to carry around.

Assassinations with strings was something really difficult, since its necessary to reach close behind an enemys back without him noticing. But with his skill active, closing the gap between him and his target without being noticed was not something difficult.

But on the other hand, a string does not suit the Tower, it can be good fighting other players, but against beasts that can reach 3 to 4 times his size itd be useless.

But at least in the Tutorial floors itll be useful. Thought Izaak knowing that most fighting floors of the Tutorial was against other players.


I hope you enjoyed your read. If so, leave a comment and add it to your collection. This is my first novel, and Im still learning, so if you have any construct criticism, Ill appreciate.

Thank you for reading

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